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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I see qbs like Carr and Leftwich getting creamed and still throwing it deep. You\'re talking about QB\'s with guts and talent ... doesn\'t apply here ......

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I see qbs like Carr and Leftwich getting creamed and still throwing it deep.
You\'re talking about QB\'s with guts and talent ... doesn\'t apply here ...
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Point taken mutineer.
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cant send anyone deep without protection. n we dont get any
Is that due to the offensive line, Brooks\' inability to decide where to throw the ball, or a combination of the two?
Throwing two quick passes a game doesn\'t mean you\'re good at it.
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Why aren\'t we running more Wide Receiver screens to stallworth? oh yeah that\'s right Brooks can\'t execute a screen no matter where it\'s called. Seriously, in the Minnesota game they threw something resembling this, it might have been a two yard in-pattern, point being they got it to him quickly, he did this shimmy and then ripped it inside. This should be called more often in short and medium yardage situations no? It doesn\'t prey on his weakness (catching) yet even Iron hands Aaron can connect on this short pass, plus most defenses are going to be pressing in these situations, which seems to favor him turning a quick move a heading for daylight.

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WHAT did you just say? Throw MORE WR screens? How about get a big physical WR who can break a tackle and then we throw a WR screen. A speedy WR doesnt run a great screen. We have run way to many of them where we get 3 yards and he gets ankle tackled... If he was bigger and stronger he could break that tackle and take it for a big gain. He just doesnt do that... I agree that play could work, but I dont blame us for not running it more often. When you run a play again and again and it doesnt work you got to start looking for sumthing else. Maybe fake a screen and then run a go route... get the saftey to bite on the screen and then let Stallworth run by him...

We have to make use of his strenghts... that is the deep ball. We dont... Who is to blame the coaching... I think if we went to him more often on deep routes then he could run a curl or and cross and the safety would have to respect the deep ball and he could settle in the middle and not get blasted so much... since we never go deep the saftey sits in the middle waiting to clean his clock and Stallworth knows this and his drops prove he has more on his mind than catching the ball... We have to make the game simple... catch it and drop like the Rams do in the middle. Just catch the ball... but when the safety is waiting to lay you out before you catch the ball that makes things alot harder...

Just my opinion...
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Speaking of Donte...

Saints | Stallworth Demoted to No. 3 WR
Fri, 12 Nov 2004 12:53:22 -0800
Jeff Duncan, of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, reports New Orleans Saints WR Donte\' Stallworth has been demoted to the No. 3 receiver on the team\'s depth chart.
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We haven\'t done much of anything right this year. Can\'t blame one guy. Hey, at least we still have the Dolphins to laugh at .
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The right QB, the right O-coordinator, the right O-line coach, and an inside threat (which I think Talman Gardner could be), and Henderson and Stallworth could score 1000 points a year.

Unfortunately, our system calls for short dump offs, we don\'t run Deuce out of the spread so he never gets going, the only thing that happens in the middle of the field is a TE dropping a pass or a WR getting led into a monster hit, our O-line isn\'t blocking my grandma right now, and our QB throws the ball backwards at tackles. Dunno if you can blame Stallworth for that.

PS - I think all this talk of Henderson is pretty stupid - especially when compared to Stallworth. Stallworth had 5 TDs in the first 5 games of his rookie season. Even after being hurt for nearly half the season Stallworth had 40+ receptions, nearly 500 yards, and 8 TDs. That\'s not bad for half a year\'s work, huh? Meanwhile, Henderson can\'t even find his way into a uniform on gameday. Let\'s all put that into perspective next time we want to label Stallworth a bust and proclaim Henderson teh answer to all our problems.

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Several times Deuce has lined up in the backfield and shifted to wideout. I haven\'t seen every play of every game, but I don\'t recall him ever being a target for a pass. Has he been thrown to when more than 5 yards down field ever? Seems to me that a 10 yard drag would work well when he lines up like that. Why not use it?
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I couldn\'t agree more with Who here.

1. Stallworth is hardly as bad as people keep claiming. He\'s being used improperly. Granted, he has had more than his share of tough times catching the ball. However, it is our O-coordinator who is really sucking it up. Also, by now, the level of demoralization on the team is rampant - finger pointing is soon to follow. Fire Haz and the coordinators NOW, and we\'ll see some immediate improvement.

2. I hope I\'m wrong about this, but a WR who can\'t even make it onto the special teams is not worth our getting even the remotest level of excited about. All we heard in training camp is this: needs to work on his hand and route running. Well, Stallworth only has to work on one of those, at most. I too am sick of hearing about giving so and so a chance; all this will do is further demoralize the guys who are good and lower our chances of not looking like complete carp on the field next week.


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