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The 2005 Schedule

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; And i thought i was bored LK!!!!!!...

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The 2005 Schedule

And i thought i was bored LK!!!!!!
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The 2005 Schedule

Looks good to me. I like the Sunday night game and the Monday night game because then I don\'t have to drive three hours to see them play. I hope they can break the primetime jinx the Saints have had recently.

I was glad to not see Oakland on there- big mouth burns the Saints like no other. Now that Randy is gone, the Vike game will be fun again.

I\'m excited about playing New England. I\'ll drive to see that one...
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The 2005 Schedule

This is the best Saints\' schedule I\'ve seen in years.

Open the season against Jake and the Panthers. I really hate the Panthers. Really!!!

Than a Monday night game against Vick and the Falcons.

A Sunday night game against the Jets.

And a Christmas Eve games against the Lions.

Prime Time baby!!

Let\'s get this season started already.

When the Saints start winning then the media will be all over us.

As well as the pessimists fans ...

Better stand out of the way folks. There\'s going to be a stampede of pessimists trying to jump on the Brooks bandwagon. Oh, and the Jonathan Sullivan bandwagon too!!
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The 2005 Schedule

I look at that schedule and think we will be 7-9 if we are lucky. This ain\'t last years Carolina. They got an outstanding guard and a good corner in FA. They will also have a healthy team more than likely first week of the season.

Minny\'s defense and offense will be too much for us.

GB in GB? Uh-uh.

NE and Jets back to back on the road? Uh-uh.

We maybe able to steal one from Buff and be 8-8, but if Losman is even decent, with the defense and O-line they have, and with Moulds and Evans, uh-uh.
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The 2005 Schedule

saintwhodi --

It\'s a tough schedule .. no doubt.

But, you never know about a particular team from year to year.

The Falcons haven\'t had back-to-back winning seasons in forever.

The Panthers still have some problem areas.

And you never know who the injury bug will bite.

I don\'t know about the Saint\'s defense. But, if Haslett can get the offensive line squared away, then I think our offense will be one of the elite units.

If we can start the season off by beating the Panthers it will be a big confidence booster.

I\'m always more optimistic than pessimistic this time of year. But, we\'ll see ....
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The 2005 Schedule

I know you are, and I have no problem with that at all, but for some reason I feel Carolina will be more up for this game than us, cause we knocked them out of the playoff race. Plus, having Davis and Foster and Jenkins back, that\'s HUGE. If we sure up our line we can compete, but there are too many holes on D we will be trying to fix with young players for me to think we can come right out and knock them off.

Falcons will be fine if Vick is healthy. They still have one of the best rushing teams in the league(due to Vick) and they added Hartwell on defense, who I think will be a difference maker. I think we will struggle to even make 7-9 or 8-8. But you are right, younever know who will be good from year to year and who will be injured, I am bading this totally on what each team did or didn\'t do, had or didn\'t have last year. I hope for more, but not likely.
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The 2005 Schedule

saintwhodi --

As far is the Panthers are concerned ...

Stephen Davis is likely done. He\'s not even the starter this year. And none of their other RBs have proven they can get the job done for a full season.

Jake should have a little better protection behind that improved offensive line but it\'s still questionable.

Bottom line for me is ... the Panthers\' offense doesn\'t really scare me. If they are to go anywhere then it will have to be their defense that carries the load.

In any event ... bring \'em on.
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The 2005 Schedule

Looks like 9-7 to me. We split with Carolina and TB, sweep Atlanta, lose all our AFC East games except Miami, win two of our four NFC North games (Detroit and Chicago), beat the Giants and Rams. Here\'s how it unfolds: we lose the opener, beat NY, and lose the next three. Then we beat ATL and STL to start a 4-game win streak before the bye, building up hope before ending in mediocrity.
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The 2005 Schedule

let\'s all pray 12-4 or 4-12. no more mediocrity! strong playoff run or bust! anything but 7-9 to 9-7 again.
saints monday night game is dec. 12. SEC championship game is there 2 days before. that would be a fun weekend if lsu is there.

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The 2005 Schedule

Anybody else noticed the NFL has a full week of games scheduled on New Year\'s Day???

That\'s gonna be chaos with all the bowl games.

I wonder how the networks are gonna handle that...?
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