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tiggerpolice 05-23-2005 10:09 AM

Fahkir Brown opinoins

"I Ain't Fakin" Brown...
by YeaSaintsWin, 5/21/05 23:34 ET
What if you are the manager at the local hamburger joint and some guy who does the hiring decides to pay the fry cook more than you? Then you find out that the cashier and drive-thru guy are cashing larger checks than yours. And he has a meeting scheduled with the assistant manager to increase his payola. Think you'd be mad?
Now imagine you are Fakhir "Don't Call Me Faker" Brown...

On the CB depth chart, the two guys behind you (Craft and Thomas) are signed to multi-million dollar contracts and the only guy ahead of you is about to negotiate a deal to take care of his family for life. And you are a starting CB making the league minimum.

Wanna make matters worst? How about, in my opinion, CBs #3-#5 on the depth chart don't have a shot at moving ahead of Brown as the starter... Brown is the best tackler the Saints have at CB... and the Saints need the physical Fahkir if they want to continue to play press coverages.

Want more?

It appears the coaches like Fahkir Brown. Willy "don't call me Defensive Coordinator" Robinson doesn't appear to want to replace Fahkir Brown. During the offseason, the team did not make a move in free agency or the college draft that would indicate they wanted to replace Fahkir Brown. Bottom line... Brown won't be challenged for his starting role in this training camp.

So why not pay Fahkir Brown like a starting CB in the NFL? Or, for that matter, I am sure Brown wouldn't mind a salary similar to the money being made by the 3rd or 4th best CBs on the team.

GO Saints...

i would like u guys to respone to those coments.

saintswhodi 05-23-2005 10:31 AM

My response, do it for more than one year Faker. Fred Thomas did it for more than one year. he just seemed to deflate AFTER he got the contract. He's already on the books. Craft has been decent in his role for more than one year. You weren't even the starter all year Faker. McKenzie has been in the pro bowl after matching up with the game's best receiver 2 times a year every year of his career Faker, what you got? Dwight Smith can play corner Faker, what you got? Give me a break you are underpaid. There's a little something called proving it in the NFL, and being a starting corner on the worst yardage defense in the NFL doesn't inspire a lot of eagerness in renegotiating deals for players who may or may not be starting elsewhere. Play this season Faker, play well, and get your payday. Or are you afraid you won't play well and will have your starting job taken by some rookie draft pick next year or some free agent? Well too bad Faker.

ScottyRo 05-23-2005 11:21 AM

What he needs to do is go to Thomas and Craft and demand that they take paycuts so that the Saints can give him a raise therefrom. That'd be fair, right? See, the problem isn't that Brown is underpaid, it is that Thomas and maybe Craft are overpaid for their roster positions.

How about these stats for '04? Fakir Brown, Ints - 2; Ashley Ambrose, Ints - 3; MM, Ints - 5.

Sure Faker wasn't a starter the full year. Neither was Amborse...neither was MM.

Ambrose in 6 games: 9 pass deflections; Brown in 15 games: 12.

I hate if for him but my opinion is that Ambrose is not a good CB anymore. (Sorry AA.) It doesn't look like Brown really did all that much better. Maybe if we'd have simplified the D before AA got hurt, he'd have put up even better numbers.

All just to say...Play out your contract a#$*@&@.

Rsanders24 05-23-2005 12:59 PM

I don't think he wants alot of money but probably more that the league min. that he is probably making. He turned down better offers from other teams because he wanted to stay in N.O. because he knew he would have a chance to start. Hell, he's probably the best tackler we have on the team. They could cut Cie Grant and give Brown his money.

WhoDat 05-23-2005 01:52 PM

Aaron Brooks whined about money after his third year in the NFL and without having proved himself or shown much progress. His backups were making more than him. He got a top 5 contract. Brown is a 6th year pro, he has shown steady improvement from year to year, and the guys behind him make more. He's probably right to ask for more money. IMO, he deserves it - just not top 5. That leads to calling yourself great while throwing backwards passes. LOL

ScottyRo 05-23-2005 02:04 PM

I can't remember. Did Ab hold out to get that contract? If he did, I think I can still justify AB's new contract over this one. First, Brown is skipping offseason activities without telling the Saints beforehand that he was going to miss and why. Second, he hasn't even been the starter for a full season yet. Sure, he has moved up on the depth chart, but that's all. When he signed the current deal he should have been aware that he might be made a starter yet be paid only by the terms of the contract. AB had been a starter for 2 complete seasons I believe. If not then it was one complete season and a half season which included a playoff appearance and victory. Lastly, it doesn't matter that the other guys are making more. THEY put themselves in position to make the cash and he has not. If he'd simply play out this season and prove that he is a capable starting CB, then I'm sure this problem would be ended.

saintswhodi 05-23-2005 02:29 PM

Agreed Scotty. A half season's worth of work on a last place defense gets you a raise? Huh? I doubt the Saints knew Fred Thomas will fold up his tent once they gave him a new contract to keep the Eagles from taking him. Craft has been a good nickel corner. Brown wasn't even the starter to open the year. One FULL year Faker, show us what you got long term. I still recall Jerry Porter burning you miserably for a TD that almost led the Raiders comeback. Put in a full season bud, I am sure the Saints would love to go into the draft without CB as a number one priority next year, since they never pick one anyway. All you gotta do is prove it.

fact-o-bake 05-23-2005 06:57 PM

Regardless of it's the right thing to do or not, the Saints need to play ball with Fahkir.
To make it worse if we don't sign McKenzie to an extension soon, we may be without either starting corner come training camp no matter what McKenzie's tune is now.
I always think players should honor their contracts fully but that just doesn't happen in this league.

Rsanders24 05-23-2005 10:33 PM

Regardless he is still our second best corner. I believe that he should be paid more if the team felt that way also. Paying a nickel CB +2mil a year doesn't make sense considering he never plays anyway. Craft nor Thomas could beat Brown all off season. Because at the beginning of the season Brown was the nickel CB. Brown plays special teams also. I wouldn't want to start the season with Craft as our starter because he plays like he scared of contact anyway.

jnormand 05-24-2005 03:58 AM

I think Brown is a decent corner. I can understand why he wants more money, but I can also understand why he may not get it. He has steadily improved since coming to the Saints, however, he hasn't shown that he is worth of a lucritive contract. Brown should have gone into workouts, go into camp and solidify his position as #2 corner, then talk to management about a new deal or an extension. He flat out didn't show up for coaching sessions and didn't tell anyone why. He needs to prove his value, than talk about an extension. Brown simply dosen't have all of the chips in his favor to be holding out. Bad move. I like Brown but he is playing hard ball in the wrong situation. He needs to prove that he is a good corner and show that he can consistently play well before asking for more money. All he is doing now is asking for money he hasn't yet shown that he will earn. And lets face it, with Thomas's deal in the books and T-Sucky's....well suckiness, I think the Saints are going to be a little more careful of how much they are going to be willing to pay a corner right now.

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