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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I know this has been posted 100 times over the last 2 years but I forgot everyone's answer. I guess I'll become a Falcons fan. I already like the Braves and the Hawks (the Clippers of the South). My litlle ...

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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

I know this has been posted 100 times over the last 2 years but I forgot everyone's answer.

I guess I'll become a Falcons fan. I already like the Braves and the Hawks (the Clippers of the South). My litlle sister lives in Peachtree City, treats a lot of the players wives, and the Hospital has box seats for Braves and Suite seats for Falcons, so it makes sense. It's probably gonna take a couple years to get used to the feeling though.

My least favorite team will become the LA Saints. And they'll probably still show them around here. :(
Hey B&B, did Houston keep televising the Oilers when they moved to Tennessee?
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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

Well I hate the falcons with a passion so that out the question. I decided to be a Texans fan as soon as they announced the teams name. Basically as a backup incase the Saints ever moved. So I will be a Texans fan but my heart will always be with the Saints, that is untill they win a SuperBowl, i will probly be so pissed at them for not doing it in New Orleans.
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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

Agreed. Probably gonna go with the Texans. Carr is a fiery leader, and the team is scrappy already. Backup choices include the Bolts.
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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

I guess I\'ll become a Falcons fan.
This is the most disturbing post I\'ve ever seen on this site. Doom and gloom AND love for the FALCONS from Danno?!?! WTF??? I\'m sick to my stomach.

I\'ll be an LA or San Antonio Saints fan. I\'ll always be a Saints fan.
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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

Well, if the Saints were to move, I\'d still have a soft spot in my heart for the franchise. It would literally kill me, though, if they moved and won a Super Bowl. They wouldn\'t be my favorites, however. I was a Steelers fan when I was a kid. Was a big fan of Terry Bradshaw, John Stallworth, and Franco Harris. I still root for them in the AFC, and I\'m glad to see them having a spectacular season with Big Ben at QB. I would also root for the Texans since they are the closest team to me that I do not despise. No way in hell I\'ll ever cheer for the Cowgirls.

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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

San Diego Chargers... or any team the Mannings play for.
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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?


I think you might be counting your chickens before they hatch. Both parties are posturing for a final negotiations. The NFL and the Saints will talk down about New Orleans to scare the people and the State to get the NFL what they want.

I also read your earlier post about the economic sitaution in New Orleans. What you hear is true, the city lacks big business. But it has also been shown that the city has already hit rock bottom in the mid 90\'s and in it\'s current state the city would exists exactly as it has indefinitely.

So what I\'m saying is it can only go up, the city will probably not shrink anymore.

Contrast that with Detroit that went from 2 million people living in the city in the 80\'s to less than 1 million living there today... and the NFL moved back to the city, revitalized the riverfront etc and helped build a stadium.

I lived in Detroit from 1998 to 2000. At that time the owner of the team got on TV and said \"this is the smallest and poorest market in the NFL and we are not making money.\" He threatened to leave and move from Pontiac Michigan to LA or San Antonio or any city that needed a team.

He asked the city to determine if a new stadium could be built and wanted to know whether a stadium would be built or if he should leave....

...any of this sounding familiar?

Indianapolis is now being called \"the smallest market in the NFL.\" The owner is asking for a stadium or wants to know whether he should leave.

Los Angeles Raiders... Al Davis, \"This is the 2nd largest market in the NFL but I am not making a profit and want a new stadium. Tell me if I will get a new stadium or I will move.\" They told him to F-off and he moved.

Minnesota Vikings... and I was in the Metrodome in October and it is by far 100 years behind the times of the Superdome and not kept up like the Dome is and it by far the worst venue in the NFL. He says he\'s \"not making a profit and wants a new stadium or wants to know if he should move?\"

See a patern here.

Seattle Washington... Seahawks claim they \"are not making a profit and want a new stadium or they will move.\" The team and state make a deal and build a stadium.

Arizona... \"small market, not making profit, build a stadium or we will move...\" a stadium and convention center are being built.

I was just in New York, the Jets claim they \"need a long term solution to be profitable or they will move, possibly to Connecticut. They want the State to put up half of the money for a 1 billion dollar complex (in New York dolllars, here that would cost half of that). The state wants to renovate their current stadium.

So it\'s not just New Orleans. Detroit in my opinion, is as small as and poorer than New Orleans. Washington Redskins.... Washington DC.... the highest murder rate in America. It\'s very very small. The team feeds from Maryland and the surrounding area. Sound familiar?

Generally, the inner cities of America are generally blighted and filled with poor people. Chicago has a North side, but it also has a South side. New York has Manhatten, but it also has Brooklyn and the Bronx (which is now in much worse shape than Brooklyn ever was in).

It\'s all relative Danno. Facts are, the NFL is up-ing it\'s bottom line, pressuring communities to build better venues or they will seek other venues to play. It\'s all about money and making the NFL the biggest sport in America. If they sat on their hands they could or would lose and that\'s poor business sense.

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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

To be honest Danno, I can\'t remember, but I don\'t think they did.

I would be a Texans fan, IF I ever decided to watch the NFL again. It would take me many years, though.
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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

Halo, a very cogent argument. I\'ll have to think about that a bit.

BnB, I\'m with you, I may just shun the NFL for a long while, that\'s what I did when my NHL team left (even if they were having a season, I probably STILL couldn\'t bring myself to watch regularly).

Danno, maybe the Broncos. Some of my family lives there and my brother is a big fan. I\'m probably going to get a call from him after Sunday\'s game... but I hope I\'ll be the one making the obnoxious call. (Even if Who and Whodi think I shouldn\'t hope for that.)

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WHEN they leave, who will be your team?

I don\'t think NFL football is going to leave New Orleans.

The NFL has been loyal and dedicated to that city for so long as evidenced by the 9 Super Bowls that have been played in the Big Easy.

They even played three Super Bowls in that dump Tulane Stadium. The worst Super Bowl venue ever!
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