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Centurylink Crowd Noise

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I love this thread. Here's to going out and stomping a mud hole in their arse!...

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Re: Centurylink Crowd Noise

I love this thread.

Here's to going out and stomping a mud hole in their arse!
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Re: Centurylink Crowd Noise

Originally Posted by TheOak View Post
What mostly hurt us in the first game was the crowd noise. Success of offenses or defenses does not hinge on how you line up when coming out of the huddle. It depends on how you adjust to what you see from the break of the huddle until the snap of the ball. Drew had a difficult time conveying audibles and play changes pre-snap. Drew had a delay of game because of it.
I imagine that the Saints will have figured out line calls this time around.

Brees is great at stepping forward in the pocket, which neutralizes the speed Seattle brings from the edge. Just watch the matchups with the O-Tackles, you will see how unfair it is to play with the noise. You Saints probably remember Michael Bennett, he was a Buc for a while. He is ballin' for the Hawks and is probably the most dangerous rusher on the team because of his ability to stop and spin back into the play. He will be going against your right tackle mostly. Chris Clemons can't even get on the field for Seattle anymore.
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Re: Centurylink Crowd Noise

Originally Posted by Rocket Hawk View Post
Seahawks fan. I think some of you are thinking correctly it may be dimmed a bit, but it is going to be loud. Very, very loud.

As a Saints fan though, you probably shouldn't worry that much. They will have schemed around the noise for the most part. Most teams figure that out. There will be struggles for the Saints when things get weird, like if they are trying to hurry up a play worrying about a challenge, or the play clock gets messed up due to a reff'ing error.

The biggest disadvantage will be for the Offensive Tackles, it always is because they have to look in at the ball instead of hearing the snap count. They lose a half-step due to that, especially on pass plays when Seattle puts in the "NASCAR" formation. Which is basically the front 6 or 7 is D-Ends and linebackers with no D Tackles.
I have no real response to any of this, but I just want to say thanks for coming here and not being a jerkface.
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Re: Centurylink Crowd Noise

When was the last time the lovely NFL scheduled Seattle to play in New Orleans in the regular season? I mean, I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to show Seasquawk fans the same wonderful hospitality that has been shown to our team in Seattle. And our season tickets are just behind the visitor's benches on the 2nd row up, 42ish yard line. When we played the Forty Whiners, we were all yelling at Kaopectate, and you could see him flinch.
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Re: Centurylink Crowd Noise

Originally Posted by SmashMouth View Post
I think you have it here. Just how much does the rain affect the crowd noise if the SeaHags fans are gargling rain in their throats.

It was raining the last time too.
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Re: Centurylink Crowd Noise

My friend in Seattle (who I lost the bet to last game) told me that Seagull fans are selling tickets left and right ! Some of the theories put forth here could be spot on!
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Re: Centurylink Crowd Noise

The Saints need to win this one. Half of my family lives in Washington and I talked so much smack the first game, and boy did I hear it. If we win the game that matters I will have my way with them and love every second of it.
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Re: Centurylink Crowd Noise

No worries. Whatever noise the crowd doesn't produce will be countered by the stadium's VA system.
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