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MudBugs IX !

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Beastmode I'm fine with any location. I would throw mine in the hat again but doing some major renovations right now. What is the boot? Our HOA community center was cheap but it flooded beyond repair. It ...

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Re: MudBugs IX !

Originally Posted by Beastmode View Post
I'm fine with any location. I would throw mine in the hat again but doing some major renovations right now. What is the boot? Our HOA community center was cheap but it flooded beyond repair. It even had a boat launch..meh. Maybe in a few years.




The Boot
Formerly known as the Shady Tavern, this somewhat shabby Heights restaurant is owned by Louisiana natives who know the secret to great crawfish starts with a proper soak and thoroughly seasoning the boil. The results speak for themselves in crawfish that have a lip-tingling spice in every tail and deliver a jolt of flavor in the heads. Non-crawfish eaters will find a lot to like here, too, thanks to some of the best po-boys and gumbo in the city.

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Re: MudBugs IX !

Originally Posted by gulfgambler View Post
No further than the SWAMP HOUSE; works for me. 04/21 works
The Ranch is closer for you, than The Swamphouse. Closer to Woodlands, also, Smash, Buds... From Downtown, They're actually nearly the same distance, but for you, the Ranch is actually closer. -cuz its North
Originally Posted by jnormand View Post
Everyone could come up here and spend the day in the freezing ass cold desert of Southern Idaho.
hahaha... Actually "desert" sounds good to me. I get so sick of rain. But rain grows crawfish.
Originally Posted by SmashMouth View Post
How about The Boot? It's more centrally located and has the space and facilities needed. It's less work for a host and it makes it easier to manage. Or maybe a park or something.
Are you channeling Deke? haha. I doubt the Boot will allow us to bring & cook our own bugs, and bring our own beer, food, etc, which is cheaper / person. They only have one bathroom per sex, scant parking, and I want to cook the bugs ourselves, and No! Yuck. I tolerate the Boot during the season, b-cuz everyone else wants to go there. If I'm gonna pay retail, I want service, and they dont even have servers. It IS centrally located, (so is my Barrio House.) but I vote No.

-- I dont mind the work of hosting. I loved it. Plus I've traded in a b*tchy wife, for a Viking Babe,* so its actually much peacefuller. Its cool, when a bunch of Louisiana People show up at your house, and start doing stuff. It looks like when the Indians set up camp on Dances W/ Wolves.

-- Its not all about me, though, so The Boot (yuck) goes on the ballot.
-- Public Park Also goes on the ballot, where Riff-Raff can just come up and start playing rap. Plus in Houston, add in hobos & illegal aliens.
-- I would also like to Ralph Nader the vote, by adding my Barrio House in
East Houston. It has a lovely view (and smell) of the Ship Channel. Lots
of stray dogs, everyone can take one home. We can have
celebratory gunfire, which isnt enforced there, and we can wear our
Black and Gold body armour.

Smash, if you decide to host again, I'm Hispanic, so I'm pretty good with a
Leaf Blower, you know. I would vote for YOU, and I'll help.

Keep the ideas coming, guys. All i want is us to get together, and to smell
crawfish cooking. We can, if necessary, do a secret ballot and PM Halo our votes.

So far we have for venues:
1. Skymike's Amazing Family Ranch
2. The Boot
3. Skymike's Barrio (Spanish for "Hood," for those of you still in America) House
4. Public Park with hobos and rap.
5. Crash BudsDrinker's house & drink all his beer.

Waiting for Kajun Kookin (Rob) to weigh in. He has a pretty big yard, and he loves
random people coming to his house in Atascocita.

And Date:
1. April 21 - so far everyone is good. But still a lot of people to hear from.
2. May 19
3. May 26

Jump in, Hou-Dats.

* I believe our group, if you look back at pictures from the 1st one on, has three divorces. Am I missing anyone?
MudBugs Trivia:

1. Name the 3 guys in our group (one is not on B&G, but very prominent) who have divorced the first partner they
brought to our MB parties.
2. Which B&G member traveled the farthest to eat crawfish, drink beer, and BS with us? (He was at MB III)

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Re: MudBugs IX !

I grew up in Texas. I'll be there in spirit but my body is staying home. Enjoy!
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Re: MudBugs IX !

So we have a date. April 21.
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