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Being a Saints Fan

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Papa Voodoo I can accept losing if we play solid. Sunday we were outcoached and the players didn't stick to fundementals. They showed heart and fought back so I applaud them for that, but they need to ...

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Re: Being a Saints Fan

Originally Posted by Papa Voodoo View Post
I can accept losing if we play solid. Sunday we were outcoached and the players didn't stick to fundementals. They showed heart and fought back so I applaud them for that, but they need to maintain discipline. They do that and we lose...so be it.
Not meant as an excuse, but the entire Saints organization is going through a history making season, and not in a good way.

Kommisar Goodell knew that suspending Payton for a season would do the most damage, (if he could have linked Brees to any of the bounty crap he would have suspended him as well!)

The Saints players also had to deal with the Brees contract negotiations, and accordingly haven't been able to fine tune the offense and defense.

We are also installing a new defensive concept, and that takes some time to come together.

Don't forget the injuries that occur during OTAs, TC and the pre-season.

Every team is having to deal with the scab referees, but the Saints rarely seem to get any calls with the regular refs, but we are already getting shafted with some bad calls.

I am willing to cut them a little slack if their heads aren't 100% in the game.

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Re: Being a Saints Fan

Enjoyed your post very much, X267-65-toss-power-trap-867-5309. I joined
the WhoDat Wagon, when it was pretty much empty, in '82. I got a job in
LA, and the Saints looked so much like my old Oilers, especially the Curse part. I was in love. Then, I went to a game, and met the Saints fans, and I was in my new home.

I worked in the S'Port area, and thought I was the only Saints fan in Louisiana.

While everyone else was sitting comfortable, watching Cowboys- broadcast in living color from Shreveport TV, I was frantically scrambling to turn my antenna with a vise-grip to find a station that would show a fuzzy, snowy picture that faded in & faded out the Saints game. Then, I would strain to hear WWL fade in and fade out.

Its uncanny how the clear spots always came with bad news....CLTHRRRRRRR! hokie gets the carry and scram....CLTHHDRILLLLLL!!!!! montana scrambles, tosses up the ball and ...BLXXXXXDITTTHHHHHCHLLL! ....AND HERBERT HARRIS DROPS THE BALL, AND THE SAINTS WILL NOT HAVE A WINNING SEASON THIS YEAR.

But the Saints were my team, and I loved New Orleans & all of Louisiana, and I wasnt going anywhere. When we finally did win something, it was so weird, I kept checking the skies for cracks.

I've worn my Saints gear surrounded by Cowboys fans. I've worn my Saints gear in Candlestick Park, and The Big Sombrero in Tampa. I've had Texans fans in Reliant Stadium tell me to "Go Home!" (I was born in Houston.)

If the Saints had moved to San Antonio, which is closer for me, I would have
quit football.

I picked my house because of its French Quarter Balcony, and because the river & marsh behind it looks like Louisiana. I have no idea how many fleur de lis decorations we have in the house.

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Re: Being a Saints Fan

Born in '93, my dad has been a fan since they were made (and repeatedly tells me stories and how much he hates the Cowboys). Haven't missed a game since I was 5, and spent a lot of time in high school (well mostly Junior High) being told the Saints suck. When the Saints won the Super Bowl, I reveled in their success and rubbed it in everyone's faces (mostly my football team that! haha).

I now go to ULM (poor Arkansas...), had to get out of football due to my demanding degree but it's so weird seeing Saints' supporters everywhere.

One guy I will never forget is a legally blind guy I tutored. His name was Eric. I don't think he could truly watch the games but he was always decked out with at least a hat and a saints pencil. After I'd help him we'd talk about the Saints and waste a lot of time.

My favorite moment, has to be the "the play" against the Jags. It was a bunch of "YES...NO...YES!...NO NO NO! YES YES NO YESSSSSSSS!"
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Re: Being a Saints Fan

Originally Posted by Cory9289 View Post
Born in '93,
damn! I'm getting old
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Re: Being a Saints Fan

Originally Posted by |Mitch| View Post
damn! I'm getting old
lol I graduated in 95.
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Been a saints fan since the mid 80s. When the saints win its a little piece of vengeance from my childhood.

There are no other teams. Only the Saints. I miss those days and put my heart and soul into this team.
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Re: Being a Saints Fan

3rd generation fan, its all I've known so when the time comes I'll pass it down to my child. That's the family tradition ..... cheering for the Saints.
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Re: Being a Saints Fan

I sure have enjoyed reading all these posts. As for me, I think I was a fan from their beginning in '67, but I was 6 so I'm not real sure. I do know for sure I was by '71 because thats when they drafted Archie. Archie was the closest thing to a god the state of Mississippi had ever seen. The whole state was nuts over Archie. And growing up in Jackson, with my big brother going to Ole Miss, well, nuff said.......................................
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Re: Being a Saints Fan

24. Grew up worshiping the Saints all my life. Parents are from WV and NJ. Both grew up in Louisiana and met. They coached me from a baby to be a Saints fan win or lose. We even watched the Saints games while living in Venezuela for three and a half years. Weekend trips to the most beautiful white sandy beaches were put off because the Saints were on while living in Venezuela.

I think being a Saints fan is truly something special that MOST Saints fans show. I can't count how many times I hear stories from other Saints fans about growing up being a Saint's fan. It is awesome living in Texas only because seeing the look on Texans/Cowgirl faces is priceless when they try and talk sh!t!
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Re: Being a Saints Fan

Myself, my Dad wanted me to go to LSU (why exactly, still not clear to me, but... maybe he just wanted me out of the country) and the year I applied, there wasn't enough room for me, and was suggested I look to Loyola/Tulane to do a semester, then transfer. Opted for Loyola, and one weekend into my stay in New Orleans before classes started, I told my Dad "heck, no, not gonna go to Baton whatever, nah ah... "

Frankly, I didn't even know the Saints existed before I got to New Orleans. I was a .... uh.. Cowboys fan (bob and weave, bob and weave...) blame Effren Herrera for that.. anyway, I was offered a ticket to see a Saints-Whiners game, which the Saints lost like 30-something to 10-something, but the Dome was such a blast, with people dancing, and drinking, total strangers giving me beers, and I don't know if it was a combination of the oddly-colored seats and my blood alcohol level, but it seemed to be the whole place was a huge party... fell in love with the franchise that day, a love affair that's seen 4 decades now.
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