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saintfan 09-24-2004 09:04 AM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie
Sources on Thursday said the Saints have re-entered trade talks with Green Bay about cornerback Mike McKenzie. The sources also said another NFL team is involved.

The Saints have discussed the trade with the Packers for the six-year veteran since the spring, but Green Bay has asked for a first-round draft pick in return, a price the Saints aren't willing to meet.

An NFL source said the Saints have offered a second-round draft pick and a lower-round pick or a player.

The NFL trade deadline is Oct. 19.

BrooksMustGo 09-24-2004 09:31 AM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie
:puke: Wait a minute...
I thought that Craft was supposed to solve all our problems at CB?

This so typically Haslett--pass on every free agent CB this offseason because they are too expensive and we don\'t need them anyway. But now Haslett is fixated beyond all reason on McKenzie like Ahab was his whale. McKenzie is going to cost us minimum 3 million a year and 2 picks. The picks don\'t worry me much because Haslett can\'t pick worth a used Kleenex anyway.

:bandhead: What is infuriating is; now it\'s a crisis and we can\'t wait one more day to address the CB position. And our solution just HAS to be McKenzie. I smell a whole new line of lame excuses from Haslett--\"We added Mike mid-season and it took him several weeks to get up to speed with our scheme, blah, blah, blah.\"

I\'m pretty sure I\'ve seen this movie and I wanted my money back the first time.


JKool 09-24-2004 12:04 PM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie
BMG, I know that Haz isn\'t the ONLY guy who gets to make picks, but are you saying that Haz is terrible in the draft, because I have to disagree. I may be mistaken, but weren\'t these guys \"Haz\'s\" picks:

W. Smith

Now not all these guys are super stars, but some are and all are solid NFLers. Perhaps Sully has been a disappointment, but from what I\'ve seen so far W.Smith is a man-beast and Karney is going to be a fine lead blocker. Stallworth and McAllister - yeah, those guys blow.

While I certainly agree that not selecting a freakin\' corner is a major brain cramp, I certainly don\'t think the guys he\'s picked sucked. I am also certain that our draft record is NO WORSE than most if not all other teams.

Wouldn\'t you say?

BlackandBlue 09-24-2004 12:23 PM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie
Hell, look at the value we get in the later rounds. Some players from the 6th and 7th rounds may or may not make their teams rosters and 5th rounders usually spend a year or two on the practice squad. Kelly was our 6th from the 2003 draft and he was cut, but Gardner, a 7th rounder, is now on the 53 man roster. Leslie and Karney, both our 5th rounders, as well as our 7th round choice, Bockwoldt, were good enough to skip being assigned to the practice squad, and are on the roster. With the exception of drafting Sullivan over Trufant, I\'ve never had any problems with the way this team drafts.

Danno 09-24-2004 12:36 PM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie
TALENT isn\'t the problem with this team, although I will admit a couple upgrades would help.

This team drafts well
This team does not develop players very well.

But, BTTT:

I\'ve read several other boards and the rumor seems to imply we\'re offering a 2nd and a 4th for MM.

I\'d be inclined to jump on that.

What do ya\'ll think? Too costly still?

Personally I\'d rather get a SLB somehow but MM is an upgrade.

SaintsFan1967 09-24-2004 01:46 PM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie
the normally loquacious Horn has tempered the trash talk. On Thursday he refused to be coaxed into providing any bulletin-board material for the St. Louis Rams, the Saints\' opponent Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome.

Thanks Saintfan for this info. I made a comment about this same thing the other day and BandB jumped all over it. Well this proves what I was saying. Horn is famous for his trash talk and it HAS hurt this team.

BrooksMustGo 09-24-2004 02:59 PM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie

are you saying that Haz is terrible in the draft
No, I\'m not. After reviewing my statement, I left the wrong impression. My frustration with Haslett is that he\'s spent 3 years saying we don\'t need to draft a CB and don\'t need to pay big money for a free agent CB. But now all the sudden, it is imperative that we give up quite a bit and spend quite a bit to go get a guy midseason.

My frustration is that if McKenzie is such a critical need, make the big trade for him last month. My frustration is if we have a urgent need for a CB, why not make a good faith effort to have gotten one in free agency? I cannot grasp the decision making of this organization most of the time.

As an aside, I think we rate about a C on drafting. The Sullivan/Stinchcomb series is looking worse all the time, even though some of our drafts have been quite good.


JKool 09-24-2004 03:31 PM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie
I\'m inclined to agree with you now BMG.

I think this team has done VERY poorly in free agency. However, I think it has done exceptionally well in the draft under Haz.

Your argument makes some sense to me, if we needed a CB so badly, why didn\'t we get one earlier. I think there are two responses here, so tell me what you think:
1. We got Craft and at the time, we still thought we had something in Craver, and who would have thought that Ambrose would have gotten THAT slow.
2. The asking prices were very high for mid-grade CBs. If we wait we can get a mid-grade CB for less. As I recall GB was asking for a first rounder for McKenzie (who is probably a high mid-grade corner). That sounds too high to me.

I think many of us thought MM would worth a 2nd rounder and potentially a 5-7th too. Thus, I am interested in how people would answer Danno\'s question. I guess, it is my view that a second and a fourth is a bit high, but not unreasonable having seen our secondary play this year. I am certainly a big Ambrose fan, but I don\'t think he\'s a corner anymore - he\'s probably a NB or SS.

JKool 09-24-2004 03:35 PM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie
Danno, as for your point regarding the development of talent (which I\'m sure deserves its own thread), what do you say about these guys:
McAllister, Stallworth, Lewis, Glover (maybe he doesn\'t really count since he was good from the moment he arrived), S. Knight, Horn, B. Williams, and Holland? Perhaps, we\'re just not very good at developing Defensive talent? It is not clear to me that we are THAT bad at working our new guys into shape even relative to other teams.

blackroses 09-24-2004 03:35 PM

Saints back in hunt for CB McKenzie
All I know is this if Mitch can\'t go and the last resort is Bouman I think where screwed. A backup qb punting this is wacked. Why not just throw it 70 yards instead lmao. Of course they did say Carney may punt thats not too bad.

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