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Just A Fantasy

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Opinion here from MoSneaky.com. They have AB ranked 19th and Jake 32nd (ouch) at the QB position, Boo Williams 3rd at the TE position, Deuce 9th at the RB position, Joe Horn 9th and Donte' Stallworth 31st at the WR ...

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Just A Fantasy

Opinion here from MoSneaky.com. They have AB ranked 19th and Jake 32nd (ouch) at the QB position, Boo Williams 3rd at the TE position, Deuce 9th at the RB position, Joe Horn 9th and Donte' Stallworth 31st at the WR position, Jon Carney 27th at the K position, and Devery Henderson as the 8th ranked rookie WR.

One must first understand that these are Fantasy Football player rankings by this source only but still it left me wondering how he could have even considered about 10 of the QBs he ranked ahead of AB. His comments on AB and the short hook looming suggest he knows very little about this team. FF is about production and AB has put up the production numbers and has finished consistently high in the FF rankings. Also, are we to believe that Ernie Conwell is not in the top 24 TEs in the league. Sure, he was injured and before that started off slow last year but with expectations for him to return to form of years past this just seems like a slight. However, with Boo expected to get most of the balls thrown to the TE it is somewhat understandable.

19 Aaron Brooks New Orleans Saints

Brooks is not the type of player you want to be heading the QB spot on your fantasy team. His play is too inconsistent, and the Saints hold him accountable for their losses because of it. On paper Brooks looks great, averaging 25+ total tds in the last 3 seasons. However, the coaches will have their hands on the eject lever all season, and the moment the Saints begin to lose, Brooks will be tossed out.

32 Jake Delhomme Carolina Panthers

Delhomme had one of the biggest surprise seasons of any fantasy quarterback in 2003. Unfortunately, don't expect it again. This former World League backup is an untalented fluke who became infected with the "right place at the right time" syndrome last season. Carolina has been hit hard this offseason by player loss via free agency and retirement. The offensive line will only have one starter, center Jeff Mitchell, return to his 2003 position. This bodes poorly for Delhomme, who behind a very strong OL managed to still throw 16 interceptions in his 15 games. Add a little more pressure to him, and you will only see those picks increase. Coaches have little tolerance for the almighty giveaway, so expect Delhomme to start playing the QB shuffle by midseason.

Update 2004-06-25
Jake was recently signed to a new five-year, $38 million contract extension. This is good news for Jake, as MoSneaky staff is predicting he should be stocking shelves at Hy-Vee grocery store with Kurt Warner by spring 2005.

9 Deuce McAllister New Orleans Saints

The Deuce is loose. New Orleans is looking pretty wise for trading away Ricky “I am insane� Williams and making Deuce the go to guy. All questions about durability have been answered by McAllister’s 31 consecutive starts. Although he had over 1600 yds rushing and more than 500 yds receiving in 2003 his total td production was cut in half, from 16 to 8. Blame this on a New Orleans offense that was very inconsistent. New Orleans has taken steps to shore up their offensive line, including signing Jamar Nesbit from the Jaguars. Expect Deuce to come back with a big year

9 Joe Horn New Orleans Saints

Speaking of end-zone tomfoolery... Aside from retarded antics, theres not much else to say about Joe Horn. He’s the best receiver on the Saints offense, so he’ll be good for 85/1100/10. Or somewhere in that neighborhood. If you’re worried about Stallworth taking production away, don’t be; he needs to prove he can stay healthy before he’s a factor.

31 Donte Stallworth New Orleans Saints

This guys got all the talent in the world, but he just can’t stay healthy. Now, we aren’t doctors, but something about nagging hamstring injury just doesn’t bode well for a speed receiver. If he can stay on the field all year, he will likely turn into a major force. But, it’s like when your at the bar. Do you take the dumpy sure thing standing right next to you. Or do you ditch her to go talk to the incredible ass all the way across the room, even though it might turn out to be a guy with long hair that works out? That’s never happened to any of us, by the way…

3 Boo Williams New Orleans Saints

Umm. Yeah. If you want a MoSneaky at TE, take this guy. What is sad, is that this dude would have put together a HUGE season, if it hadn’t been for that meddling Ernie Conwell. Let’s look at Williams’ stats the last 6 weeks of the season, when Conwell was injured. 29 rec, 347 yards, 4 TDs. If you extrapolate that out over a whole season, you’re looking at about 75 catches, 900 yards and 10 scores. Not a bad upside.

27 John Carney New Orleans Saints

Here's another guy who seems like he's been around since Nam and has been a solid performer. Carney is a career 82% FG kicker and has been over 100 points four out of the last five seasons. New Orleans will score their share, so he will be a quality option as a backup.

Rookie WR

8 Devery Henderson New Orlean Saints

5-11 190 4.37x40 16.2ypc 11T 861yds

Henderson outperformed his counterpart at LSU, who was drafted ahead of him, but he could find himself producing in a hurry if Donte Stallworth keeps hanging out in the trainers room. The former Tiger has great speed, which allows him to turn small gains into big ones, good hands and will ignore the footsteps that haunt some other receivers. Horn is a xxxx, who most likely won’t be around much longer and Stallworth has come down with Terry Glenn syndrome. If Aaron Brooks can remain consistent in terms of scoring, Henderson could be a most sneaky pick.

The link to this site is below: (Warning!!!! Offensive Language Content!!!)

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Just A Fantasy

This guy is crazy!!! He\'s got Tim Rattay, Jeff Garcia, Josh McCown, Marc Bulger, and Joey Harrington rated above Brooks. Some of us may question Brooks\' leadership skills, but in terms of fantasy value I don\'t think too many would say Brooks isn\'t at least a top 10 QB to have.
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