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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Gator! You\'re alive... alive! Good to hear from you bud. (I knew someone would take the bait on this point...) Good luck with this one guys, I\'m going to weigh in after I\'ve heard whether or not there are new ...

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Gator! You\'re alive... alive!

Good to hear from you bud.

(I knew someone would take the bait on this point...)

Good luck with this one guys, I\'m going to weigh in after I\'ve heard whether or not there are new arguments here.

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I think AB\'s attitude has a lot to do with his apparent desire not to get dirt on his uniform. I only recall him getting hurt once, and seems like he will do anything possible not to have it happen again, kinda like Stallworth. He never seems to lay it all on the line. You see some guys leave the field, even if they aren\'t that good, but they are spent. Rarely has it appeared to me that AB has left everything on the field after a game. Instead of taking a hit trying to make a play, he wings some of the most off the wall crap it\'s unfathomable. To be a qb in the NFL, you gotta get hit sometime. It\'s gonna happen. it\'s those that can make the play anyway thatget the respect of their teammates. Example: AJ Feeley in Miami. His stats are crap, he has thrown about as many TDs to the opposite team as his own, but the guys there say they love him cause he played with a bruise that swoll his hip up two times its original size and they saw it in the locker room. He didn\'t quit. With no running game he kept taking the hits. All the guys on that team to a man respect him, and he is worse than AB. He stood in there with his team, and that\'s what guys respect.
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Gator, I posted this on another thread but I think there\'s a lot of posters who have stopped reading that 8-pager and I think its relevant to you topic on leadership so I\'m re-posting it here, sorry if you\'ve already read it....

1st possession
1st down-Perfect pass to Joe Horn, DROP
2nd down-Deuce up the middle for 3
3rd down-Perfect pass to Deuce, DROP

2nd possession
1st down-Deuce to right for 2
2nd down-Pass to Deuce, DROP
3rd down-Brooks scrambles for 7.

3rd Possession
1st down-Deuce left for 3
2nd down-Deuce fumbles, another TD Carolina

Yup, I think Aaron may be part of the problem, and I\'m not being sarcastic. I remember seeing Dan Marino screaming and yelling, spit flying from his mouth, face fuming red and freaking smoke coming out of his ears when his teammates screwed up. Even walking toward the sidelines he\'s chewing Clayton/Duper/Nathan/Carter a new one. As his pathetic defense is out there stopping no one he\'s still on the sidelines jawing. They immediately re-grouped and stopped F\'ing up. It didn\'t matter if it was hall of famer Dwight Stevenson, he\'d get in their face, and they respected him, and they responded.

None of the 1st 3 possessions point directly at Brooks being the problem. But his lack of holding HIS offense accountable for such horrid play speaks to his leadership deficiencies.

That wouldn\'t be as big an issue if we had a coach or coordinator that took the role of on-field disciplinarian. But that ownership isn\'t coming from anywhere, and thats a problem. Put Brooks on a team with a solid disciplinarian (like Tuna) and I personally think his production would improve dramatically.
Just my two cents.

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When you look at his performance over the last few years...he really did start to improve as a pocket passer...and that\'s what the staff wanted...He could make plays with his feet..however..He never was as fast as he may have thought himself to be...And..He\'s not the effective pocket passer the coaches tried to mold him into...

It\'s sort of the same thing going on with Vick..But..Mora accepted the fact that Vick plays his best football when he is allowed to play it his way..by scrambling..and making the defense respect his running ability...

It\'s was , at first, a question of how to better utilize Brooks skills to win games...The coaching staff made the wrng decision in the long run...

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..I think that the coaching staff made Brooks a hugmongous diservice with that little video montage they put on last year for the media to prove \"it wasn\'t Brooks\' fault\" they lost some games... I am pretty sure a lot of players resented that... so I can see how this player doesn\'t throw that extra block, or that receiver doesn\'t lay it out to grab that ball in traffic for Brooks...

..it is a bad situation all around...
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