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embarrassed by some folks in 650

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Halo Had season tickets one year next to a guy who insisted on taking his boots off when he got drunk, and his feet stank something horrible. When you'd confront him, he'd want to start a fight ...

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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

Originally Posted by Halo View Post
Had season tickets one year next to a guy who insisted on taking his boots off when he got drunk, and his feet stank something horrible. When you'd confront him, he'd want to start a fight and cuss you like a sailor.
That's it!!!

Am doing a sit-com called Season Tickets - the premise will be what happens in games like this with people recounting tales of their lives leading up to attending the game...

These stories have to be told...
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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

I don't know what it was, but something was up yesterday - there were way more Bills fans in the terrace than I expected to see.

I am sorry this happened, and it sounds like later on in the game people got drunk and out of control. But I will say this, I have to say it.... Beating on the walls is a time honored Dome tradition, since the first person figured it out. But that is our house, they are visiting OUR house, our domain, and if the situation was reversed, there is no way in heck I would beat on the walls in the Bills' stadium, no way. As far as I'm concerned, the privilege of beating on that wall belongs to the Saints season ticket holders in that section, and no one else. I would call security on them in a heartbeat, too. No disagreement there. Beating on the walls of someone else's stadium is just downright disrespectful, that's an offense that warrants an in-your-face (but still appropriate and civil) response.

Would you beat on the walls in a stranger's house, if you went to a rowdy party there? Of course not. Would you beat on the walls of your own house? Sure. Or if it was a good friend's house, if your best buddy invited you to a party and said let's get crazy, and he asked you to beat on his walls with him? Sure I would. But I'm hoping that not one of you would beat on the walls of a total stranger's house, who invited you in.

Still, that's no excuse for the profanity and people acting like idiots that happened later on. That sounds pretty bad.
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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

As someone from England, you will appreciate that I am used to far far far more hostile environments in sport. That's not me trying to be all 'cool' or make a point. That's the way it is. It still amazes me that you don't have the concept of a Home/Away section in the stands. Every soccer stadium in England has that and all top flight games will also have a row of police between the fans for the entire game.

I have been to home games (SuperDome) and always sat anywhere from 632 to 643. I have also had the honour of being right at the back and banging the wall! I have also been to road games. The simple fact of the matter is that wherever you go, you will always get some complete idiots. I hold the SuperDome up as one of the best places to go. Maybe because I am from England, I go out of my way to be cool with opposing fans (usually I want a picture! haha) but I have never seen anything like what is described in this thread. Ever. I have seen some serious taunting but all in the spirit of it.

Let us not forget I have stood at CandleStick park and been abused. And I mean ABUSED. I have stood at the Georgia Dome and been destroyed for 3 and a half hours. We got owned in both those games. I have also been to St Louis, where there were probably more Saints fans than Rams fans hahaha and had a great time.

This is all part of sport and unless it goes over the top it is part of the experience. Re what was said about the 650 shenanigans, that is out of order. I would have personally jumped in and done/said something. It does however sound like there may have been some Bills fans overstepping the mark as well though.

Tough one to call. But New Orleans is by far the best place for opposing fans to come from what I have seen so far.
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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

I wouldn't even blame Philly for beating up this guy though.

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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

Sad on so many levels.

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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

The first Saints game I went to in the Dome in the 80s was Saints and Falcons. The Failclowns won and walking out the the Dome a middle aged women got in my face and started making fun of me and the Saints (I was about 7 years old) I have hated Atlanta ever since. Its to bad that some Saints fans are just as bad.
My wife and I went to the playoff game in Seattle a couple years ago and had a great time. We did score seats from a season ticket holder and everyone in the area was cool. The Seattle fans around us were classy in their win and it was a good game.
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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

Originally Posted by exile View Post
I wouldn't even blame Philly for beating up this guy though.

Good FUN
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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

My son and I went in 2009 and saw the Jets and Saints. He likes the Jets (had a Curtis Martin jersey on) and I had my Brees jersey on.

We were on the visitor side several rows back and there were a handful of other Jets fans around us.

Everyone was talking a little smack, but it was all in good fun. I and most around me were going nuts for the Saints, the boy and the others for the Jets. Nobody was obnoxious or out of line.

And besides, when Sharper got that long pick 6 on Sanchez that took the air out of the Jets' fans balloon!

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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

It's not just the upper level. There are a couple of "ladies" who sit in the Plaza level, who are so obnoxious. I have had season tickets for over 20 years and never had anything but a good time until this year. These girls act like they've never been out in public before. The sad thing is, they think they are cute with their put on New Orleans accents, they are not from here, and this pompom routine that they put on for every game. They spill beer on other fans and become highly offended if anyone complains about it. They don't even own the tickets. I was told they purchased them for the season from the actual ticket holder. Hope he or she doesn't sell them to these people again.
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Re: embarrassed by some folks in 650

The phrase "act like you have been there before" has a lot of merit.
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