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All I want for Xmas...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; is a team that gives a DAMN about the fans. I mean go out and try to win. If you don't want to win want to win for yourself want to win for the ppl that pay 58 bucks to ...

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All I want for Xmas...

is a team that gives a DAMN about the fans. I mean go out and try to win. If you don't want to win want to win for yourself want to win for the ppl that pay 58 bucks to watch you every weekend.(thats how much my tickets costs Im sure it varies) Im tired of wasting money and not getting a team playing like they want to win every game. I was not upset by Brooks subpar efforts the last few weeks. I was upset about the approach he had in the games and on the sidelines. One he never tries to gain a quik 5 or so yards when he has the room to run and pick up the first. He laughs when he makes mistakes. He goes to the sideline and instead of looking at pictures and getting on the phone to see what he is doing wrong or where he might improve. He puts his Beanie on sideways and goes sit all by himself on the bench... Wow way to fire my team up and lead them to victory. I thought he must be getting benched but no he just did not care and that pissed me off the most. Most QBs will be trying to fire up the troops "Dont worry its the Bengals we got this. Next drive we show them who the Saints really are." That would fire up the team sitting on the bench with a where is my mommy look on your face kills any hope a team has for a come back.

Jake Delhomme in his one game where he had good playing tyme showed a fire that he wants to do the best he can every play of every drive. I mean he ran ducked his head and dove between 2 defenders to get a first we needed. He has led 4 drives(not counting drives where he nelt to end the game) this year...2TD's 1 FG and a drive where we were in FG range and a penatly took us out of. NO 3 and outs!!! He goes to the sidelines talking to his team trying to keep them fired up and ready to stomp the other teams hopes of winning out. We needed this in the second half and we got Brooks posing for idiot of the year after 3-4 drives of 3and out 4 and out ohh and that 1 5 and out... Not to mention when offered an easy way out "Aaron you look like you had a bad day out there is your injury affecting the way you play?" SAY YES that will give a good excuse for all of you to get your head off of the dart board Bull'seye...AB-"Nahh, my arm is fine, I just had a bad day and missed some throws. Just a bad game" STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! Take the easy way out. My bad I forgot IDIOT OF THE YEAR!!!

Haslett is just as much to blame. How can you not notice how bad a QB is playing? Everyone on every TV sports news show I saw had sumthing bad to say about AB. None of them said he isnt a talented QB they all said he was struggling and has been struggling for 3 weeks now. Well in those 3 weeks we are 1 and 2 hmm... If we need a change to get us into the playoffs make the change. I have heard Haslett say Jake is a great QB and could start for some teams in the NFL why not use him when AB is struggling? Haslett is sticking with his boy eventhough his boy isnt getting it done. This worries me... sometymes a coach has to be man enough to admit he is wrong and make the change. Haslett doesnt look like he is ready to do that and it might/should cost him his job. You member Trent Dilfer getting the call when the Ravens won the SB? Was he the more talented QB no but he was winning. Same as Brady last year... Saints need to really think about what they are doing cause another season like this and ppl will know why we dont sell out all the games if they dont know already.
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