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Rich BlackandGold History

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Lance Moore - Blocking dummy... not important... http://blackandgold.com/saints/11252...-signings.html...

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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

Lance Moore - Blocking dummy... not important...

http://blackandgold.com/saints/11252...-signings.html (Saints signings!)
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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

I see a lot of sweet salted crow for lunch. That's is some funny stuff Oak!
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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

It certainly makes for a good laugh. I'm sure we all can go back and pull a bunch of these out of our own closet.

Goes to show at the end of the day, we're still just fans...and that's why they get paid the big bucks.
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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

Brees conversations..

Unnamed sources.. Ill protect the innocent

...second, you ARE comparing Brees to Manning... you are asking if it were Peyton instead of Drew in the same situation.... you put it best:
Manning is a local boy - Brees isn't
Manning very intelligent - Brees is no dummy, but not the thinking QB Peyton is
Manning knows the game VERY well - Brees again, no dummy, but not the student of the game Peyton is...
Manning is a superb leader - Brees, not Brooks, but not George Patton either
... add to that:

Manning is going to the HoF - Brees not sure if he's going to the Pro Bowl again - which, BTW, PB means diddley poo -...

...so, I would say that, considering all of the above, while there will be some discussion as to whether Manning's shoulder would hold, what Manning brings to the table would weight heavily into the general consensus and I think peolpe would be quicker to accept the risk of having an injured future HoF'er than having an injured 2 good-years-so-far QB..


I have to go along with that "...Brees is not a great QB". He has a great D and a great RB far supior to ours. Fans here aren't all that in love with him and most want him to go/move on.


Peter Kings douchieness transcends time apparently LOL
"Peter King says Brees will be a phin. But, he is a bag of douche. So, there."

Seems to be another trend that transcends time

Why do I have a feeling that we spent wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much money today on Mr. Brees?



I even found Sapper's return

I don't think I could have ever asked for a better way to return to this site.

Just to let everyone know I am offically back from Iraq now.

Picking up Brees is a blessing. We should be able to trade our number slot and pick up some more draft slots and build a good team. Lets just hope and pray our leadership in the front office realizes what can happen and pounce on it.


I wear this Ribbon for Bounty Awareness
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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

Originally Posted by TheOak View Post
Some members have been here over 10 years, and that is very prestigious. That sort of loyalty deserves some sort of badge..

Hint hint Halo.
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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

That's some good stuff. I remember posting nice things about Aaron Brooks...ick...that'll get ya shot nowadays. Lol!
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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

I've seen opinions change (including your's truly) in the same thread!?! LOL

Don't mind being wrong when it makes the Saints right...

Is that a song?!?
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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

Thank God Someone remembers; I said the same thing to my fellow Ranger fans and used #saints as a.perfect example! We really are in a WAY BETTER PLACE ROSTER WISE than people are wanting or willing to understand all of our REAL unusual problems will be solved by the either benching, cutting, or limiting Roman Harper's field time HE WAS ENABLED BY GREG WILLIAMS TO A FAULT! Look He was nothing more than a guy who was the "Joker" or safety Playing as a LB, D-lineman, or safety WHICH ANYONE TRAINED AND WILLING TO DO IT! It had an adverse side effect on the rest of the Team, because eventually it was detected and OC's started studying the BOOK on our GW defense which was nothing but for the most part a disguised 3-4! Especially in passing situations which was alot of the time Cause Drew and the Saint Offense almost always gets us a lead so other teams had to throw or feel lile they had throw the ball! Sure in run situations they used their beef package which was the 4-3! Yhe reason coaches called it a 4-3 "base" is because it really doesn't matter 3-4 ora 4-3! What matters or is important are the assignments and responsibilities within that perceived system! Now DCs use both depending on the situations the only reason are quick to give label it is because of players usual perceive or actually fit one position over the other, but that gets GMs and scouts fired all the time because just because you fit in one 3-4 doesn you'll fit in another 3-4 likewise with 4-3! You have to take strengths and weaknesses of that player and look at that position's assignments and see if it fits and not just look at positions!
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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

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Re: Rich BlackandGold History

It's like driving by the ****ty apartment you lived in back when you made minimum wage, it makes you grateful for all of your current problems.
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