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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Whodi. it seems I\'ve heard that before. Might have some value to it. If it gets rid of Venturi, I\'m for it....

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Haslett Mobile

Whodi. it seems I\'ve heard that before. Might have some value to it. If it gets rid of Venturi, I\'m for it.
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Haslett Mobile

I am all for keeping Has around but Ventrui and front office changes need to happen and I am ok. O-coordinator needs to change to, I want a coach who will keep the foot on the throat of an opponet, like the eagles and colts do.

It takes a lot for a team to get the Super Bowl we also need the football gods to shine on us to. 4 game win streak... I recall the years where getting 4 wins in a season was a dream.

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Haslett Mobile

I think people who criticize the Saints get criticized on this board as often and as harshly as they supposedly judge the Saints.

For starters, this post doesn\'t make any comment about where the article ran. If it ran on the cover of the sports page, then maybe it\'s a problem. If it ran as an editorial - essentially an OPINION PIECE - then there\'s nothing wrong with it.

Further, this guy isn\'t making things up. He quoted his source - the Times Picayune.

Yet, Haslett will likely get this two-year extension that he wants so as \"to end the speculation about his job security,\" says the New Orleans Times Picayune.
Here\'s that story by Jeff Duncan

Something ain\'t stirring the Koolaid here. I mean, these are the quotes that ran in that article:

\"Obviously, there\'s been a lot of speculation about the coach the whole year, and we wanted to get that behind us as quick as possible,\" Loomis said. \"We\'re strongly behind Jim. He\'s our coach. We strongly believe that he is going to lead this team to a championship, and I want to do everything I can to support him in that.\"

\"There have also been national reports about a rift between Jim and I, and we wanted to get that put to rest, too,\" Loomis said. \"Hopefully, this gets that season behind us so we can move forward and get our team in the playoffs, where we out to be right now.\"

\"Mr. Benson has been in Jim\'s corner all along,\" Loomis said. \"He never ever came out and made any references to not having Jim here. This was just an affirmation that Jim\'s our head coach and we\'re in his corner 100 percent.\"

That is CLEAR backpeddling, double talk, and manipulation by Loomis. Yeah, he didn\'t flat out say Haslett was a problem - he said things needed to change and strongly implied that Haslett was the problem. Sound a whole lot like Clinton mincing the definition of \"sexual relations.\" Now Benson was always behind the coach of the \"high schoolers\"???? Gimme a break.

This guy might not be telling it straight, but neither are Benson and Loomis.

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

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Haslett Mobile

If it ran as an editorial - essentially an OPINION PIECE - then there\'s nothing wrong with it.
I guess I just don\'t see the difference. BS is BS is BS as far as I\'m concerned.
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