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curlylouis 12-06-2004 11:09 PM

My list of potential head coaches
1. Nick Saban(can be gotten at the right price)
2. Jimmy Johnson(3 super bowl rings)
3. Tyrone Willingham(Former HC of Notre Dame and a classy guy, so I've heard)
4.Gary Kubiak(Denver Broncos offensive coordinator, was up against Jim Haslett for HC job the last time)
5.Dave Wannstedt(former Miami Dolphins HC)
What do you guys think?

shadowdrinker_x 12-07-2004 12:22 AM

My list of potential head coaches
Don\'t forget Jimmy Johnson also won the National Championship while coaching for Miami , and played for the only Championship team to ever come out of Arkansas...He has Credentials out the wazoo..

Wanndstedt may be good for someone..i\'m just not sure if it is even the NFL that may be his best option...

Saban could be decent..or could go stragith to the gutter

I say ..we get a proven winner..

Jimmy Johnson is the cream of the crop right now...He\'s our man...

SaintFanInATLHELL 12-07-2004 05:33 AM

My list of potential head coaches

1. Nick Saban(can be gotten at the right price)
He has the right credentials. He\'s a Belichic guy.

2. Jimmy Johnson(3 super bowl rings)
He won\'t do it at any price anymore. And remember he said just a couple of weeks ago \"just sell the team and move it to Los Angeles.\"

3. Tyrone Willingham(Former HC of Notre Dame and a classy guy, so I\'ve heard)
Credentials? AFAICT he\'s a college coach. We need a proven respected NFL caliber coach for this job.

4.Gary Kubiak(Denver Broncos offensive coordinator, was up against Jim Haslett for HC job the last time)
I\'d disagree with this choice. We need a defensive minded coach. As much as I like watching the Colts run up the score, I\'d rather have a team with the mindset to keep the score down. Someone in the Dom Capers or Jack Del Rio mode.

5.Dave Wannstedt(former Miami Dolphins HC)
We were having a nice conversation and then you had to go screw it up! :D He\'s had two stints at HC. He hasn\'t gone anywhere. He\'s not in the conversation.

What do you guys think?
Romeo Crennel. Wait until February if necessary. Defensive genius. Innovative. 2 rings. Well respected around the league.

It\'s his time. We should go get him.


johnnythesaint 12-07-2004 08:07 AM

My list of potential head coaches
I am still firmly in the Jimmy J camp, but would throw Fassel in an another viable option.

Basically, just get us someone with a proven record in the NFL.

However I am not hopeful that anything significant is going to be undertaken by Benson. He seems more interested in playing smoke and mirrors with the governor, than owning a competitive team.

If he does nothing, do we still endorse this team?
Do I still spend my hard earned money and time on some team that doesn\'t give any love back?

These are disturbing questions that my current frustration seems to be prompting. I don\'t mind if the team is bad, hell they have toiled in the realm of mediocrity alot, but I have serious personal issues with loving something which has no discernible interest in trying to repay that love.

It\'s not just senior management either, it is also the players, I am getting fed up to the nth degree with this whole organization. Somehow, they have managed over the last 4 years to idle, and now they are absolutely in reverse, with all the threads coming away at the hem. If nothing is done I will be sick to my stomach.

BrooksMustGo 12-07-2004 08:38 AM

My list of potential head coaches
OK, here\'s the BMG spin machine on potential coaches.

1. Romeo Crennel--he would be my first choice. Heads and shoulders over the next available person. A proven defensive mind to fix the most glaring problem on this team since 2001.

2. Gary Kubiak--I don\'t think we can get him, but I really like that Denver always has a productive running game and I\'d like to see the run game become the signature for our new offense.

3. Brad Childress--He doesn\'t call the plays in Philly and they rely too much on the pass, but the NFC title games have to count for something.

4. Jim Fassel--Probably the most gifted QB coach in the league, a decent track record and would be a good rebuilder with a free agent or rookie QB. Probably the only recent head coach I would really want to consider. I bet he goes to Miami though.

5. Charlie Weiss--Great job of working with what he has. I\'d like to see what he could do with the existing offense, minus Brooks.

6. Mike Nolan--Defensive Coordinator Ravens. I don\'t know what the guy has for offense, but he should be able to fix the defense and gets to watch an offense lean on its running game every week.

7. Art Shell--Of all the retreads, this is the only guy I\'d seriously consider. All he ever did was win in Oakland and I\'m not sure why he wasn\'t coaxed out of retirement when the Vermeil\'s, Parcells, and Gibbs have all re-appeared.

Jimmy Johnson knows a lot about football and he was a great coach. IMO he got more interested in managing his portfolio and hanging out on his boat than winning superbowls. I think we\'d see more Miami and less Dallas from him. But in his prime, the guy had a keen eye for talent and HATED to lose. I would almost suggest him as a GM, but I wonder how much influence he would expect to have on coaching decisions.

