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Saintsfan4ever 11-14-2004 10:08 PM

KC beat us and we still won...
I think the fans won this game in the closing minutes by creating so much noise it confused KC and inspired the defense. If you look at the stats going into the 3rd quarter we should NOT have won this game. KC ran on us at will, passed on us at will, shut down our passing game except for a handfull of key plays and coverage mistakes.

Why does our DC allow a QB to stand in the pocket and pick off our coverage at will ? Every pass situation should have somebody blitzing when your rush-4 is NOT getting penetration and the coverage is giving up 15-20-25 yard gains play after play after play.

Where is our middle linebacker? Who ever plays middle linebacker for the Saints should be forced to wear cement moon boots and line up 4 yards behind the nosegaurd. I swear that would have have cut KC`s Blaylock yardage in half.

We didn`t win this game, KC lost it.

BlackandBlue 11-14-2004 10:57 PM

KC beat us and we still won...
Typical Saints\' post. Can\'t even enjoy the damn win... :casstet:

RockyMountainSaint 11-14-2004 11:53 PM

KC beat us and we still won...
If the team ever played up to their potential it might be different BnB.

When the Pats squeak out a win their fans can say. \"We weren\'t at our best but we gritted it out. We showed heart despite not playing to our usual level today.\"

When are the Saints going to play at that consistent level so we can enjoy a win like this?

This game was a fluke!

KC didn\'t show up to play. Neither did the Saints. KC was MORE inept than NO today. That is the game I saw today.

It is difficult to take pride in that.

BlackandBlue 11-15-2004 12:09 AM

KC beat us and we still won...
Spin it how you want, in the end, the Saints put 27 on the board, and the Chiefs only put up 20. Was it the best football I\'ve ever seen them play? Hell no, but a win is a win, and with this season, I\'ll take what I can get, shutup, and be damn happy about it. I swear, it seems like some people ***** because they enjoy hearing themselves *****. There\'s nothing wrong with pointing out the positives and the negatives, but when you make a statement like, \"We didn\'t win this game, KC lost it\". first off, I don\'t remember seeing your potato eating ass on the field running routes, and second, print out a copy of Horn\'s and McAllister\'s stats from today, take a **** on it, and mail it to them- because that\'s basically what your doing by making these absurd remarks.

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saintswhodi 11-15-2004 01:24 AM

KC beat us and we still won...

You seem awfully upset at people having an opinion about the game. I mean far be it from anyone to feel like giving up 500 yards win or not is a bit ridiculous. Had KC come to play, we would not have had a chance. They didn\'t and gave us the game(3 turnovers) and that was pointed out. Nothing wrong with that. So let\'s see what we accomplished by winning. Haslett gets to feel good about himself cause we got a W. Venturi gets to feel good cause we only gave up 20 points and got 3 turnovers(never mind that we gave up 500 some odd yards to a team w/o their best offensive weapon). We stand second in the NFC South. What is the hope? That we make the playoffs? I ask again, how would that be good? At all? Even if we beat Atlanta twice and they if noone else does they still beat us by a game for the division title. And to top it off, you know, I know, EVERYONE KNOWS, as soon as we get our hopes up again they will get blown out not by Denver or Atlanta, but by sad- sack Carolina or Tampa Bay, the losses you just can not understand. Sorry if it bothers you someone said that but I think they are right. No way can anything good be said about getting 500 some odd yards hung up on you. Think that would fly in New England? I guess our standards have been lowered.

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JOESAM2002 11-15-2004 02:59 AM

KC beat us and we still won...
Whoa there big guy! Take it easy or you\'ll end up like me. ;) Heart attacks ain\'t no fun. :o

CHACHING 11-15-2004 03:17 AM

KC beat us and we still won...
a win is a win is a win....period............and did anyone else notice that the \"D\" played with a little more HEART than usual.....we still suck but I\'ll take the \"W\"...

JKool 11-15-2004 03:57 AM

KC beat us and we still won...
Whodi, I like you, and I think you\'re a smart guy, but I\'m with BnB on this one.

I can\'t understand this: \"if KC had come to play, we would not have had a chance.\" Are you really suggesting that KC can afford to lose, so they showed up and played all half azzed? That is crazy. NFL players play to win, they don\'t just show up for sh*ts and giggles. Also, we played terrible D, but our offense was just fine. This is why people talk about winning the shoot out. We won the shoot out. Both defenses stunk, but our O was better today than KC\'s was against our mostly pathetic defense - that is how the game works, isn\'t it?

Now, Chaching, I don\'t agree with you either. There are good wins and bad wins. The good wins are the ones that you take pride in (as Whodi points out), and the bad wins are the ones where you say, \"whew, we pulled that one out\" or \"well we escaped that one\". This was a bad win. However, I, for one, will not get down about it whether it was good or bad.

Here is an analogy, there are \"garbage\" goals in hockey. Sure no one takes pride in them, but a goal is a goal when it comes to deciding who the winner is. Think of it this way - it actually takes more work than one thinks to get a \"garbage\" goal. Our boys did that today - they were good enough to win on a \"garbage\" goal, and that is not saying nothing.

And, I take it that is what you meant when you added an extra clause to your \"a win is a win....... period\" statement, right?

BlackandBlue 11-15-2004 07:42 AM

KC beat us and we still won...
So now, just winning the game isn\'t acceptable? You have to win it by your standards? Like I said, it wasn\'t pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but when I am starving for something, I\'ll take what I can get, and usually not ***** about it. And I\'m sorry, but we\'re not going to see many more wins this season.
It\'s ok to point out the positives and negatives in the game, but what set me off was the comment that we didn\'t win this game- yeah we the **** did- that\'s why we get another strike in the win column. There\'s no asterisks in football.
And file that whoa-is-me-card back into your small pile of tricks. I appreciate your condescending tone, also.

St.Shrume 11-15-2004 08:10 AM

KC beat us and we still won...
Man, I am not a sunshiner (any more ;) ) but I agree with B&B. Just enjoy the win, y\'all. Jeez.

Reality check (you can cash it in whenever you want) : The Saints are NOT the Patriots or Eagles and we are not their fans. Do not compare the 2 teams. We are NOT a pretty, sexy team. We\'re the Saints. Let me remind you. I am proud to be a Saints fan. But wake up y\'all. Ya\'ll are acting like the goofy girl with thick glasses and zits who complains because another ugly kid (that would be me) asked you out, rather than the prom king.

What gives us the right to be so picky with our wins? Really y\'all. What have y\'all seen in your life as a Saints fan that allows you that luxury?? (We should just admit it, we fell for what our media and team told us) When we become a team that regularly is in the playoffs, and actually wins there more than once in its history...then sure, we can get uppity. For now, take the win. Enjoy it while we still can (we have until Sunday). Save your angst for the losses, there will be plenty.

Sure our defense stunk. But why are y\'all surprised? I\'ve seen that all year. They are NOT going to improve dramatically this year. They may play with more heart and make less mistakes. But come on guys, deep down you know our defense sucks. Let\'s admit it, and expect shoot outs. That\'s our only hope of winning games. We are a lot more like the Colts than the Jaguars or Ravens. So let\'s not compare ourselves to real defenses.

I was proud of our boys yesterday even with the 500+ yards given up. They caused turnovers (Fakhir Brown ripped the ball out of Morton\'s hands) they did just enough for us to win. I expect them to give up 400+ yards, I just hope they can keep teams form the end zone.

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