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shadowdrinker_x 11-08-2004 10:21 PM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves
we're in for another long one i'm afraid...

we can break down the matchups to try to find a few places where we can take control...but none are to be found...a gimpy deuce..and shattered team confidence means we are going to under perform once again....we don't match up well at all against this team...they're special teams could beat us alone...and our offense cannot keep pace with them...we will come in unprepared...and continue to display the kind of pathetic play that will undoubtedly...create some major speculation..and frustration by us all..god help the saints

CHACHING 11-09-2004 07:49 PM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves
Even with Holmes being out....WE STILL SUCK................I hate to be like the rest of ya\'ll in here but I hope we don\'t win another game this year..(I\'ll be rootin\' on Sunday)..........ching...

jbutts 11-09-2004 10:10 PM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves
i believe the only thing we can hope for in this next game, as well as the in the following weeks is a team playing with its back against the wall.
of course, that does take drive, determination, fire and, among others, heart.
and i think maybe thats the one thing thats in question here the most.
i wont accept \"playing for pride\", that is already lost.
and i wont accept a \"win one for the gipper,\" he too is lost.
i will accept a \"playing for my job/future\" or alternately \"my life.\"

as far as im concerned for these players, i suggest taking these matters into their own hands and leading themselves to the end.

i trust we, and they, have seen the current staff has the inability to do so.

mutineer10 11-09-2004 10:33 PM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves

I\'m presently frowning at the tickets next to me on the desk. I\'m gonna be at the game ... god help me ... and I\'m just hoping for a surprise. I ain\'t got my hopes up, but maybe.....

(harp music, dream sequence)

Setting: mutineer10 and a hot blonde sit watching the Chiefs at Saints. He\'s had no trouble getting a cheap, cold beer all day, and is ironically surrounded by lots of enthusiastic Saints fans...

mutineer10: Great game, huh?
hot blonde: Yeah! Can you believe how well Aaron Brooks is playing? Five touchdown passes!
mutineer10: I know, and only the first quarter! And can you believe the defense? All those sacks and interceptions, and KC hasn\'t even come close to scoring!
hot blonde: Yeah, Sullivan sure showed up today.
mutineer10: And what a coaching job by Haz and the boys...

On the field, Deuce McAllister breaks his third 80 yard TD run of the day...

mutineer10: Man, the crowd is really worked up today.
hot blonde: I know, it\'s getting really hot in here. I\'ve gotta get out of this bikini!
crowd of sorority girls: We were all thinking exactly the same thing!

All laugh and do so...

Then an errant Aaron Brooks lateral beans me in the head, bringing me back to reality. I glance at the scoreboard to see the horrible truth, and order a couple more beers. They\'re hot and too expensive.

I gotta get to work on that paper sack...

JOESAM2002 11-10-2004 01:18 AM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves
I\'ll have what he\'s smoking, thank you! ;)

4saintspirit 11-10-2004 07:34 AM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves
Haslett on how to prepare for the chiefs game :shrug: We are in for a long long day. I mean -- sure we could magically come up with a good game -- but after watching everyone throw for 300+ yards against us (including - dare I say it -- Kerry Collins) I have no faith that we will even slow down Kansas City

fact-o-bake 11-10-2004 02:57 PM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves
I love your imagination Mutineer. That\'s some funny stuff.

CheramieIII 11-10-2004 04:33 PM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves
Now we find a way to lose 52 to 49

rich006 11-11-2004 07:07 AM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves
jbutts said:

as far as im concerned for these players, i suggest taking these matters into their own hands and leading themselves to the end.
I agree, but don\'t you think that\'s what has to happen for any team to win? The coach can provide the training, the preparation, the game plan, and the play calls, but when it comes down to execution, it\'s up to the players to have not only the talent but also the motivation to succeed. I know it always looks like the Saints are poorly trained, unprepared, and hampered by poor game planning and bad play calls, but it\'s possible that it\'s really just the players not executing.

Look at it this way: the Saints coaches are professional coaches. How bad could they really be? We could be just a handful of disappointing players away from having an above-average defense and a scorching offense. If we had those, we could be just a few consecutive good games away from building some team spirit. Success breeds success and failure breeds failure. Parity is so high in the NFL that it only takes a small improvement in performance to see a big improvement on the scoreboard. One key play can change the course of a game, and one player making one mistake can lead to one of those key plays.

When things are going well (i.e. the team is winning), all coaching decisions look brilliant. When things aren\'t going well, they all look stupid.

My point is it\'s possible the players will take it upon themselves to make the effort necessary to win the game this weekend. If so, I think we will have a chance. And that\'s our only chance. To see how likely I think that is to happen, see my prediction of the final score below.

My predictiion:

Chiefs 52, Saints 24.

subguy 11-11-2004 07:16 AM

N. O. vs. K. C. ... brace yourselves
Mutineer I am in the same mindset as JoeSam.......please fill my hookah with your blend :hallucine:

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