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Who should "GO" - your thoughts???

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'd really like to know who some of you think should be sent packing in order for the SAINTS to be REAL WINNERS. Comment please - - -...

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Who should "GO" - your thoughts???

I'd really like to know who some of you think should be sent packing in order for the SAINTS to be REAL WINNERS. Comment please - - -
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Who should "GO" - your thoughts???

Geez you forgot the most important figure.

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Who should "GO" - your thoughts???

MLB charlie clemons should go go simply coz he cannot stuff the run or come off his blocks. DT norman hand if he do not take a pay cut, plus i believe kenny smith would be a better fit. jay bellamy should be let go coz i believe we will have a chance to pick up mike doss plus mel mitchell with his play on special team deserve a chance to challenge fo that spot
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Who should "GO" - your thoughts???

I would like to start by putting down some thoughts on what I would like to see stay:
Mike Riley - (hopefully he won\'t be lured away)and give him the defense. It seems to me a terrible waste to have him on DB\'s .
Sammy Knight - I am sorry , I know it is not popular right now but I still love Sammy. He was about the only one that didn\'t quit on us last year in the meltdown games , and was a notable exception again in this last game against Carolina as well . In a better surrounding cast (or is it defensive scheme?) a ball hawk / devastating hitter like Sammy is a real gamebreaker . If a safety must be sacrificed to appease the gods - dump Bellamy instead .
Al Everest & McAfee , Gleason, and the Beerman - Thank god for special teams . Thanks for a excellent season guys .
Deuce - Of course . Thanks for not giving us a black eye over the Miami deal . He proved to this fan that he has both the guts and the talent to be big time.

Okay , as far as who goes : I don\'t wanna see :
Michael Hawthorne in a Saints uniform again if it can be helped , pleeeeeeeeze?! I know he is a reserve , but this guy is just a walking bullseye.
Grady Jackson - Not athletic enough , atleast Hand is pretty spry when healthy- this guy moves with the agility of a dumptruck . Against a good cutting RB Grady is useless . We have to get a pass rush going anyway (it would really go a long way to helping our secondary if we could atleast inconvenience the opposing QB every now and then )
Entire starting linebacker corp (except maybe Clemmons) - Way too many games this year without effective run stopping from this position . LB\'s were an incredible disappointment this year .
Joe Horn\'s Vocal cords - I luv ya Joe but you keep digging us holes by revving up crappy teams to play their best games of the year .

Guys on the bubble next year :

Aaron Brooks - Now that I am calmed down and can look at this issue logically . I am not one for playing musical QB , but the lack of passion that Brooks has displayed is disturbing . If he is going to be successful with us he is gonna have to be a lot better at handling the pass rush (does our offense even have hot reads ? It doesn\'t seem like it . ) Many of his problems seem to stem from his confidance . I say bring back Willie Jackson . Don\'t pay too too much for him (he will never be a GREAT receiver , but him and Aaron had good timing and he makes a great security blanket for our QB) I am willing to grant Aaron lenience this year since it is only his second season as a starter , next year though is another story ....
Charles Grant - Yeah , I know he is just a rookie . But in my opinion upgrading our pass rush is vital .(have ya picked up on that? )While he did have some good games he has pretty much done the same thing he did in college (play inconsistantly) . I am not saying he should be cut , but maybe his role needs to be reduced if he doesn\'t pick up the pace next year .

As far as the owner goes , is Benson really THAT bad ? How much worse of a shape would we be in if we had an ego maniac like they have in Dallas or Washington ? The thing that worries me about the team going on the market is that the possibility of them relocating becomes greater .

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