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Thank God for Brooks!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Anybody still think our O-Line \"excels\"...uh hmmmm...at anything? Penalties. :kerry:...

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Thank God for Brooks!!

Anybody still think our O-Line \"excels\"...uh hmmmm...at anything?

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Thank God for Brooks!!

I still didn\'t see anything that would allow you to hang this game on Brooks. He had one bad fumble on a play we should have been kicking FG on anyway. And the play before that he was awesome. No, he wasn\'t as sharp as in the past two weeks, but the rest of the team looked to fall on their faces well before AB.
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Thank God for Brooks!!

Good Point.
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Thank God for Brooks!!

i agree scotty ro
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Thank God for Brooks!!

looks like AB stacks up pretty well......right 08

At this point in time I can honestly say Brooks is in the upper 30 % of the quarterbacks across the board .

Now let me say this , Brooks had the benefit of Deuce against the Seahawks so he did not have too gun the defense down solo .

Game 2 well let\'s say , with the first overall selection in the 2005 draft the niners pick ....

Fartz lined the Ramettes up in the secondary for that game , their secondary had Sehorn penciled in as a starter at one point .

It should be interesting to see how Brooks handles the games coming up , Cards might give Brooks a little more trouble then most think .
Brooks is predictable in the passing game . Pure and simple the Cards were playing the under routes well against the Falcons it was safe to assume they would stay with it with the poor mans Vick ....

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Thank God for Brooks!!

I still didn\'t see anything that would allow you to hang this game on Brooks. He had one bad fumble on a play we should have been kicking FG on anyway.
You\'re right when you say that we shouldn\'t have gone for it on 4th down (Haslett, I\'ll kill you!). But regardless, it was Brooks\' fault that we fumbled. HE caused the fumble, not LeCharles.

Brooks did not play well today. He held on to the football WAY too long on many plays, and he was either forced to
a) throw the ball away.
b) take a sack
c) force the ball to a receiver.

But it wasn\'t his fault that this team lost today. The whole organization deserves the blame.
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Thank God for Brooks!!

We are not a bad team.....

.............. we are a bad franchise.

BTW - All the pundits are trying to decide if the 49ers ot Cardinals are the worst.

Yest the Saints lose by the most points difference to the Cardinals; and scraped past the 49ers.
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Thank God for Brooks!!

About that fumble, I honestly would\'ve gone for it, but handed it to the FB. Here\'s some news for the haters: WE DO NOT WANT AB INJURED. Especially on a play like that. By the way, nine or ten dropped passes makes most QB\'s stats look shabby. We couldnt get drives going. I\'m not even gonna start in on the O line. How many penalties? Now, I have a migraine . I\'m gonna finish watchin the Simpsons and let my hunni keep plying me with beer. Thank God for nurses.
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Thank God for Brooks!!

Yep we looked like the predictable Saints and the predictable AB on the masterful first drive but............well we all know the but. Coaches dont cause fumbles, the ball carriers do. That is not to say I agree with the call. I remember one play where AB had what seemed like 15 minutes only then after pump faking scrambling east-west...with acres of open pasture in front of him, only to decide to run. I applauded,yelled, screamed because he finally ran the ball. Yes he waited \'minutes too long\", but he ran. At least it wasn\'t a wasted or stupid pass. Brooks is an issue..........but not the biggest area of concern. :eck13:

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Thank God for Brooks!!

oh sub guy ur so off on our problems its sad
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