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GumboBC 04-30-2005 01:28 PM

Position Battles - Who Wins?
You never know how much playing time a rookie is going to get. Our first round draft picks alwasys seem to see a lot of playing time.

But, beyond the first round picks, our rookies usually don't recieve a lot of playing time. (i.e. Stinchcomb, Devery Henderson) Although, I guess Montre Holland, Courtney Watson and Le Charles Bentley might suggest otherwise. None of those guys were first round picks.

I'm feeling pretty confident some of our rookies might be the starters from day one.

Here's some interesting battles I think will be going on before the start of the season.

On defense:

DE - Will Smith vs. Darren Howard

MLB - Courtney Watson vs. Alfred Fincher

DT - Howard Green vs. Jonathan Sullivan

WLB - Derrick Rodgers vs. Colby Bockwoldt

SS - Jay Bellamy vs. Josh Bullocks

On offense:

Wayne Gandy vs. Stinchcomb

That's the battles I see in training camp. There may be some others???

WhoDat 04-30-2005 02:19 PM

Position Battles - Who Wins?
DE - Howard (if he\'s here)
MLB - ???? I\'d like to see Fincher in uniform first
DT - Green
WLB - Buckwoldt
SS - Bellamy
LT - ???

gotta see how stinch looks, but I\'m pulling for him.

JKool 04-30-2005 02:45 PM

Position Battles - Who Wins?
It seems to me that these camp battles are a little far off to make good predictions (or even guesses). It isn\'t clear to me that guys like Bullocks will even be battling for the positions you are suggesting (it is not clear that Bullocks is in line for a SS position, and I think that Fincher is well built to play SLB too, among others).

Judging on merely scouting reports and the play of guys I\'ve seen on the field (and assuming we keep Howard), here is my best guess at a starting line up:

QB - Brooks
RB - McAllister
FB - Karney
TE - Williams
WR - Horn
WR - Stallworth
LT - Gandy
LG - Holland
C - Bentley
RG - Mayberry
RT - Brown
(I\'m salivating about our line already.)
Believable shake-ups: 1. Stinchcomb replaces Gandy, as we have to cut Gandy to make cap room, 2. Henderson for Stallworth, as Stallworth is injured in pre-season.

CB - Brown
CB - McKenzie
FS - Smith
SS - Bellamy
WLB - Watson
MLB - Fincher
SLB - Hodge
DE - Smith
DE - Grant
DT - Young
DT - Green
Believeable adjustments: 1. Watson at MLB, Colby at WLB, and Allen at SLB, I think Hodge can still beat out Allen - we was in the dog house, but boy Hodge covers so much better than Allen, 2. Jefferson over Green, we are so weak there, anyone can win that battle, 3. Bullocks for Bellamy, as we switch to a Left-Right instead of Free-Strong at Safety or Bellamy deteriorates at an unexpected rate, 4. Ruff at MLB, Watson at SLB, and Bockwoldt at WLB, Fincher comes in for Ruff at about mid-season.

I guess, the hardest positions to call are the LB positions (all three) as there may be major movement here - I suspect that some players may move around - and the DT position. We are simply so weak after Young that pretty well anyone could emerge there. I will cross my fingers for Sully to finally show up, but I\'m not going to hold my breath.

FireVenturi 04-30-2005 06:52 PM

Position Battles - Who Wins?
D Howard
A Fincher
H Green
C Bockwoldt
J Bellamy
W Gandy

shadowdrinker 04-30-2005 10:49 PM

Position Battles - Who Wins?
I think this year..we may see not only alot of different starters..but..alot of changes mid year as well...

I look for Stichcomb to challenge Holland...I know He\'s a guard..but..I\'m not sure if Stinchcomb can totally be counted on YET to fill the LT position...I do hope he gets some time in...but I think he may be our Guard on the left side...

The LB corps are totally unpredictable...I mean..we have Fincher...Fisher...and a few other guys who turned heads last\'s not impossible to think that some of our Vets will step it up more..and win thier spots Ruff..and Hodge..I really think this will be the spot we see alot of changing in as the season progresses...I do think however, that Fincher will start for us at some spot on LB year round...I\'m really excited about his potential...Watson will start as well, at least at some point in the year...that really leaves Hodge and Buckwoldt battling it out for a spot...I think Hodge has it to lose...and Buckwoldt will give him a run for it..and maybe scoot him out by week 5 or sooner...