Oh, and I wouldn\'t go get any college coaches. Anytime Saban\'s name comes up I just think about Michigan State. Willingham has only been a running backs coach on the pro level. Zook isn\'t ready to go back into the pros yet. He needs to recover from the beating he took from the Florida fans and alum. I can\'t really think of any other college coach I\'d want to roll the dice on.

I\'d like to see Savage from Baltimore as our GM for what it\'s worth.

[Edited on 7/12/2004 by BrooksMustGo]

TheJudge 12-07-2004 11:35 AM

My list of potential head coaches
no fassel... the guy is too nice.. not enough discipline... and we NEED that....

Saint78 12-07-2004 07:47 PM

My list of potential head coaches
Here\'s my rundown for what it is worth:
1.) Nick Saban: This is the year to go after him because LSU will not try to hard to keep him cause they know Butch Davis wants to come to LSU & they will have a great coach & won\'t have to worry every time that there is an opening.
2.)Mike Shanahan: A Bill Walsh guy & Walsh always told everybody and his asst. coaches that 10 years in one place is enough and this is year #10. With him you kill 2 birds with 1 stone he could be the GM and let Loomis handle all the numbers and handle the cap. Also a guy can dream huh?
3.A) Charlie Weiss: Speaks for itself and maybe he brings Rohan Davey with him.
3.B) Romeo Crennell : If anybody could plug in one or two players on this defense and be sucsessful it would be him.
4.)Ray Rhodes : I give this guy another shot before I give it to Wannstedt.
5.)Jeff Fisher: If he gets canned I would do anything to get this guy.
But I have 2 reasons that we never hire any of these guys & proabally end up gettin Dave Campo:
#1.) TOM

frankeefrank 12-07-2004 11:15 PM

My list of potential head coaches
1. Mike Zimmer w/ Sean Payton OC

2. Romeo w/ Butch Davis DC

Or, dare i say...
3. Haz w/ new DC

mutineer10 12-08-2004 04:42 AM

My list of potential head coaches

1) Romeo Crennel - A little old for my taste, but I\'d rather have a deserving old guy with some potential than a \"proven\" old guy who\'s only proven he\'s a failure (Fassel) or that he\'s simply not interested anymore (J. Johnson). Could another defensive mind do what our present one cannot? I\'d be willing to find out...

2) Gary Kubiak - I\'m copying off BMG\'s paper! No seriously, I jumped on this guy\'s bandwagon last time we had one of these lists. Gotta like what happens with the run in Denver, and if they can do it with (Captain) Mike Anderson, Reuben Droughns, etc. we should be able to with Deuce and Stecker. The guy\'s also a former QB, so maybe he could do something with AB if we end up stuck with him - and we probably will.

3) Nick Saban - I\'m still really torn regarding this guy. It helps that Whodi informed me he\'s a former member of the Church of Belichick. He seems to have an excellent eye for talent and has done a fine job at LSU. He\'s obviously well-liked in the community, which would help general interest and ultimately ticket sales. Does any of this mean he\'d be a great NFL coach? For some reason my gut keeps telling me no...

4) Charlie Weiss - You\'ve gotta like most anybody from the present Patriots regime, but I wonder if his style fits us. It certainly doesn\'t suit AB, or our WR\'s for that matter (except maybe Horn, who is unfortunately getting no younger). Plus, he might bring Rohan Davey, who doesn\'t fit the Pats style now and looked awful in the preseason. I think Weiss might do well somewhere else, but he\'s probably a gamble for us...

5) Jim Haslett - Open fire! I think I\'ve caught a rash of sympathy for Haz. I keep looking at Bill Cowher, wondering why we can\'t have one of those, and this little voice says \"let\'s just give him one more year.\" Cowher has the advantage of a supportive organization, and is without a doubt the better coach. Still, I keep wanting to see Haz turn it around. With a massive shake-up - new GM, new OC & DC - could he do it? He\'ll probably never get the chance, but as the saying goes, \"sometimes the devil you know...\"

:( I wonder if maybe we\'re all getting our hopes a little too high prematurely. It\'s very rare that a first-year coach comes in and does well immediately - especially one who\'ll be taking over a ship with so many holes to patch. The unfortunate truth is that whoever we get is probably gonna need some time, but we\'re already sick of losing (that\'s why we\'re having this discussion). When our new coach goes 5-11 (or worse) his first year, are we gonna be on here attacking him, too? I\'ve never said changes don\'t need to be made ... I just wonder if we\'re ultimately willing to pay the price.

Danno 12-08-2004 06:35 AM

My list of potential head coaches
Great thread, not much name name calling and great research and analysis. This sight is getting better and better.

I haven\'t done nearly as much research but I do have the answer...

Whoever the heck Scott Pioli or Phil Savage decide to hire.

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