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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 1. San Francisco - QB Alex Smith , Utah - DQI 1.767 San Francisco is devoid of a solid starting quarterback and Smith has the ability to step in and start right away if needed. He is a very capable ...

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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

1. San Francisco - QB Alex Smith , Utah - DQI 1.767
San Francisco is devoid of a solid starting quarterback and Smith has the ability to step in and start right away if needed. He is a very capable quarterback, with solid skills and real star potential.

2. Miami - RB Ronnie Brown , Auburn - DQI 2.500
Unless a trade happens, it's looking less likely the Dolphins can simply sign a franchise back. Brown's stock is up and he may be the only need player Miami can draft at this spot unless they can come up with a partner to trade down with.

3. Cleveland - QB Aaron Rodgers, Cal - DQI 2.767
Like the 49ers, the Browns are devoid of a solid quarterback and with Garcia gone they will be looking for a replacement either through free agency or the draft. If they decide to do it through the draft then Rodgers should be available and would make a good fit with this team.
4. Chicago - WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan - DQI 3.167
Braylon Edwards is a playmaker with tremendous athleticism and the ability to be a dominating force in the NFL. The Bears' young defense kept them in games last season and is on the right track. Chicago needs to get more big plays from their offense, Muhammed just isn't enough for the young Bears quarterbacks to throw to. The addition of Edwards will go a long way in their development.

5. Tampa Bay - LB Derrick Johnson, Texas - DQI 3.567
Chuckie loves offense, but this is a no-brainer. The Bucs were built on their defense and Johnson would be a big help to their defense and can start right away. He is the only sure thing in this draft

6. Tennessee - RB Cedric Benson, Texas - DQI 4.000
Benson may slide a little because of the depth of the position in this draft, plus the surplus of solid-to-great backs available in free agency. But talk about a player fitting a team to a T this is the player and this is the team.

7. Minnesota (from Oak) - WR Mike Williams, USC - DQI 5.133
The Vikings, by trading Moss, obviously now lack a number one receiver on the outside, Williams has more than proved himself in his workouts and moved up higher and the Vikings would be crazy not to take him with this pick.

8. Arizona - RB Carnell Williams, Auburn - DQI 5.833
Denny Green wants to win and if past history tells us anything he will build out with skill players on offense. With the signing of a QB for now, Cadillac completes what could be an awesome offense to go with an above average and getting better young defense. Look out NFC here come the redbirds.

9. Washington - CB Antrel Rolle, Miami (FL) - DQI 6.033
Rolle is a do-everything corner that possesses great size, strength, and instincts. Washington must take him here just to keep him away from Dallas who covets Rolle.

10. Detroit - CB Adam Jones, West Virginia - DQI 8.633
The Lions need more speed on defense, and Pac-Man gives them that and more. A player you can build a secondary around.

11. Dallas - OT Alex Barron, FSU - DQI 10.067
Our DQI starts to fall signifigantly at this point as there is a pretty big dropoff after the top ten. Barron should be the best on the board and be able to jump into the lineup early for the Cowboys.

12. San Diego (from NYG) - DE Marcus Spears, LSU - DQI 12.033
Spears is a big end who could provide them with versatility along their line. With Spears on one end and Olshansky on the other teams are not going ot be able to double them both.

13. Houston - DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin - DQI 12.267
The Texans really aren't in need at the position and are praying that Dallas passes on Barron so they can address their biggest need, but the drop off is huge after Barron and players in the later rounds can fill the needs as well as a reach so if they do not get Barron they will go with the best available player on the board.

14. Carolina - LB Shawne Merriman, Maryland - DQI 12.600
The Panthers may look to add some pass rush. Merriman has the size and tenacity to be effective as an outside backer, or can play the line, plus adding a pass rush.

15. Kansas City- - CB Carlos Rogers, Auburn - DQI 12.867
The Chiefs were plugging guys in from the street at various times last year it seemed. KC's biggest needs are getting a pass rushing defensive end and a corner that can cover man to man in the secondary. Rogers would give them a playmaker opposite of their only good defensive back Eric Warfield. The Chiefs have already addressed Safety and Linebacker to some extent in free agency and are going to go hard after Ty Law. If they get Ty Law they can draft for other needs such as LB, WR or a pass rushing DE. All will be available to them at this pick.

16. New Orleans - WR Troy Williamson, South Carolina - DQI 14.533
What a bookend for Joe Horn. The Saints have been trying to get someone to pair with Horn for a few years and Stallworth wasn't the guy. Williamson is.

17. Cincinnati - S Thomas Davis , Georgia - DQI 15.200
Marvin Lewis made it public that the Bengals must get better on the defensive side of the ball. Thomas Davis had no trouble stopping anyone in the Bulldogs secondary. Davis is a tackling machine, comparable to Roy Williams of the Cowboys.

18. Minnesota - DT Travis Johnson , Florida St. - DQI 16.133
Johnson possesses great quickness and balance, The highest rated Defensive lineman on many boards. Can step right into the rotation and make a difference.

19. St. Louis - OT Jamaal Brown, Oklahoma - DQI 18.600
The Rams offensive machine can always use more offensive linemen and their stars are starting to age.

20. Dallas (from Buffalo) - TE Heath Miller, Virginia - DQI 18.967
The Cowboys are getting there, and can only get better with a true threat at tight end. Miller is the only first-round prospect at the position. Bledsoe would love a target like Miller and he would be a true threat to be the starter opening day.

21. Jacksonville - WR Mark Clayton , Oklahoma - DQI 19.067
His quickness, lateral movement skills, speed, body control and hands are what make him such a dangerous receiver as a route runner and after the catch. He has been moving up boards quickly after a great senior bowl performance and combine. If the Chiefs take care of their Defensive needs in Free agency they may gobble him up.

