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Junior Galette Arrested

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by saintfan You're not even kidding. It's why I feel differently about Ray Rice too. She spits on him. Comes at him swinging. Now I'm not saying he should be allowed to drop that left hook on her ...

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Threaded by rezburna
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Originally Posted by saintfan View Post
You're not even kidding. It's why I feel differently about Ray Rice too. She spits on him. Comes at him swinging. Now I'm not saying he should be allowed to drop that left hook on her like he did, but people have every right to defend themselves, or at least they should, but that simply isn't the case, and when a poor helpless little lady calls and starts acting like she's in fear for her life the cops could care less. It's sad.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Originally Posted by dam1953 View Post
I wonder if she had a performance clause as well?
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Heres your sign as they say in red neck.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Originally Posted by VegasSaint9 View Post
This is a good thing in my opinion if we can release him without owing money. Never wanted him as a captain of our defense much less the team, never wanted him to get the extension. He can't play against the run, takes plays off, calls out fans, mouths off former SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS and teammates, and now this if its true, which something tells me it just might be as bad as we think it is.

We need a true OLB anyways. Not a 1 down 1 trick pony. Only helps by getting rid of maturity issues on this team. I guess our first round pick is definitely going to be a linebacker now for sure.
I'm pretty sure we will still be liable for him as far as the cap goes weather he's suspended orutright released. At least that's what they are saying on WWL.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Originally Posted by st thomas View Post
Heres your sign as they say in red neck.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Damn about the JG. Bad reflection on the Saints.
What a mess Saints do not need and adjusting salary cap, game suspension, etc.

I agree about DV. I do not support it. I do not say it is right.
I am nit saying that.

I am saying in these cases, it is very easy for Her to say this and the law will arrest Him on Her word and Her word alone.
Those who are in DV situations never gets the police to arrests it seems.
Those who cry wolf, do.
We will have to wait until the facts are in.
I hope it was not this.

What a mess!!
I liked JGallette.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Even with a "conduct detrimental to team" clause? I wonder if what he did will void anything in his contract. Galette even mentioned to the police about his contract. Hmm we'll see i guess.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested


Uhhh, on second thought...
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Im just as confused as I was at the beginning of the thread.
I hope they figure out what really happened & do the right thing.

That said, Junior's about 1 of 43 current Saints Players I wont
miss, if they're gone next year.

I'm having too much sex these days to care about anything about cap space, guaranteed whatever, etc.

I do know the last thing any of these guys should do is something to make themselves a liability.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Well, can't help but think that this is a young man who has found himself with more money than he's ever had who got himself into an unfortunate situation with a young lady who may or may not be manipulating this situation for her own monetary gain.

The facts should sort this out eventually, but Junior shouldn't have allowed this situation to escalate to the point of having the police haul him away in a cop car. He is young. We all were at some point. I've been hauled away in a cop car myself for being young and dumb, too, and not just once either.

Really hope this young man grows up from this & learns to make better decisions and learns how to avoid getting himself into situations such as these. And I hope it sparks something within him that grows that leadership potential that his teammates & coaches seem to see...sometimes it takes incidents such as these to b--ch slap a person into a moment of clarity & surreal focus.

If this young lady is completely innocent, I hope her mental & physical injuries heal with time. If this young lady is 50/50 in blame/innocence, I hope she learns from these mistakes as well. If this young lady is manipulating this young man for her own personal gain, well...

Edit: Oh, I did forget the most important part (how did I manage that?)...putting your hands on a woman? I was raised that regardless of circumstances, a man never does this...self-defense or otherwise. It's a hot topic right now, but it was how I was raised. Just my opinion, but if Junior is responsible for that woman's injuries, cut his @$$. No apologies for how I feel on this subject.
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