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Like it or not ...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Carolina had a horrible year but played very good down the stretch when it counted. Due to all the rest of the division having a crappy year, they won the division. I am not taking anything away from them, but ...

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Re: Like it or not ...

Carolina had a horrible year but played very good down the stretch when it counted. Due to all the rest of the division having a crappy year, they won the division. I am not taking anything away from them, but I am not ready to declare them as the team to beat in the division just yet. As for Cam, he is steadily getting beat up on a regular basis, I don't see him as a long term solution unless he learns the finer points of the passing game and stops trying to act like a fullback.
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Re: Like it or not ...

Let the Panthers win next week and I will giver them abit more credit than being nothing more than the tallest midget in the NFC South. Having said that they are the best team in the NFC South. They are hungrier than we are. They have better coaching than we have. They come out and play 60mts of football. We don't.

As for their team.

They have but a few solid - all pro - talents but surrounded them by a bunch of no name, hungry guys and coached them up. Left for dead a few months back they took advantage of what was in front of them - a weak division. They purged some slackers and brought in more no names but guys that were coachable and hungry. Something the all mighty Saints and Falcons couldn't do. For that they get a ton of cred but they are still a mediocre team until they prove otherwise.

Their Schemes.

On Defense they got it together on the DLine after misfiring abit early on. The loss of Domestic Violence convict Hardy hurt them early on it seemed. Their LB's are led by all Pro Kuechly - who get every call his way but is still around the ball every play. Their secondary is helped by the pass rush. Something else they do is play thru the whistle and take every opportunity to make a hit - particular on a QB even when it may be border line late. Something else we don't do but that I think is fine.

On Offense. They are using the QB's main talent they can count on which is size and legs to run. Passing is not his strength - at least not consistently. So they run him. If he last thru another year I will be surprised but again they are using his strength to win games now. My hope is he signs a blockbuster contract before getting hurt...and then the hits catch up with him. I think he has one more cheap year left before they have to lock him up which they probably take advantage of. They got Tolbert back (best FB in the league by a country mile), Stewart is running well, their TE is very good and the big FSU kid Benjamin is doing pretty well (he was my top hope for our draft btw).

ST's. They have a great punter and evidently better gunners than we have as they have success in playing a field position game that we can't seem to do. They have a great FG kicker who is for the most part young and money (missed one yesterday).

They want be able to draft high again this year which is nice as they draft way better than us. We draft projects that may never see the active game day roster. They draft football players that play on Sunday their first year.

I look for their fairy tale season to end next week...but they ARE the best team in our Division at this point. No denying that.
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Re: Like it or not ...

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Re: Like it or not ...

Dallas wins it all and for the next year all we hear is Tony Romo this and Tony Romo that. How he is the greatest QB alive and Jerry Jones is a genius for taking 20 years and 10 head coaches to build this team!! There will be a silver lining though. Jones ego will be so much BIGGER he does what he wanted to do on draft day. He trades for Johnny Football!!! It'll be fun!!
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Re: Like it or not ...

Originally Posted by jlouhill View Post
I give credit where credit is due...
Originally Posted by MatthewT View Post
Carolina had a horrible year but played very good down the stretch when it counted....

Tomorrow? Who knows? I ain't gonna mouth it about a future that no one knows.
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Re: Like it or not ...

Originally Posted by Saintaintso View Post
The scariest thought is we know Cam is playing nowhere near his peak. Like not even remotely close.
Right, Cam needs "weapons"
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Re: Like it or not ...

Also they don't have Steve Smith Sr. anymore, it makes them a little less hateable!
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Re: Like it or not ...

Originally Posted by teddybarexxx View Post
and on another note for all of you who think they may not beat seattle or green bay (depending on the outcome of the dallas game), stop watching football. how can you say :ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY ANYONE CAN BEAT ANYONE" and not believe it?!
Sounds like you need to mosey on over and jump on their bandwagon...

It's a lot different beating us at home in a warm dome than going to Green Bay in the freezing cold or Seattle where the Seahawks haven't lost in years...
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Re: Like it or not ...

Originally Posted by teddybarexxx View Post
ok for all of you that is so critical about the panthers, let me remind you, they're in the playoffs and we're at home. i see posts on here down talking cam talking about he's an oversize mike vick, but yet instill they're in the playoffs. the panthers dont have weapons, but yet in still they're in the playoffs. where are we.... that's right at the mutha@##$$ house! we have a top rated qb and where are we at the mutha@##$% house! we have this guru of a coach and where are we?, you guessed it, at the mutha@#$% house! i dont wanna here nothing about defense because our offense didnt do much of nothing either. we couldnt put up points against the falcons. we didnt score a td till the 4th qtr! the only td we got in that game was due to a 99 yrd kick off return that set up a 1yrd td. after that nothing. however our defense stayed on the field trying to hold atl at bay. so again for all of yall that's talking **** about the panther STOP cause we're at the mutha@##$% house!
Once again teddy you spew your opinion like it's the only one that matters and without actually reading others posts. We are not being critical of cam and his team because they're in and we're not it's just opinions based on observations. I gave credit to the panthers for
being the better team by winning the division. So don't tell me to stop posting my opinions. If you disagree that's fine. I don't mind. Heck, you may offer some insight that may change my
mind. Disagree all you want, but don't tell me to "stop."
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What goes around comes around!
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Re: Like it or not ...

I don't like it.........so there!
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