22. Baltimore - LB Channing Crowder , Florida - DQI 21.300
The Ravens pretty much let go of everyone in salary cap hell this year, so Crowder would be a start to replacing the carnage.

23. Seattle - DE Dan Cody , Oklahoma - DQI 21.533
Cody is another one of those tweeners who seem to be all the rage these days. There are some questions relating to his previous medical problems with depression but if he has overcome them he could be a monster pass rusher used correctly.

24. Green Bay - DE David Pollack, Georgia - DQI 21.933
Another tweener, Pollack will never have ideal height or elite speed, but he more than makes up for it with his quickness, motor, instincts, power and relentlessness. He's an absolute terror on the field and a mature, humble leader off the field. There isn't a more competitive or hard working player in this draft class. Pollack could play OLB in a 3-4 but he also could overcome his height limitations and become a playmaking DE in a traditional 4-3 scheme in the NFL

25. Denver - DE Matt Roth, Iowa - DQI 22.200
The Broncos need a lot of help at end as their highly ranked defense early in the season faded late because they couldn't sustain pressure on the QB and Reggie Hayward looks to be out the door. Roth had an outstanding week at the Senior Bowl where he showed great skill in getting to the quarterback.

26. New York Jets - CB Justin Miller, Clemson - DQI 23.133
Clearly the Jets' top needs are at DE and CB, but if John Abrahams is brought back, end takes a backseat. Miller, an underclassman addition to the 2005 draft class, is not only a top cornerback prospect but he also has a lot of upside as a return specialist at the next level.

27. Atlanta - DE/DT Shaun Cody, USC - DQI 23.833
The Falcons defense was light years better last season than the year before, which some credit must go the offense allowing the defense time to breathe and putting them ahead on the scoreboard instead of behind. Ed Jasper retiring leaves a hole at DT, which could be the way Atlanta leans with their pick. Some people rate Cody at tackle, and as a tackle, he lacks the pure bulk and strength to hold up at that position. He would need to bulk up to play tackle though.

28. San Diego - DE Demarcus Ware, - DQI 24.867
Ware is a vastly undersized defensive end that will either have to move to linebacker in the NFL or play a role as a situational pass rusher. His best fit would be as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. Ware is somewhat unpolished and he needs to continue to get bigger and stronger. However, his athletic ability, top-end speed and flair for making the big play as a pass rusher and run-defender makes him an attractive late-Day 1 prospect Marty would most likely use him like he did Derrick Thomas as a rushbacker.

29. Indianapolis - LB Daryl Blackstock, Virginia - DQI 25.467
The Colts, much like the Chiefs, will be looking defense to help out their explosive offense. The Colts need help on the interior of their defensive line and at outside linebacker where they've lost great players in each of the last two seasons. Blackstock would be able to step right in and start for Indy.

30. Pittsburgh - CB Brandon Browner , Oregon St. - DQI 25.500
Browner has great size and speed to cover big wideouts. He is still somewhat unpolished and he doesn't have elite top-end speed, but Browner is worth taking a chance on late in the first round. He has exceptional size, is a good athlete for his size, and has the strength and confidence to hold up on an island

31. Philadelphia - OG Elton Brown , Virginia - DQI 25.633
Brown has a massive frame and is an absolute mauler in the running game. He has the size and strength to simply overpower most defensive linemen at the point of attack when he gets into their bodies. He needs to play with more consistent leverage in pass pro and he's not an elite athlete, but he is quick for his size and he also is an intelligent and instinctive pass blocker that rarely misses an assignment

32. New England - CB Marlin Jackson , Michigan - DQI 25.637
What do you get the team that has everything? There is no obvious choice for the Patriots here. New England could use help in the secondary with the departure of Ty Law. They may just take whoever they have rated as the best available player regardless of position though.

About the SN DQI rankings
The Draft Quality Index rankings or DQI is a proprietary scientific formula taking into account the draft rankings from over 50 different respected NFL sources. These rankings are then compared and placed into the database along with over 20 other factors rating each player based on things like 40 time and Wonderlic score, all weighted against past performances of similar NFL players for comparison to come up with a final DQI score. The DQI score can be viewed most simply with the following breakdown:

1.000-7.500 - Star NFL player or a cant miss prospect
7.501-15.000 - Very good NFL career with possibility of developing into a star. Very small chance of a bust
15.001-22.500 - Could develop but player has at least one deficiency holding them back. Good enough to stay in the NFL long term.
22.501-30.000 - Developmental or specialty player. May even be a starter but is most likely a specialist such as a pass rusher. Most draft busts come in this range.
30.001-50.000 - Pure Project Player almost always taken in the second round or later. When one slips into the first round they are almost always considered a bust.
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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

I would be willing to bet, let\'s say, one million dollars that this does\'nt happent. Some people can only cause controversy to get you to view the @@it they write!

:no_no: :no_no: :no_no: :no_no:
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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

f we take a wideout in the first-his name better be Edwards.
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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

You are right about that B.
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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

It\'s not that weird... Troy Williamson is the second coming of Tory Holt. Explosive, fast, a gamebreaker. I wouldn\'t oppose of this pick for us.
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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

I\'d rather roddy white.
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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

Whats up with all the Stallworth hatin\'? Did anyone even watch the games last year?
He played very well last year. If they draft a WR round 1 it won\'t be to replace Stallworth.
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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

I don\'t recall anyone hating on Stallworth in this thread. We are talking about Williamson... maybe an eventual successor to Joe Horn? Having Stallworth, Williamson, and Henderson as our future receivers down the line could be scary. Bruce, Holt, Az Hakim...
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the wierdest mock draft I've seen

Didn\'t get weird until we picked.......go figure!! Pickin a WR would be retarded unless it is williams or edwards
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