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Junior Galette Arrested

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Get rid of him, we'll just have to draft a replacement....

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Threaded by WillSaints81
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Get rid of him, we'll just have to draft a replacement.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

ugh what a douche he is a problem... we need to get rid of him....
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Originally Posted by AllSaints View Post
ugh what a douche he is a problem... we need to get rid of him....
He was a douche long before this happened. What he said about Jon Vilma and Will Smith made him a douche, and the fact he won't stay off twitter. This, if true, just means he's stupid and he deserves whatever he gets.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Originally Posted by dizzle88 View Post
She was angry he didn't get those final 2.5 sacks for the season.
Hell... some of us will go stab him.

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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

I sincerely hope we release him

Not just because of this but because of the fact that he was a complete jerk all the way through the season, you do not call out guys like will smith or Jon Vilma when they have accomplished more than galette ever has for our franchise.

He is a distraction, he is a nuisance, he is all mouth and his immaturity is showing

Joe Morgan got cut for immaturity issues, time for galette to face the music.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Another lesson is that strippers be crazy and if you let one in your house, you should be prepared for all that means.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Originally Posted by Barry from MS View Post
Well, can't help but think that this is a young man who has found himself with more money than he's ever had who got himself into an unfortunate situation with a young lady who may or may not be manipulating this situation for her own monetary gain.

The facts should sort this out eventually, but Junior shouldn't have allowed this situation to escalate to the point of having the police haul him away in a cop car. He is young. We all were at some point. I've been hauled away in a cop car myself for being young and dumb, too, and not just once either.

Really hope this young man grows up from this & learns to make better decisions and learns how to avoid getting himself into situations such as these. And I hope it sparks something within him that grows that leadership potential that his teammates & coaches seem to see...sometimes it takes incidents such as these to b--ch slap a person into a moment of clarity & surreal focus.

If this young lady is completely innocent, I hope her mental & physical injuries heal with time. If this young lady is 50/50 in blame/innocence, I hope she learns from these mistakes as well. If this young lady is manipulating this young man for her own personal gain, well...

Edit: Oh, I did forget the most important part (how did I manage that?)...putting your hands on a woman? I was raised that regardless of circumstances, a man never does this...self-defense or otherwise. It's a hot topic right now, but it was how I was raised. Just my opinion, but if Junior is responsible for that woman's injuries, cut his @$$. No apologies for how I feel on this subject.
I think most of us are raised not to hit women, or abuse them in any way. But there's a big difference between abuse and legitimate defense. There are certain circumstances that over-ride the norm, in my opinion. I've never been in a situation where I had to get physical with a woman, and I don't know if what Galette did was for a legitimate reason either. All I know, is I don't agree with this "never put your hands on a woman under ANY circumstances". Again, I've never been threatened or felt threatened by any woman. But should that ever happen, I'll do whatever is necessary. Gender doesn't matter in the event of self defense. Women want to be treated as equals, which is fine in terms of rights and freedom's. But if you want to be an equal you don't get to make up your own rules, and think you can do whatever you want without consequences.
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If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, the NFL would fine and suspend me.
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Originally Posted by Jack Vegas View Post
OK then, tell you what. If you don't want to believe me, then don't! It makes no difference to me.

I would, however, suggest that you do some research on what a roster bonus is, how they are paid out, and figure it all out for yourself. It's really not that complicated once you get into it.

I know that you think you are right. You are not. You are hung up on the word roster. But it's not the focus of the discussion. The focus is the word guaranteed. It must be paid regardless if the player is on the roster or not.

A "guaranteed roster bonus" really isn't a roster bonus. What it functions as is a deferred signing bonus. This means that it's not paid at the time of signing, but that as guaranteed money it can be spread over the life of the contract.

This has benefit for the player, who is guaranteed the money, and for the team because it allows flexibility in terms of spreading out payments.

Now the type of bonus you are thinking of is called an option bonus. It becomes guaranteed on a specific day of the league year if and only if the player is still on the roster.

