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Al Bundy Saints Fans?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Jr. High thru High School. MLB and offensive guard in Jr high. RT in high school for a left handed QB. Loved protecting the blind side. Best years of my life....

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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

Jr. High thru High School. MLB and offensive guard in Jr high. RT in high school for a left handed QB. Loved protecting the blind side. Best years of my life.
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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

CB/WR.. small 1A school so I had to go both ways.
Was a 4 year starter in basketball for what it's worth.
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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

Played intramural flag football, (don't laugh!) in college.
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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

I never played beyond pee wee. I wanted to but just wasn't athletically inclined. I was pretty musically inclined though and played in the band from Jr. High , HS and Jr. College. So naturally I went to all the games. This is where I really began to love the sport. Looking in the paper about how my HS was supposed to do, I came across an article about the Saints and new HC Dick Nolan and how they were gonna be competitive. And omg, they were, went 7-9 that year and were thrillling to watch. So while I considered myself a Saint's fan since the beginning I didn't watch much on TV until after that. But seeing live games is and always will be the best.

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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

As there really wasn't/isn't a big scene for (American) football in Finland - I never played it myself. I did join the local football team's junior program for a while in my early teens, but that was just unorganized flag football, and I stopped attending after a year or so as ice hockey was taking more and more of my time. I did later on go help out in the pro team's practices once in while, mainly just throwing balls to receivers and stuff, since not that many people over here can throw a good spiral.

The mix of physicality and strategy has always intrigued me about football, and I've followed NFL for a very long time in Finnish terms. Back in the day it was really difficult to catch any games on TV over here, and I was only able to see the occasional MNF game at a friend's house - they had a very comprehensive satellite TV sport package back then since my friend's dad was a Finnish pro level basketball coach and he needed to see NBA and college games. I became a Saints' fan at the backend of the Ditka-era, mainly because they were not among the elite teams in the league and I honestly really liked their uniforms, as stupid as that might sound. I really learned (am learning) the game through studying it by watching games and reading things about it. During the time I spent over in the States, getting my Bachelor's in Virginia, I was able to finally attend a Saints' game, even though it was in NC.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of football and I would consider it my second most favorite sport after ice hockey, which I played for years (defensive defenseman) at the junior levels before I badly injured my hand.

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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

If only! Had I my time again I would have done my utmost to prepare for playing this game. No playing experience but being a Saints fan, plenty of emotion released over the years. Would like to think I know a fair bit about the game.
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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

4th grade through junior High before #*@% hit the fan. Played running back, defensive back and even rush a little defensive end.
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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

Originally Posted by TheOak View Post
Don't count your self out brother, in the age where PRO football players do Pilates, martial arts do translate in areas like balance, agility, limberness, and it helped keep my joints and connective tissue strong.

I still cant figure out how after all those years of football and playing catcher my hips and knees are fine. My shoulders are shot.

In some instanced people that didn't play but learned on their own have a higher football IQ as they have studied the game more than those that have played. Those that played "usually" understand positional concepts, like especially on defense it is not so much as having skilled players as having players that play well together. Explains how Dallas could have big names on their defense and not have a highly regarded defense. The O-Line is another area where team work and synchronization are extremely important.
Truly this is the place that I learned football errrr........learning football.
When I read that you were a catcher my first thought was that your knees are shot. Glad to know that you are still mobile.
btw: I also love womens volley ball.
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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

Originally Posted by Rugby Saint II View Post
Truly this is the place that I learned football errrr........learning football.
When I read that you were a catcher my first thought was that your knees are shot. Glad to know that you are still mobile.
btw: I also love womens volley ball.
I forgot to throw in 4 years of ARMY, probably should count as experience in slow marathons. Lol

I think mosh pits are what did my shoulders in. Imagine a NIN concert with a huge mosh pit and a 235 lb pulling guard in the middle .

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Re: Al Bundy Saints Fans?

Well, after reading through the thread, I'm pretty confident that Black & Gold would win the Message Board League SuperBowl (or StanleyCup, ) ... should they ever decide to form that league, .
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