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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; wouldn't mind a Reliant stadium, if you ever been there.....WOW, but we are not Houston so that is out the window. Would still rather a renovated Dome than a Half-A$$ed new stadium!!!...

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wouldn't mind a Reliant stadium, if you ever been there.....WOW, but we are not Houston so that is out the window. Would still rather a renovated Dome than a Half-A$$ed new stadium!!!
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Originally Posted by progress
Where did you find that info?
Progress, please note the line just above the temperature listings..... there's is a link to where temps were pulled from. And yes, they are averages. Not high/lows, or daily averages, or even monthly averages, but quarterly averages.

Regarding destruction of wetlands, the proposed area for the new stadium was the blighted area of Algiers, right up against the river. Didn't that used to be a project that got condemned? Fischer?
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Fischer got condemned?? Damn, I've been gone only a couple years. Being a former West Banker, I'll have to pour a little liquor out tonight in Chucktown South Cakalaki. It just so happens I live next to the projects here too.

I previously said renovate the dome, but if the west side gets the new arena, I change to new stadium. Everybody loves bridge traffic especially thousands of people funneled into four lanes.
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I agree completely. The problems with that area were many. There certainly aren't the business in the surrounding area that there are on Poydras and in the near-by French Quarter. Sure, larger lots and designated "tail-gating" areas could be built, but a stadium there would lose a lot of the ancillary benefits derived from a downtown stadium.

Obviously, as many mentioned, the traffic would be horrendous. I used to live in Algiers. Do you have any idea how bad traffic is on a normal work day over the GNO? You want to force 60,000 people across the 4 lane bridge to a one or maybe two lane exit? And then force them back through the toll bridge on the way back? Forget it.

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That's assuming all 60,000 Saints fans live on the East Bank.... which doesn't sound reasonable. What's the population dispersal of fans attending games? Half and Half? 60/40? 70/30? I don't know. But games are held on Sundays, eliminating most business traffic. I think bridge traffic will remain near status quo, we'd just reverse the flow on the bridge, assuming the ratio is near 50/50. It'd take demographics to nail down the actuals. I would -hope- this was done in the proposal.

The original build proposal called not only for a stadium, but for tailgating areas, supporting businesses, and entertainment complexes surrounding the area. There's mucho blighted area to work with over there. That would be a major enhancement to poor Algiers. I realize that the proposed party area would not rival the Quarter, but it shouldn't be forgotten.

Personally, I'd probably tailgate before the game near the stadium, (and assuming we didn't get blown out too badly,) I'd probably party a bit around the stadium bars, then catch one of the ferries to the Quarter, party there a few more hours, then cab it home (as I live on the East Bank).

It's all wishful thinking. I know it'll never happen - it'd simply make too much economic sense for LA to ever implement it. 400+ million spent locally.... never happen.

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Whatever happened to the proposal of tearing down the Iberville projects? Last I recall, weren't they moving people out of the projects and giving them some kind of vouchers to get apartments in the East and such? Has that stopped? Are people still living in the projects? I know this was years ago, but wasn't that the plan? I can still see the diagram in my head that Benson had of the proposed area. Traffic would be about the same if it was built in that area, and parking would be about the same. That's not too far from the dome.
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I had heard of proposed lakefront and riverfront locations. So while its not of major concern, wetlands destruction may or may not become an issue.

Anyway, I was wondering about this when questioning the age of the Superdome. While I am not old enough to have ever experienced Tulane Stadium in its prime, I have heard many people talk about the stadium and its 80,000 + capacity. Now maybe its just nostalgia, but I have never heard anyone say anything negative about the place. I realize that 1975 was a completly different economic time in our history, but unless I am wrong, that year Tulane Stadium hosted a Superbowl. At the time the stadium was 49 years old (completed in 1926 and underwent many rennovations to get up to that 80,000+ seating cap). I guess it just made me think exactly what type of facility do we really need to enjoy a football game.

And one more thing that I haven't heard discussed yet. Benson's not only looking out for his economic future, he is trying to put his granddaughter in the best position he can possibly when she takes over the team. And I'd do the same for my family as well (within reason of course).
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