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Junior Galette Says...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; i much rather hear him say he needs to work on his run defense and his performance against the run was "not good as everybody is saying" he is getting a bit better but i can not give him a ...

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Re: Junior Galette Says...

i much rather hear him say he needs to work on his run defense and his performance against the run was "not good as everybody is saying"

he is getting a bit better but i can not give him a break

worry about yourself first before getting cocky about teams performance. rushing the QB he is get a B+ but the rest of his game is a solid D
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Re: Junior Galette Says...

Look out, Junior got into the cheese! I'm all for confidence, but based on my experience, the minute you open your mouth wide enough is the minute a huge super-sized slice of humble pie is force fed to you by karma's gentle hands.

Hoping he tones it down a bit, if not for his sake, but for his team's.

Stupid people will jaw at you even after getting straight up annihilated, punked, abused, or what have you. Everyone saw it. No need to go captain obvious with the media afterward. But he's young, he'll learn.
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Re: Junior Galette Says...

Since you rarely hear this type of talk from a Saints player, I expect it is "company policy" to play ball and shut up. I fully expect that Payton will deal with the issue.
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Re: Junior Galette Says...

Incognito is a f*cking joke too. Wannabe tough guy running his mouth while the franchise qb is getting murdered.
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Re: Junior Galette Says...

NuLa C.E.O. ‏@JuniorG93 50m
“@68INCOGNITO: Tough loss tonight. Too many mistakes on our part. We will get that corrected. Back to the grind #FinsUp” HAHA����

Yeah it was definitely Incognito that was talking a whole lot of S*&^ if Junior retweeted him after the game.

I know some of you guys get put off by Junior but this it the first time I've seen him actually come after another team publicly...outside of the pretty harmless fun jabs he takes at the Falcons...like that. He talks a lot but this is the first I've seen him say something to reporters. He usually keeps it to twitter and even then its not really coming at guys just stating how he and the defense are going to play.

Incognito is one of the dirtiest players in the league. EVERYBODY hates that guy. So he had to be saying some really outlandish S*&^ in my opinion for Junior to be that fired up to say something to reporters after the game.

And the reason why I see nothing wrong with this is because it was AFTER they beat the Dolphins. When you go out and perform I have no problem with you talking smack.
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Re: Junior Galette Says...

Personally, if you are talking shyte during a game I am going to hurt you physically while I keep my mouth shut. Too me that is a superior motivational tool.
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Re: Junior Galette Says...

I'm sure Sean has taken him behind the woodshed.
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Re: Junior Galette Says...

Originally Posted by lee909 View Post
As long as he talks crap after the game fine.
I just dont like pregame talk,get the job done and if the opposition has run its mouth say what you want.
Pretty sure that was a little jab at the Falcons, too! After the game is definitely better than running his mouth before the game.
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Re: Junior Galette Says...

I am not sure I see the issue with what Gallett said. He didn't get derogatory, just just said after playing Miami he felt they were not as good as all the media hype..

Don't we say that week in and out about the Falcons?
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Re: Junior Galette Says...

He doesn't need to say anything. Just point at the scoreboard & laugh.
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