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spkb25 08-15-2004 01:22 PM

saints run d do we have one?
looked terrible. worse then last year. they were running n our guys looked like they were standing still. d-line is stacked with sruds n we cant stop the run. even with medium lb's if ur d-line is great u can stop the run. we have 3 games to get it right. if not we r not going to the playoffs. only first game but they have a lot to prove. ill wait n see. its not over yet. maybe it was just first game n getting use to speed of play. we'll see. i did like that we didnt have all the penalties. really really nice to see. usually were 2 3 penalties deep first series. looked more disc. liked that. hope our d can stop the run. if we can we can get to the playoffs.

ScottyRo 08-15-2004 01:48 PM

saints run d do we have one?
It\'s true that the run D is vital to Saints\' playoff chances. I thought they did a good job in the middle, but allowed too much to the outside. To me, that\'s where the LBs need to get their heads in there. Still plenty of time for Watson to learn where he needs to be.

CheramieIII 08-15-2004 01:53 PM

saints run d do we have one?
First, let me welcome you to the board. This is the best damn board anywhere, period.

I would have to agree that the run defense sucked, but I would also have to agree with Gumbo on an earlier post on another topic, if it was not for 2 runs of 15 and 17 yards by the Jets they would have only had 82 yards on 30 attempts, pretty pathetic by any standards.

The Linebackers should have stuffed those runs and I attribute the poor showing against the run to them entirely. Bockwoldt was a stud, a BEAST, you heard it here first. Watson showed flashes, but not much else from the Linebackers. Bockwoldt might not be big or have the strength yet, but he was there on those tackles and alot more vision than anyone else in the linebacking corps.

I think we need to make some changes at Linebacker and I mean all 3 positions. I don\'t think Watson should be in the middle. I think we should start Ruff in middle, Watson at weak and Bockwoldt at strong for the next preseason game and see what you get. We need to do something soon before it\'s too late. Stop worrying so much how everyone does in practice and let the gamers play in the games.

I really think the D-Line will be fine and the DB\'s too, I was surprised by Craft, Brown and Booker, where did he come from. Thomas is always there and ready to play.

Remember, this is only my opinion and I\'m sticking to it and once again, Welcome!!!!

spkb25 05-01-2005 07:50 PM

saints run d do we have one?
my very first post

LKelley67 05-01-2005 08:09 PM

saints run d do we have one?
hepp me with the humor

i was gonna say welcome back gator. your input is valued.

LordOfEntropy 05-02-2005 11:22 AM

saints run d do we have one?
Gator returns? Holy cow!!!

Where were you man? I thought you\'d taken off with Zook or something.

Danno 05-02-2005 11:25 AM

saints run d do we have one?

Gator returns? Holy cow!!!
Where were you man? I thought you\'d taken off with Zook or something.
Gator posted on 15/8/2004 at 12:50

And yeah, as abrasive as he could be at times, I miss him posting. :(

[Edited on 2/5/2005 by Danno]

saintswhodi 05-02-2005 11:27 AM

saints run d do we have one?
You guya are kidding right? Gators post was from 8/15/2004. :rollinglaugh: Trust me when I say, the man is determined not to come back until he feels things have changed. I think they have somewhat, but maybe not up to what he feels is enough.

blackwidows 05-02-2005 12:07 PM

saints run d do we have one?
Well as long as the Saints can keep teams from rushing for 100 yards on them i\'ll be content with the run D. I think this is one of the major keys to winning stopping a teams running game. They have to pass than and that can lead to interceptions. If we can keep a team from rushing for 100 yards and get up bye 14 points on most of our opponents we can win most games as long as we stay away from penalties and have a dominant running game to control the clock it would be great. get up bye 14 and they have to pass to come back it is over Saints go to superbowl. Well I got to go yall take care i\'m going bike riding today.

WhoDat 05-02-2005 12:13 PM

saints run d do we have one?
Gator is a pansy and Billy slapped him around so he took his ball and went home.

LOL - if that doesn\'t bring him out of hiding, then he really is gone for good. :)

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