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Coaching philosophies.......

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Coaching philosophies are praised Assistants Pease, Robinson both have receptive audiences Saturday, August 07, 2004 By Brian Allee-Walsh Staff writer Which offseason moves by Saints coach Jim Haslett are projected to have the most impact on his 2004 team? -- ...

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Coaching philosophies.......

Coaching philosophies are praised
Assistants Pease, Robinson both have receptive audiences
Saturday, August 07, 2004
By Brian Allee-Walsh
Staff writer
Which offseason moves by Saints coach Jim Haslett are projected to have the most impact on his 2004 team?

-- A. The free-agent acquisitions of defensive tackle Brian Young and running back Aaron Stecker.

-- B. The hiring of defensive line coach John Pease and wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson.

-- C. The drafting of defensive end Will Smith and middle linebacker Courtney Watson in the first and second round.

If you selected B, go to the head of the class.

"Nothing against the coaches that were here before (Sam Clancy and Hubbard Alexander) but getting Jimmy and John are the two best things we did in the offseason," Haslett said.

"Jimmy's an ex-player; that alone demands respect. He can give it from the heart. When he speaks these guys listen because they know he's been out there. John didn't play, but he's one of the best that I've seen. He works the players hard, but he loves them up, too. He loves being around them, on the field and in the classroom. He loves football. He's non-stop, 100 miles an hour all day. And I think that attitude rubs off on the players."

Arguably, the Saints' defensive line and wide receiver positions underachieved last season, prompting the firings of Clancy and Alexander and the hiring of Pease and Robinson.

Robinson inherits a receiving corps that features a mix of veterans and younger players who collectively came under fire after the team finished 8-8 in 2003.

"I think there's a lot of talent here," Robinson said. "We got to find a way to make the talent help us win because talent alone doesn't get it done. You can have all the talent in the world but if you don't have dedication, the work ethic and the right team chemistry then talent's not going to get you very far."

After a full offseason and one week into training camp, the players have welcomed Pease and Robinson with open arms and seem receptive to their no-nonsense approach and hands-on coaching style.

"Coach Rob is tidying up everything," wide receiver Donté Stallworth said. "He's a perfectionist. He strives for perfection every play. Nobody's perfect, but if you strive for perfection, that helps limit the things you're doing wrong."

Wide receiver Joe Horn, who publicly expressed support for Alexander and questioned his dismissal, seems to have accepted the change.

"Jimmy's brought a certain attitude here," Horn said. "He's bringing a new demeanor and discipline to the receivers. He's getting on us when it's needed. He's making sure things are getting done the way Jim Haslett wants them done. We all feel a sense of urgency around here.

"Haz wanted a change, so Jimmy's here. He has a family to feed, and I respect that. I have to listen to him as my coach. I don't want to rock the boat. I want to get back to the Pro Bowl status that I once had."

Second-year wide receiver Talman Gardner said he connected immediately with Robinson, whose coaching résumé includes stints with the New York Giants (1998 to 2003), Indianapolis Colts ('94 to '97) and Atlanta Falcons ('90 to '93).

"I've never had a hands-on coach like him in my whole sports career," Gardner said. "He gets into great detail. He's real demanding. He critiques everything we do. That's good for someone like me. I'm just 24, and I'm still learning the game. He has given me a greater appreciation for the game."

Pease, 60, is making his second stop in New Orleans. He served nine years ('86 to '94) under Saints coach Jim Mora and six more seasons ('95 to '01) with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He inherits a run defense that finished 29th a year ago. The improvement begins up front.

"It's all about discipline and toughness," Pease said. "We need to be physical and tough against the run. We can change the technique a little bit. Instead of avoiding or running around blocks, we're stopping people at the line of scrimmage. And that's a real fight. It takes mean SOB's to stop the run.

"That's what Jim wants to do. Maybe that's another reason he brought me in because that's what I believe in. Stop the front guys, get off the blocks and tackle those running backs."

Players appear to be buying into Pease's energetic style and demand for detail.

"I think he runs on batteries because every time I see him he's moving fast somewhere," defensive lineman Willie Whitehead said. "I don't ever see him walking slow. He moves faster than some of the younger guys. His energy is really good for us."

"There's a lot more accountability now," defensive end Darren Howard said. "He coaches, teaches and disciplines all at the same time, so you can never tell one from the other. He's had a great impact on us. It's only been a short time but you can tell the difference."

Defensive end Charles Grant said Pease brings an "old school" approach to the job and plans to put the best players on the field, regardless where they were drafted or how much money they make.

"He's a fair guy," Grant said. "One of his rules is my time is my time and your time is your time. He doesn't want to cheat you out of your time because your time is valuable just like his time is valuable. You got to respect that.

"So far, he's doing an outstanding job as far as preparing us for the season and situations that we'll be put in. He's trying to make us the best d-line in the league. If we're not the hardest working d-line in the NFL, we got to be in the top two. Seriously. We're working twice as hard as we did last year. It should pay off."
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Coaching philosophies.......

I love these reports about Pease and Robinson. This makes me more excited than anything this year. I love me some good coaching. And I love me some good defense. I hope to see both this year!!
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Coaching philosophies.......

I think all three will have big impacts on the team, but I would agree the coaching staff has really improved with Pease and Robinson coming to town. Pease already has a great track record and the guys know they can trust him because he is one of the best in the business.
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