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(OFFICIAL VENTING THREAD) Smoke 'em if you got 'em

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I love the Saints and always will....but I am at the end of rope today! Our Defence is completely worthless, and the Offence isn't far behind. This team is completely lost in all areas. I believe things would be different ...

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Re: (OFFICIAL VENTING THREAD) Smoke 'em if you got 'em

I love the Saints and always will....but I am at the end of rope today! Our Defence is completely worthless, and the Offence isn't far behind. This team is completely lost in all areas. I believe things would be different if our Coach was back, but that's the hand Goodell has dealt us. We have a team that is floundering and the leaders on the field are struggling. After watching the game today I am resigned to the fact that it will be a loooong season. I will still root for the boys each week, but the hope of any magic happening is gone right now. I knew our Defence would initially have difficulty under a new coach, but this is absolutely ridiculous! What concerns me the most is that I don't see a sense of urgency from the coaching staff.....they say all the right words during the week, but nothing changes on Sunday! Now that the Offense is having difficulty, we are completely screwed. Wish I could find something positive right now, but simply can't. Next year??
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I think it's officially time to panic

Well i more or less mean it's time to succumb to the fact this team without it's Normal Coaching staff in place and everything being out of place and kinda half-assed threaded together to get some type of product on the field is not really worth rallying around right now..

I will continue to back this team but i am no longer setting myself up for heart-break, i think it's time for us to face reality right now, many will continue to make some predictions we can win x amount of games and go to the playoff's but we are already a conference and division game or 2 behind our division rivals even the one's that are losing.
Atlanta is playing lights out right now, they are taking care of Matt Ryan, giving him time and they have beefed up their Defense and their air and ground game are miles away where we should be.
I look at the rest of our schedule and i see a possible 4 games we should be able to squeak a win out of and only one of those being a Division game (Carolina)..

This is the year real fan's hold their team together as we brace for long tough to watch season..
What i can't stand more than us losing is Atlanta winning.
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Don't know what is more annoying...

Having to watch the Saints D play or that damn Verizon commercial with the Saints in it.
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Originally Posted by iWho_Dat View Post
STOP BLAMING DREW U DICK! It's strief and bushrod. Makes me sick how u can blame Drew. Did u see him running for his life out there???? OMG some ppl
When Brees threw the pick he had tons of time to throw and no pressure.
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Time to bring back the Bags

That's right mes amis. It's that time again, get yourself a shwegmanns paper sack and some crayolies and post a photo of your artwork.
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Re: (OFFICIAL VENTING THREAD) Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Originally Posted by westbankdaze View Post
When Brees threw the pick he had tons of time to throw and no pressure.
Indeed. Let's make no mistake, there is no one on this team that can duck responsibility. They have all stunk. Drew has been running for his life for a couple years now. I tried to make that point many times in the offseason about our tackles. But Drew used to find a way around it. Not this year. And when he has time, such as the play you mentioned, he makes a horrible pass.

Then when he makes a good pass, the receivers drop it. And the defense just continues to suck. They kept the points down today, but they gave up over 500 yards to a bad team. And the coaches are clueless. There is no bright spot, at this time.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, the NFL would fine and suspend me.
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Re: (OFFICIAL VENTING THREAD) Smoke 'em if you got 'em

OK-'What does drew brees, Pete Carmichael and spags have in common

They Should all get fired!'
1-you are an idiot, an absolute idiot.
2-there is problems all over this team, and the biggest problem is going to be finger pointing right now.
The defence showed a huge improvement today, they still gave up big plays too many times, but I was glad to see that they could get the punt team out on to the field. The offence has no balance in their play calling, I don't know if Carmichael has gone made with power, but they need to stop throwing on every god damn down. Kromer looks absolutely lost, and is doing zero good while he's playing head coach, he needs to get back to dealing with the o-line and work on pass pro. our offence needs to start pounding the ball too. Sproles comes out and rips a 40+ yard run, gets some tempo and we score on the opening drive, but then we lay off the run and try and throw every goddamn down?? we have 3 unique backs that all compliment our offence beautifully. get them in the ****ing game. when we are up 24-6, start controlling the tempo and run down the clock. also, the officiating (if you can call it that) was just beyond disgusting. I can't believe some of those calls (face palm) but, in my opinion, this all boils down to not having SP on the sidelines. with out Sean to dictate what the team is doing they've just fallen apart. Vitt will be an improvement, but that's he's far from the answer. It's still amazing to think what Goodell did to us, and that he just kind of did it with out giving two ****s about what he was doing. He scapegoated the Saints to try show the NFLPA that he cares about player health to try and cover up his shotty record with player safety (if he knew about gregg williams' bounty programs all along, why did he act now? is it just a coincidence that he came forward with this bounty gate joke when he was under the most pressure?) and to deflect the attention off him for being a ****ty commissioner.
It sucks to admit, but that cock sucker Goodell got us good (and the rest of the NFL with these replacement refs). This season can't go by fast enough. hopefully we can get a high draft pick and maybe by the end of the season Spags will have worked his magic like he did with the giants and next year we can go lights out in 2013.
Still gonna remain optimistic about this season, but not holding my breath for anything.
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Re: (OFFICIAL VENTING THREAD) Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Where to start? Where to start??? Drew is being hammered on every down. No one is keeping any sort of unity in the trenches.
Defense needs to go back and watch this in HD for a couple of days like the scene from a clock work orange.
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Re: (OFFICIAL VENTING THREAD) Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Watched the second half in its entirety ... these replacement refs have to go, they are worse than the NBA replacement refs!

I don't blame them for the loss entirely because our offense, defense, special teams and the Chiefs play did a lot to control the outcome, but my God, all the missed calls and unnecessary reviews ... that game was at least 50 minutes longer than it should have been solely due to the bad officiating. What a disgrace! I think the replacement refs are in a conspiracy to get the TV networks and the NFL more revenue. I'm not kidding!!!

#FireGoodell #BoycottNFL #NotDat
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Re: The best part about losing

Originally Posted by blackangold View Post
We get a high first round draft pick... but

Remind me again what pick did Goodell take from us this upcoming year?

I heard it was our first, if thats so then there is nothing good about being this bad.
It was our second and he said if Sean behaved, we could have it back.
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