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BlackandBlue 10-26-2004 04:52 PM

Where have all the cowboys gone?
Not the ones that reside in Dallas, but the one's that normally posted 10-12 times a day. Licking your wounds, perhaps? :P

JKool 10-26-2004 07:33 PM

Where have all the cowboys gone?

I\'ve been beginning to wonder this myself. MIA are Billy, Danno, Whodat, and Cherm (among others) - these guys were good for 5-10 posts a day each.

Aside from two or three new guys who\'ve been quite productive, things are slipping. I know that I\'m not ready to start discussing next year\'s coach or draft - so I\'d have to say that things are pretty dull around here the last week or so.

I know you were suggesting there is a reason for their departure - namely the failure of their predictions. However, you and I both know these guys, and I\'m sure they wouldn\'t be willing to back down just because things weren\'t so rosy with their bets. You know as well as I do that they\'d be here giving reasons why things weren\'t going the way they thought, making new predictions, etc.

What is it then? I really don\'t know.

I do know though that without insightful discussion, I feel less like coming here. Perhaps, these guys have all beaten the horse to death and have all decided there isn\'t much more to learn about football, this year\'s team, or anything else? I suppose it is possible. I know I sometimes get sick of talking about the same things over and over again.

Either way, I miss them.

BlackandBlue 10-26-2004 08:35 PM

Where have all the cowboys gone?
Good thing you\'re still posting. You always have good things to say. I hate you alot less than everyone else :P

RockyMountainSaint 10-27-2004 01:26 AM

Where have all the cowboys gone?
I have been reading here for years. Just recently started posting. I remember Billy C very well. He used to post 10-10,000 times a day. Miss seeing you abuse him B&B.

Come back Billy!
Or do you finally realize that Aaron isn\'t the future?
BTW Dallas SUX!

JKool 10-27-2004 02:00 AM

Where have all the cowboys gone?
Thanks BnB.

I do appreciate that.

Remember, you\'re all equally annoying!

I do have to say though, things are getting pretty sparse around here, don\'t you agree? It is getting harder and harder to find good discussion.

rich006 10-27-2004 04:57 AM

Where have all the cowboys gone?
I think part of the reason there isn\'t more discussion here is people feel like there isn\'t anything new to say. We\'ve been saying the same things for 3 years and it\'s all been said.

1. \"Fire the coaches!\"

2. \"AB stinks!\"
\"No he doesn\'t; just look at his stats!\"
\"Yes, he does, the stats are misleading!\"
\"It\'s not his fault--the receivers can\'t catch!\"
\"That\'s because he throws too hard!\"
\"Favre\'s receivers can catch.\"
\"Yeah, but AB doesn\'t have any pass protection.\"
\"That\'s because he steps out of the pocket.\"
\"Yeah, but we would have lost the {insert last defeated opponent} game except for AB.\"
\"Yeah, but he\'s not a good leader.\"
--etc, etc, blah blah.

3. \"We need better linebackers!\"

4. \"We need better CB\'s!\"
\"If we had a better pass rush they wouldn\'t matter so much!\"
\"Yeah but we don\'t.\"

5. \"Our receivers are underperforming.\"
\"Bring in the new guy.\"
\"The new guy can\'t catch either.\"

6. \"You have an agenda.\"
\"No, you do!\"
\"No, you do!\"
\"Well, you\'re a racist.\"
\"No I\'m not, I love McNair.\" etc. etc.

7. \"Real fans don\'t boo.\"
\"Well, real players give 100% on every play.\"

8. \"Are the Saints moving to LA?\"
\"I sure hope not.\"

9. \"Tebucky sux.\"

10. \"At least we have Deuce.\"
\"He\'s not that good.\"
\"What??!!\" {derision from many indignant posters}
\"He\'s really great.\"

I\'m sure I forgot one or two thread types.

St.Shrume 10-27-2004 08:39 AM

Where have all the cowboys gone?
That was great Rich006!! You basically summed up about 80% of all discussion.

The Saints will drive you to that though as well. I mean, I am tired about all the negativity and re-hashing of how bad our (fill in position) are....but then I watch a game on Sunday, and my blood boils and I find myself asking the same god Dam questioons:

\"WHAT THE HELL IS wrong with our WR\'s?\" or
\"AB?? What are you doing?\"
\"McCarthy!! HELL-o!!! Running play like that!?!?! SO obvious\"
\"HAZ....where y\'at????\"

etc..etc.... :( :D :( :D :( :D :( :D a neurotic fan due to the Saints

LordOfEntropy 10-27-2004 08:40 AM

Where have all the cowboys gone?
I kind of lost interest after the Arizona game, my season ended there. Others may feel the same way, there\'s definitely been a dropoff in the number of posts. But I don\'t think I\'ll get stoked again untill I hear of a coaching change, and the 2005 draft starts getting close.

Perfect scenario - the Aint\'s lose out the rest of the season (except the two Atlanta games). Crennel gets hired, and the Aint\'s get some really high draft picks. At that point, I\'ll be on this board regularly.

Until that happens, though, I\'m pretty much over this year.

D_it_up 10-27-2004 10:23 AM

Where have all the cowboys gone?
IT\'S ALL BECAUSE OF AGENDA!!!!! Seriously, it was on my agenda to overpower everyone else\'s agenda. The only problem was that my agenda isn\'t ready to take on other agenda\'s, so now I have a new agenda to improve my initial agenda to combat the other agenda\'s in here. How\'s that for an agenda? :casstet:

ScottyRo 10-27-2004 10:30 AM

Where have all the cowboys gone?
Where can I get one of them there...AGENDAs? ;) Do they come in Black and Gold?

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