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We're gonna lose... :(

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Saints 134 SeaHawks 3 (field goal with 10 seconds left in the 4th)...

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We're gonna lose... :(

Saints 134
SeaHawks 3 (field goal with 10 seconds left in the 4th)
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We're gonna lose... :(

Saints 21
Hawks 7

I think the points allowed in the preseason will carry over to the regular.Look for the D-line to have a big game. Deuce will get rolling as well, 120 + yards.
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We're gonna lose... :(

Hey guys - can you stand a Panther troll? I\'ve been crusing here for a while - nice site compared to nola.com. What\'s up with their forum? Do they ban you if you post positive info about opposing teams? All my posts were erased. Anyway, it\'s nicer here.

I see you guys going 3-1 in the first qtr. of the season. The first game is a toss up, but the next three are very winable.

How about the NFL scheduling the Falcons the worst team in the league for their first game? That may kick start some momentum for them. I hope not, but it looks like they can easily beat the 49\'ers.

Unfortunately for the Panthers, we might go 0-5, 1-4 or 2-3 our first five games. Then again, we may do even better.

The crazy thing is, the South won\'t be won until the end of the season, so no matter what happens, we must both hold on and be there when it really counts. Good luck tonight, and good luck during the season.
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We're gonna lose... :(

Deuce puts up a decent game for 110 yds and a TD. Alexander does about the same. Our D pulls together and keeps us in the game for a while. AB and the receiving corp never put it together (surprise, surprise....) Eventually our D appears to lose heart as the many opportunities they give the O are wasted. Hasselback lights our secondary up BIG TIME with short, precise routes - that eventually lead to a big pass or two.
Seattle - 31
N.O. - 13
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We're gonna lose... :(

I guess it\'s finally time to weigh in against the haters.

Somehow there\'s the impression that Seattle\'s offensive talent is all world and the Saints have chopped liver.

I did something simple: looked at last year\'s stats. And here\'s my conclusion: the teams are very closely matched on both sides of the ball. Some numbers then some observations:

1) QB\'s are even. Same QB rating. Hasselbeck threw for slightly more yards and TDs, but had double the picks of Brooks.

2) Deuce edges out Alexander in everything but TDs.

3) Seattle\'s O had a 4 point scoring edge over the Saints last year.

On the defensive side of the ball over a 16 game season the defenses were dead even. Same scoring, Same total YPG. However Seattle gave up 40 YPG more in the air than the Saints. Of course the Saints gave up 30 more YPG on the ground.

Both teams were -1 in total turnovers.

So here are my observations:

1) It\'s going to be close with similar offenses and defenses.

2) The game is going to come down to who can control the ball, who doesn\'t turn it over and most importantly who doesn\'t give up the big play.

3) I believe that the Saints have upgraded offensively talenwise. Boo and Stallworth should be on the field for the vast majority of the game. Henderson/M. Lewis/Boo may end up being the difference in terms of the big play. I\'ll take our
4th receiver over anybody\'s nickel back or linebacker all day long.

4) It may come down to to coaching. Unfortunately for the Saints that\'s where the cupboard is most bare. But Pease can make a different all by himself if he can get his D-Line (the deepest in the league) to dominate the way we know they can.

So predictions: The offense is efficient and has the two big plays required to win the game. The defense gives up a lot of yards to Hasselbeck and Alexander but limits the big plays and counteracts with a positive turnover ratio.

Saints 24 - Seattle 17


Super Bowl Championships: New Orleans Saints:1, Carolina:0, Atlanta Chokers: STILL ZERO

Only Atlanta choked in an unchokable situation... Life is definitely good.
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