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APB WhoDat!!! WhereUat?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Hopefully vacationing with beer, babes and quality friends. BTW: The coolest Avatar ever Charlie Brown!...

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APB WhoDat!!! WhereUat?

Hopefully vacationing with beer, babes and quality friends.

BTW: The coolest Avatar ever Charlie Brown!
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APB WhoDat!!! WhereUat?

\"Saints fan caught tampering with Panthers Water Supply\"
by Bigkats Suknuts
Carolina Observer

Carolina- An apparent New Orleans Saints fan was caught spiking the Carolina Panthers main water supply downtown today, with an unknown liquid substance. He is facing criminal charges including resisting arrest, poisioning of a federal acquifer, trespassing, and misrepresentation during booking. Cpl. Fox Blows of the Carolina Police was quoted as saying the man would not give Police his real name, only to be called \"WhoDat\". The substance that was deposited is still under investigation, but appears to be remnants of a known Louisiana bevarage, WhoTang.
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APB WhoDat!!! WhereUat?

Back now, but that\'s exactly where I was. Glad to see I was missed. I see Billy has gotten rowdy in the past week.

I was in the Dome on Sunday and man, seeing it from a Suite for the first time in a year, I know now what a bigger problem than I suspected is.

Here we go again, but I have to say it: Aaron Brooks. Even I was shocked at how bad his play actually was for much of the game, and then how good it was at other times. Seriously, this guy defines streaky. With the exception of a 2 yard swing pass, he didn\'t throw a ball within two YARDS of a receiver in the first half. For all the flak the WRs get for dropping passes, there were some great catches. Brooks benefitted greatly from the sure hands of many of his WRs.

If the way he came out throwing the ball against ATL is the way he always starts, then I know why the Saints can\'t score in the first quarter. He also definitely creates pressure for himself. No doubt. The line isn\'t good, but there are times when he makes it look worse. There were also a number of times when I, and a high school coach friend of mine, called blitzes and check downs or potential audibles that he didn\'t see. I was shocked at the obviousness and how he could miss them.

Of course, other times, he audibled to plays that worked well, and by the end of the half he had begun to hit his stride a little more. Throughout the rest of the game he was so up and down. He\'d make a quick decision and a good throw or wisely tuck and run and then follow that up with a play where he held the ball way too long, couldn\'t identify an obvious blitz or overload, or would miss a WR badly.

Seeing the whole field from above made a big difference that doesn\'t come through on TV. I\'ll tell you what - if you think AB is really a good QB, go see a game live from up high. I really think he\'s more of a problem now then I did before I went to the ATL game. He still isn\'t anywhere close to being THE problem, but he\'s a larger one than even I thought.

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APB WhoDat!!! WhereUat?

I\'ll tell you what - if you think AB is really a good QB, go see a game live from up high.
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APB WhoDat!!! WhereUat?

Wait, I have been trying to tell people this recently and I have been said to hate Brooks and everything else. You really have no idea how much of the lines problems are Brooks until you see the whole game live from up high. Not all are Brooks, but he contributes. I put all this same stuff in my observations from Texas Stadium thread WhoDat. Glad to see I am not losing it and can still judge sports and players play in general.

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APB WhoDat!!! WhereUat?

Don\'t worry about it Whoodi. There are a few here that are still upset that they were wrong about a lot of things in the past. They will label you the second they think you have made a single comment oppossing their glory boys. Don\'t worry about it - you\'re alright.
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