Howard and Smith will do much of the same things they did last year...switching out..and giving us options that other teams just don\'t I\'m happy about that too...

I don\'y know how much of a push Bullocks will give Bellamy...IF he does win a spot..this will be a awesome draft...Although, I\'m not sure if he has the hitting power to play SS in the NFL..maybe in 2 or 3 years...

I\'m also wondering about our TE situation...Williams has had the chance, and has had modest success..and Mili has proven he can play in Seattle..both should get playing time..and I\'m not sure if we will have a proclaimed \'\'starter\'\' on that position...both can do different things well..I guess it depends on which one can get the most production with the time they are given...I predict Williams will be riding the pine more often than not...

Guys...we have the Depth...we have the skill players..we have the youth, and the speed...not to mention..and newer, simplified version of our Offense...NO MORE EXCUSES...NO MORE 8-8....Playoffs or bust...for real..

TheDeuce 05-01-2005 01:36 AM

Position Battles - Who Wins?
DE - Will Smith
MLB - Alfred Fincher (Watson to SAM)
DT - Sullivan (Maybe just wishful thinking...)
WLB - Bockwoldt
SS - Bellamy
LT - Gandy

What about the LG? Montrae vs. Jacox, Nesbit?

JKool 05-01-2005 02:55 AM

Position Battles - Who Wins?

Danno 05-01-2005 08:07 AM

Position Battles - Who Wins?
MLB-Watson over Fincher (for now)
WLB-Bockwoldt over Fincher (for now)
SLB-Allen over nobody

DE-Howard over Smith (but equal PT)
SS-Bellamy over Smith (for now)
DT-Green over Leisle

Gandy over Stinchcomb

By mid-season...
Fincher at MLB
Watson at WLB
Bullocks at SS
Stinchcomb at LT
Meirer at TE
Simon at DT

FireVenturi 05-01-2005 09:39 AM

Position Battles - Who Wins?

DE - Will Smith
MLB - Alfred Fincher (Watson to SAM)
DT - Sullivan (Maybe just wishful thinking...)
WLB - Bockwoldt
SS - Bellamy
LT - Gandy

What about the LG? Montrae vs. Jacox, Nesbit?


GumboBC 05-01-2005 03:12 PM

Position Battles - Who Wins?
Even though Sticnhcomb isn\'t a rookie ... here\'s one scouting report on him.


JON STINCHCOMB (6’6� 295) OT GEORGIA – Like his brother with the Raiders, is a highly intelligent individual. He also refers to people as ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ and opens doors for ladies. In the words of one NFL Scouting Director ‘His family did a great job in raising him’. Isn’t a bad pro prospect neither, as he’s reportedly bulked up into the 320 pound area and posted impressive numbers at the combine including 32-225 lb repetitions along with a 35-inch vertical leap (best among all tackles) and a 9’5� long jump. Jon comes into the draft pro-ready, playing extensively over the past four seasons - including 617 of 831 possible plays in his redshirt freshman season. Playing in Mark Richt’s pro-style offense, Stinchcomb is a solid technician, especially in pass blocking skills, and can be counted on even when the tight end goes downfield. Is not a slouch as a run-blocker neither, and gets much of the credit for Musa Smith’s 1,324 yard campaign. As strong as he is upper-body wise, his lower-body strength has come into question over his Bulldog career. Also has been second-fiddle to teammate George Foster on the scouting radar screen. Still, the impressive workout #’s have elevated Stinch from fourth-round status back in October to at least second-round, with even an outside chance at the tail-end of Round One.

I\'m sure many folks aren\'t interested in Sullivan ... but here is his scouting report too.


JONATHAN SULLIVAN (6\'4\", 300) DT GEORGIA - Another in a line of recent interior Georgia linemen (Marcus Stroud, Richard Seymour) to become a top pro prospect. Scouts are liking the upside potential enough that Sullivan is now beginning to move up some draft boards, being projected to wind up as high as 14th overall (New England). Preceeded teammate Musa Smith in declaring for the draft. Sullivan recorded 72 tackles, 17.5 TFL\'s, four sacks, and 29 QB pressures in \'02. Strengths lie in being a one-gap player, penetrating and making plays in the backfield. Some scouts feel that he needs to get stronger along with improving his potential as a two-gapper.

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