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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I answered your \"has Deuce\" query in the other thread, unless you have found a way Deuce can hand off and throw the ball to himself. Then he should go head to head against Jake. I\'ve got news for everybody ...

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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

I answered your \"has Deuce\" query in the other thread, unless you have found a way Deuce can hand off and throw the ball to himself. Then he should go head to head against Jake.
I\'ve got news for everybody on this board. It is going to take an ALL OUT TEAM EFFORT vs. Carolina, in their house. No more AB threads, Deuce agenda, Horn crap, it\'s gonna be balls up and play. Who can execute better, who has the heart, who\'s gonna light a fire under this teams a$$. So enough w/ the this player, that player...
Absolutely, our 53 better be prepared to play some ball.
All 53, or whatever the actually activate at kick-off.
Carolina is the hottest team in the NFC right now, every stinking player, coach, ballboy, and saintsation better bring their A-game or its gonna be another painfully bitter woulda-coulda-shoulda.

United We Stand,
Divided We Fall
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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

Saintswhodi, unless Brooks and Delhomme have been sneaking into the game at linebacker or safety or something, there hasn\'t been a case yet of the two going \"head-to-head\". Brooks has gotten to face the Carolina defense, while Delhomme got to play against the Saints defense. I think we will all agree on which unit we\'d rather look across the line and see if we were under center.
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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

Outstanding assessment!-also,I don\'t get to see many SAINTS games,but having been outscored A BUNCH to NOT MUCH in the first quarter... have they ever tried starting the first series in the 2 minute offense? If you can get the playmakers involved early, that\" could\" jumpstart them into something that might produce desirable results... if it doesn\'t- well nothing else has either, so WHY NOT TRY IT!!!
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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

Hey Puddinhead, why don\'t you also write a letter to ESPN who has Ben Roethlisberger 1-0 over Eli Manning? I am sure they would also like to know that you should not keep head to head statistics for quarterbacks and will change their whole way of looking at games. And actually, I would prefer our defense to Carolina\'s or anyone else\'s in the league, cause they are ours, bottom of the league or top of the league. You take the Panthers D if you like.
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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

They tried it a few games ago, but a few illegal procedure penalties turned that into a three-and-out, too. LOL
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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

I used to bet on them a lot(finally gave up after I paid up) and they only started winning AFTER I stopped betting! Not that it was me who turned them around but it seems like when everyone gives up on them and starts raggin\' on them- they want to prove everyone wrong. I\'ve never played in the NFL but when i did, if you made a mistake the coaches got on you... if you made the SAME mistake again \"you got a reminder\" to help you focus. If you made the SAME mistake again... you hit the bench! From what I have seen of our team this year,they are their own worst enemies,meaning they really play dumb ball.You can count on them to screw up plays almost as much or better than you can the other team stopping them. Eliminating the penalties and becoming more focused on EVERY PLAY is all they need to do. You play like you practice,simple--- goes back to coaching. This week, they\'d better play every down like it\'s their last or the best December they\'ve played in years will come to a sour close!

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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

Here\'s the deal. The Saints have more talent than the Panthers and have played well on the road this year. Does the entire roster have the ba**s of Joe Horn? I just don\'t know. I know that Duece does. I know that McKenzie does. I don\'t know if Brooks does. I don\'t know if Victor Riley does. I don\'t know if any of our linebackers do. To win this game we must control the clock with Duece, have no turnovers, have another excellent special teams day, and control Julius Peppers with double teams or even triple teams.
Also McKenzie must shut down Mohammed. If he wants the big money contract renegotiation he needs to earn it this week.
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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

Having had the benefit of seeing the Saints and the Panthers win, it is now time to put in some serious season ending (potentially) debate on how this weekend will play out.

Can we stop Jake?
Wrong question. Can we stop Muhammad? I think the defense needs to plan to bracket the guy all day and make Delhomme throw to someone else. Personally I\'d have McKenzie and a safety be Muhammad\'s personal escorts for the entire game.
Can Aaron get out of his own way?
Carolina\'s pass rush is serious. Brooks simply isn\'t going to have a lot of time to look to throw the ball down the field. It\'s going to take patience. And unfortunately with our offense patience often leads to mistakes. And not just Brooks. False starts. Dropped passes. Missed blocks. Holding. The whole nine.

Our offense plays better as a big play offense because it minimizes the possibility of mistakes. It\'s when we start that conservative, pound the ball mentality that we get in trouble.

And that\'s what\'s Carolina\'s defense is going to give you: the 3-4 yard run and the 3-5 yard dink/dunk pass.

Can Jim select a play without 64000 people (including 53 Saint players) disagreeing with the call?
McCarthy calls the offensive plays. Unfortunately he\'s a better play caller when the team is behind, because he is forced to open it up. He should script the first 15 plays of the game as if the team were down by 11 with 4 minutes to go. I\'d bet that the offense would put up between 10 and 14 points on that script.
Will the franchise pin all its hopes on a Panther special teams breakdowns?
Special teams will play a part. The Saints have put up 21 points in the last two games due to two TD returns by Stecker and Lewis and a great punt return by Lewis in the RB game. Again our offense doesn\'t do well dinking and dunking on a long field. So we need at least one superior return during the course of the game.
Great Holy Missed Tackles Saints Fans!! Where will this next episode take us?
The Saints defense has their work cut out for them: limit the run and make someone other than Muhammad beat you.

I think (think mind you) that the Saints secret weapon has finally, finally arrived on the scene: Stallworth. His ability to run after the catch may turn out to be the difference in the game.

McCarthy is going to have to plan this game around slowing the rush, getting Deuce, Horn, and Stallworth out in space, and giving Brooks a run/pass option by moving the pocket.

If he brings his typical pound Deuce with the ball and drop Brooks into the pocket... we\'re dead. Plain and simple.

Look for screens, delays, draws, slants, and dumps. Pray that Riley and Gandy can minimize the false starts and holding penalties. When they come to work this week McCarthy and the O-line coach should be whispering two words to each of them: two seconds. We need you to keep Peppers, Buckner, Moorehead, and the rest of the defensive line off Brooks for two seconds.

The Panther\'s D-Line already is what out D-line is aspiring to be: dominating. So we\'ll have to game plan to keep everything short until the big play opens up.

Remember that on Donte\'s TD last Sunday that the route was just a couple of yards past the LOS. The run after catch was the big play.


Super Bowl Championships: New Orleans Saints:1, Carolina:0, Atlanta Chokers: STILL ZERO

Only Atlanta choked in an unchokable situation... Life is definitely good.
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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

Guys, everyone\'s tired of the Brooks vs. Delhomme debate. Members need to be extra careful where they tread here, if I find that it\'s starting up just to be an annoyance I will have to start pressing buttons again.

This has been going on for 2 years on here and I personally, along with many many many others who emailed me this morning, am sick of it.
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Aaron v. Delhomme v4.0

I\'m pretty sick of it, too...and yet it seems to be a topic that just sort of sucks you in like a black hole.
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