To see another good example of the use of a guaranteed roster bonus is Jarad Allen's Chicago contract. The Bears were tight for cap space in 2014 but wanted Allen. Allen wanted guaranteed money. In 2015 the Bears would have more cap space due to dead money dropping off. So Allen's contract is structured with an $11 million guaranteed roster bonus for 2015. He doesn't get the money at signing. He gets it early in the 2015 league year. It doesn't count against the 2014 cap and can either count completely against the 2015 cap, or can be converted an spread over the remainder of the contract just like a signing bonus.

But the key is that the payment isn't contingent on being on the roster. Allen would get those dollars if he were cut or if he retired. So it's just like a signing bonus, except it doesn't get paid at the time of signing.

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Red face Re: Junior Galette Arrested

The roster bonus seems like it's one of the easiest ways for the Saints to begin salary cap trimming. The team could possibly turn this bonus into signing bonus money to spread the hit over four more seasons.

But I'm wondering if a possible suspension triggers a clause in the contract that would make Galette's $12.5 million roster bonus non-guaranteed. Or at the least, if the Saints can recoup some of the money.

Suspensions tied to potential bonuses are included in some NFL contracts. It wouldn't surprise me if Galette's deal possessed an out clause to protect the franchise.

Junior Galette's arrest once again calls into question his maturity level: Larry Holder | NOLA.com


Hopefully guaranteed doesn't always necessarily mean fully guaranteed.

Hopefully there is a clause in the contract stating: If you do anything overly retarded like "beat up a woman" your contract is void! No deal!
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Re: Junior Galette Arrested

Originally Posted by saintfan View Post
No sir. They haul men off on "he said/she said" ALL the time. It happened to me.

14 years with my ex. The cops were never called, and they should have been, but it should have been ME calling, but I'm a man and I figure I can just walk away. I did. A thousand times plus 1.

She wants a divorce. I agree without argument. Over the course of the next 8 months she called the cops TWELVE TIMES, and on Christmas Eve 2013, she called them and manufactured yet another BS story...a cop on loan shows up, and I'm sure he see's this is the 12th time they've been called to my address in 8 months and makes a decision, based ABSOLUTELY on he said/she said, and cuffs me.

I said to him, "I can PROVE she's not telling you the truth. I can do it standing right here!"

"You'll have your day in court", he said.

So I'm sorry to tell you it happens. It happens ALL THE TIME. Physical evidence? hahahahaha. Are you kidding? None is required. All she has to do is pretend.

I will never be more grateful for the Judge in my case who appeared to see through the ex. "Sorry but you haven't proven this, at all. He can see his kids immediately. Today." I cried like a baby.

It is FAR FAR FAR too easy for these crazy women to absolutely ruin a man's life. The system is designed to accommodate them. And for whatever it might also be worth, Family Court is not about protecting the kids, and it sure as hell isn't about protecting the Dads. It is 1000% geared toward protecting women...at ALL costs. Politicians refuse to address it because they know they'd lose the vote of every crazy woman in the country, and fully TWO THIRDS of women in the United States take medication for their
mental health...TWO THIRDS...and that's just counting those we know about.

My mother AND my sister are victims of Domestic Violence. So nobody confuse me of condoning it, because I don't, but I get really worked up with all these "Save a ho" men piling on wanting to castrate someone because he gets arrested for domestic violence.

Oh, and one other thing. It's about 50/50 when it comes to who suffers most from domestic violence, and the men are gaining on the women.

WAKE UP and wait for the evidence, if there is any than can be proven.

My apologies. Maybe that's just how I and the rest of my crew do things here. Evidence and justice. Guess I can't speak for the rest of the world.

Oh and if a man is in the situation of domestic violence where his wife/gf/bf or whatever is hitting him, I expect he could be man enough to call the police or walk away permanently.

I've arrested women for domestic battery and upon going to a call I don't take sides.

But like I said, maybe that's just how we do thing here.

Oh and not to discount you, but I hardly believe that 2/3 of women in the US are on medication for mental health.

Just my opinion, not that it matters.
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domestic violence, junior galette

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