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I am in shock.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Mr Tobias, my \"budging\" is that if we don\'t win out these last two games, on the back of pretty strong D and consistent O then Haslett does not have my vote for next year. The real measuring stick is ...

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I am in shock.

Mr Tobias, my \"budging\" is that if we don\'t win out these last two games, on the back of pretty strong D and consistent O then Haslett does not have my vote for next year. The real measuring stick is the next two games, it\'s just that the last two is what made it a decision for me.
I had been in the camp calling for his head. I had spent time imagining his potential replacements. Believe me this guy does not get blind loyalty from me. However, and I want to stress this.........
I think I have seen a glimmer of the 2000 saints in their last two performances. I can be proved wrong in the next few days, but I just get this sense that a penny has dropped somewhere.
I spend an immense amount of time surfing the site, rarely do I post just for giggles. I got on this horse cause it seemed right.
I know Danno agrees, but is there anyone else that thinks the Saints are resembling the first year Haslett Saints, or am I just delusional ?

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I am in shock.

WhoDat --

I hope we get to the playoffs and make a run once we get there. If that happens, Haslett should stay. If we only make the playoffs, a case could be made that he stays. You might not like it or agree with it, but just the same, I believe that.
I think we all know now that Haslett staying is about money, not about wins and losses.

Some days I think that Fieldkow (sp) is the real power on this team. He\'s the guy that seems to control the money.

Let me ask you this: What\'s another coach going to do that Haslett hasn\'t?
Bring a disciplined, mistake free, hard playing, consistent team onto the field every week.

Actually develop players to be better football players instead of relying on natural ability.

Bring in a scheme that maximizes the talent of the players on the team.

Bring better player personnel/drafting skills to the table.

Need I go on?
What would Jon Gruden do? Or Shannanhan, Holmgren, or a number of other coaches? Hell, those coaches can\'t get it done with the players they\'ve handpicked.
But other guys should get a chance. Three off the top of my head.

1. Romeo Crennel. Top 5 defense the last 4 years. 2 SB and a good chance for a third. Enough said.

2. Art Shell. All the guy did with the Raiders was win. I\'m glad that he got a shot to interview with Miami.

3. Nick Saban. Has NFL experience in the Belichick school. Has College national championship credentials. Is a tough minded disciplined coach. Has an eye for talent and knows how to develop it.
Maybe we get a new coach and they do worse. Happens all the time.
Of course it does. But you don\'t hire a coach for the short term. A coach should get 3 years to show that their team can consistently compete.

On the other hand I think 5 years of marginal ball on a mistake filled, undisciplined team is more than enough time to render judgement on the existing regime. That\'s what happened in Cleveland and Miami this year.

Haslett got a long leash because of the 10-6 season, division championship, and playoff win. But that was 4 years ago. Since then it\'s been 7-9, 9-7, 8-8, no playoffs. This year still has a good chance of 7-9 or 8-8, with either no playoffs or a 6th seed with no real possibility of getting deep into the playoffs.

IMHO nothing short of getting into the playoffs and winning 2 games on the road in the playoffs should get Haslett off the hook. Only that would show the kind of leadership and saavy that is deserving of the coach to stay.

You don\'t get rid of someone until you have someone better. Who do you want for our new head coach?
You have my top three right there. Shell could have been available this year and had the opportunity to get the kinks out and be ready to kick butt next year. We\'d have to wait for Crennel. But the guy\'s line speaks for itself. He\'d be worth waiting for. And Benson/Fieldkow(sp) are fools for not giving Saban a shot here. The guy is already the Emporor of Louisiana with enough credibility to give him two full years to turn it around. But it looks like he\'s going to Miami, papi.

On a side note, I\'d like to say hello to some of the old guys on here: B&B, WhoDat, Danno, Lummox, gator, saintfan, 08, BMG, JoeSam, Halo...... and the rest... Merry Christmas
I echo the same sentiments and a Happy and Prosperous New Year too.


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I am in shock.

Tobias, SFIAH, great posts. Truly to the heart of what I have been saying. Hopefully, johnny, since I echo their sentiments, I don\'t have to make another post myself. I just really don\'t think any more effort can be put into explaining how a crappy 8-8 team with the same mediocrity as the past 4 years suddenly playing in the worst NFC I have seen in my life(29 years) that has a chance at the playoffs is any better. Any normal year the NFL has been in existence we would have NO SHOT at the playoffs. I am not willing to accept that as improvement. Anybody who is happy with a coach after 4 years of not making the playoffs seems to have already accepted that mediocrity is enough for them, although I could be wrong. That\'s just how it looks to me. Now if the Saints get into the playoffs and do damage, I am sure we will all be singing a different tune. But my point remains, WE STILL HAVE TO GET IN and noone has yet to show me an example of this team winning an important game besides the playoff year under Haslett. Hasn\'t happened. We usually lay eggs when we need a win and beat teams when it doesn\'t matter. That is not a formula for success.
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