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I am in shock.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; \'Nuff talkin\'. Just win....

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I am in shock.

\'Nuff talkin\'. Just win.
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I am in shock.

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I am in shock.

Did I just see an AB-Tom Brady comparison? :ALD:
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I am in shock.

WhoDat --

I hope we get to the playoffs and make a run once we get there. If that happens, Haslett should stay. If we only make the playoffs, a case could be made that he stays. You might not like it or agree with it, but just the same, I believe that.

Let me ask you this: What\'s another coach going to do that Haslett hasn\'t?

What would Jon Gruden do? Or Shannanhan, Holmgren, or a number of other coaches? Hell, those coaches can\'t get it done with the players they\'ve handpicked.

Maybe we get a new coach and they do worse. Happens all the time.

You don\'t get rid of someone until you have someone better. Who do you want for our new head coach?

On a side note, I\'d like to say hello to some of the old guys on here: B&B, WhoDat, Danno, Lummox, gator, saintfan, 08, BMG, JoeSam, Halo...... and the rest... Merry Christmas
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I am in shock.

To answer the question from earlier in the thread. It is a legitimate question, and as a representative of the sunshiners camp, I will offer an opinion on why it might be different this year.
Something unique happened this year vis-a-vis the HC. Unlike in losing seasons past, where he relentlessly explained away the teams shortcomings, but went to bed with a good deal of job security.
There was a distinctly different tone to this years proceedings. The murmurs quickly turned to roars, the national press had him mentioned in the same breath as Wannstedt and Davis, he was all but thrown under a bus by his GM, the owner publicly belittled the team.
Believe me Haslett stared right into the abyss, he made right with himself, prepared the family for an offseason move, and in accepting the worst possible fate he found a reason to smile again, this release seems to have percolated into the team.

I am not saying that the Saints are gonna go all the way, their confidence is incredibly fragile. However I do believe that they are playing more in character, more in sync with the mindset that brought them success. They seem to enjoy coming out of nowhere, at least Hasletts Saints do, and this is their first real oppurtunity to come out of nowhere.

For the longest time the coaches and players have felt a weight of expectation that just didn\'t jive with how they were built. It is a shame that our guys can\'t have the workmanlike focus to overcome expectation, play like a patriots team etc.

However when they are loose and plucky, in the role of underdog, they seem to have a remarkable knack of pulling off late game heroics.

If the Saints can continue to get no love from the national press, as long as their expectations remain grounded there remains the distinct possibility that they can beat anybody on the day.
Jim Haslett has to recognize the character of this team, they need to respond to his lead, and stay relaxed thru these final 2 games, after all they have nothing to lose that they hadn\'t already \"lost\" two weeks ago.
Let the Deuce loose
Let Aaron be Aaron, and keep it close till the fourth quarter, and who knows how long we\'ll be watching the guys in Black&Gold

Geaux Saints !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flying in from Canada to see the Dolphins game

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I am in shock.

Johnny, excellent post. I wish I\'d written that.

Haslett hasn\'t felt this kinda pressure here.

Major changes will happen, not just a position coach or two.

Saints enjoy the underdog role. That may explain why they seem to play better on the road than at home.

I\'ll temper my enthusiasm until they are officially in, but something looks different about this team now. They look like the classic sleeper. Of course one bad play and they may crawl right back into that pathetic shell.
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I am in shock.

You do NOT give Haslett credit for \"getting us into the playoffs\"..

You give Haslett credit for the 8-8, 7-9, or 6-10 record the team is going to end up with...
... it just happens that this year a team finishing 7-9 has a shot at winning a division... any other year, the Saints would\'ve been out of it 4 weeks ago...

..in his 5th year has HC, Haslett should be able to field a better team than this, ESPECIALLY GIVEN HOW BAD THE OTHER TEAMS ARE!!!

... I don\'t care about the Holmgrens (who I would\'ve fired 2 years ago), I don\'t care about the Shanahans ( who hey, 2 Sb rings do give you some leash length)... I care about the Saints...

...with all of the teams with new systems because the coach has only been there a year or 2 ( Cowboys, Falcons, Redskins, Giants, Bears, Lions, Cardinals) with all of the injuries other teams (Panthers, Bucs) , with teams that just plain stink (whiners), with teams with some very shaky coaching and think their 1-2 \"superstarts\" are going to win games just by showing up ( Rams, Seahawks, Vikings, Packers) THIS SAINTS TEAM SHOULD BE MUCH BETTER THAN 8-8!!!!

'Cause the simple man pays the thrills, the bills and the pills that kill
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I am in shock.

Wow Tobias. You just summed up ALL my feelings towards Gumbo\'s post. I am speechless. You did forget to mention all those coaches Gumbo listed have superbowl rings, but that can slide. Nice post.
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I am in shock.

Listen the only streaks under Haslett was a 6 game winning streak in 2000 Jeff Blake was at the helm at quarteback. In 2002 there was 2, 3 game winning streaks. They won 3 games lost 1 won, won 3 again lost 1. Now since Brooks took the hel _m at qb he has 2 3 game winning streaks under his belt. Lately the Saints have only been able to muster a 2 game winning streak followed bye a loss. We will see though very soon. LMAO
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I am in shock.

I wonder how many winning streaks (and how long they might be) he might have if he had a defense that could hold a team under 300 yards and 20 points.

hmmmmmmm ???
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