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saintswhodi 04-28-2005 08:58 AM

Blanco responds to Benson

Louisiana Governor Blanco Responds To NFL New Orleans Saints Benson
State Business
Author: Steve Sabludowsky | 4/27/2005 Home : Politics

Governor Kathleen Blanco has issued the following statement after an open letter from New Orleans Saints owner, Tom Benson.

"I am disappointed that the Saints have rejected my offer of a better long-term deal for the Saints and the citizens of Louisiana. I presented Mr. Benson with a generous proposal, one which would have enabled the Saints to stay in Louisiana and remain profitable for the next twenty years. I have worked hard to find a way to improve the Superdome so that the Saints could earn more of their revenue rather than depend on taxpayer money. The Saints´ repeated claims that they cannot be profitable without a large subsidy from the state has never been substantiated by the team in the way of disclosure of their financial records. Therefore, I could not in good conscience agree to a deal that might - at the taxpayers´ expense -- only add to the wealth of a very profitable team.

"I believe the current deal with the team provides exceedingly generous payments to the Saints. I have, however, made what I consider our very best offer. As the state´s finances continue to become more challenging and the required payments to the team continue to escalate, I will work to do whatever is necessary to honor the state´s contractual obligation to the team. I will continue pressing my case for a new contract.

"This is now the second time Mr. Benson has resisted my good-faith efforts to craft a better long-term deal for both the Saints and the State. I would like to remind him that on the several occasions when he needed help in the past, the State of Louisiana was there."

papz 04-28-2005 09:05 AM

Blanco responds to Benson
Everyday it sounds more and more of a possibility that the Saints will move eventually...sigh. Hopefully not to San Antonio either... ;)

[Edited on 28/4/2005 by papz]

saintswhodi 04-28-2005 09:07 AM

Blanco responds to Benson
Nothing wrong with good old San Antone baby!!! MY Spurs are here, I think I would be on overload if the Saints were here too. :killtard:

spkb25 04-28-2005 09:07 AM

Blanco responds to Benson
the state mad ean agreement and should be forced to live up to it. im tired of the government never being held accountable.

saintswhodi 04-28-2005 09:19 AM

Blanco responds to Benson
Actually, the previous administration, knowing they would not be around to bear the brunt of the decision, made a horrible deal for the state. Now the current administration is left to clean it up. If Foster was still governor and having to deal with his own mess, you would be right. But he cut a deal, making him a hero, but was getting out before the true ramifications of what he had done could be felt, making the current administration look like the bad guys.

4saintspirit 04-28-2005 09:46 AM

Blanco responds to Benson
We will see after the end of the year but if I had to guess I would say the Saints aren\'t going to leave.

saintswhodi 04-28-2005 09:54 AM

Blanco responds to Benson
The things that must be most watched for is if another city decides to pay the Saints buyout clause. Things could get very interesting then.

WhoDat 04-28-2005 11:19 AM

Blanco responds to Benson
Blanco\'s letter is a good one, and IMO, right on point.

I am beginning to feel more strongly that the State is in the right and Benson is not. He seems increasingly like a greedy old man who knows that he\'s got a windfall and is uninterested in giving it up to ensure the long-term profitability and security of the team in New Orleans.

BrooksMustGo 04-28-2005 11:24 AM

Blanco responds to Benson
She pretty savvy.

She\'s doing a good job of making it Benson v the People of Louisiana.

Looks like Benson is running out of feet to shoot himself in.

WhoDat 04-28-2005 11:36 AM

Blanco responds to Benson

Looks like Benson is running out of feet to shoot himself in.
I dunno if I\'d go that far. He does still hold all the chips. She\'s using about the only thing that she\'s got left - public sentiment.

But in doing that, is she making it harder for herself or future Governors to make sure that the Saints stay???

At some point the State and Saints are going to have to renegotiate and new deal. When that happens, no matter what, it will take a big investment from the state. If she keeps playing the rich old man card now, will legislators be able to get public support for a new deal later?

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