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Koren Robinson to be released.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; alright i knoiw he is troubled. I KNOW WE ARE AS DEEP AT WIDERECEIVER AS A 80 FOOT SWIMMING POOL. i do think we should bring him in for these two reasons devry henderson is unproven, stallworth is proven has ...

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alright i knoiw he is troubled. I KNOW WE ARE AS DEEP AT WIDERECEIVER AS A 80 FOOT SWIMMING POOL. i do think we should bring him in for these two reasons devry henderson is unproven, stallworth is proven has pottential but is injury prone. I will say something else stallworth contract is up in 2007. I think Stallworth will not be issued another contract once it us up unless he has close to 1,000 yard receiving seasons for the rest of the years in his contract. I aLSO THINK HE HAS TO PROVE HE CAN KEEP HIMSELF FROM GETTING INJURED. Sorry for the caps i'm drunk and to lazy to erase the caps right now.
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Ok i'm done with the Aaron Brooks debate after i make this statment.
This is starting to become a soap opera to just like the benson vs state bull****. OK here is my point Aaron Brooks the only qb to pass for 400 yards in one game than the next game rush for 100 yards ever. Another thing Aaron Brooks will pass Archie manning this year for the most td's in a career as a Saints. Aaron Brooks already has the record for most touchdown passes as a Saint. Now I will post his negatives also.
The smiling thing does not bother me I think basically it is his way of saying he can come back from any deficit when traling which he often does. Prime eample 2002 the Bears where leading the Saints bye 20 points in the 2nd qaurter. Brooks rallies the team to come back at beats the bears in the end. The only reason I mention this game is i have it on tape. I will post other comebacks when i go through my files. Ok so this hows an ability comeback against any margin. Also Brooks owns the record for best qb rating as a Saint.


Brooks has a tendency to roll back in the pocket fifteen yards because he still cannot pick up the blitz too well. This could be due to a poor offensive line also though. Brooks tends to force passes when theres nothing there.
Brooks cannot seem to find the open running lande when the back is covered coming out of the backfeild and the wr are covered so he forces his throws instead of throwing it away at times. Brooks also is a bit arrogant making statements like "Carolina has great wr's I have good ones, i'm a great qb delhome is a good qb". Alright I will conclude bye saying this.

Brooks as far as the smiling thing it does not bother me. I know most people it totally frustrates I can see why. I have a diffrent veiw iI think it demonstrates high self esteem and basically says that he has the ability to not get down on himself. I also think it is him laughing at himself. You have to realise he has a degree in athropology he knows the human way very much. I would rather have him smiling than getting down on himself getting frustrated and losing his head and bringing the team down with him because he does not have the onfidence to come back. He does have the confidence to comeback from any deficit. Brooks also owns the record for most comebacks as a Saint. Anyhow yes the Widereceivers and runningbacks play a good part in this also but they need the center and qb to get the ball to them. The offensive line plays a big part too. So YES FOOTBALL IS THE BIGGEST TEAM GAME. So I guess what i'm saying is enough with the soaP OPERA Brooks is the best qb we ever had with time will break every record manning owns. You are beating a dead horse that has been eaten regurgitated eaten again and excreted out. Enough with it. Realise what you have the best qb to dawn a Saints uniform. The only qb to thrown for 3,000 yards in 4 consecutive seasons as a Saint. Brooks only needs 7 tds to break manning Record for the most touchdowns in a career as a Saint. The only way this won't happen is if Adrian Mcphearson takes the role as qb or Brooks gets hurt this year and the next year Mcphearson takes the role as qb. A trade is totally out of the question. The horse has been beaten eaten regurgitated and excreted out enough already. Realise what you have the best qb ever to dawn a Saint uniform.

I think we can all agree we would rather have Brooks than these qbs:

Danny Waurfell
billy joe hobert
billy joe tolliver:jump off the tallahasee bridge Berman cracks me up. When he said that.

boby herbert is a ? I think he could of did something with this squad of widereceivers

jim everett in his prime probably could of did something with this squad of wide receivers.

heath shuler
jeff blake ? already stated above as to why

WELL THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY I THINK i have a strong point and foundation on the points I RAISED I'M DONE WITH THIS Soap opera. Whats the next flavor of soda pop this ones saturated with ice and watered down. Whats a topic that has not been addressed. Lets see I would like to here more criticism on Sullivan are eating contest winner defensive tackle.
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I think Robinson would be the preferred problem. Dropsies is contagious and Hakim has it.
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I found this picture in the dictionary, next to the word "overrated."
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Overrated or underrated - who is the best WR available in FA right now?

If Robinson is looking for a big contract - I don't look at him twice. If he's willing to play on the cheap, he could very easily be the number 2 on our team in week 1.
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Well, considering this is a thread about Koren Robinson, and BNB posted a picture of Bobby Taylor, I don't know which one he is calling overrated either.
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This is what happens when you drink and post. This was supposed to go under the thread that discussed Robinson and Taylor.
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Originally Posted by saintswhodi
I was gonna make a poll about the drunk but talented Koren Robinson or the dropsy, injury prone, but fast and big reason for our playoff win Az Hakim, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. But personally, I would give drunk Koren a look before Hakim. Stipulate in his contract the violations that will make it voidable and not have us on the hook for any liability. But Koren also had the biggest drop problems of all Seattle WRs. Maybe it will take him getting cut to wake up. I would prefer neither, but if the team insists, try drunk Koren.
I agree a drunk Koren can catch better than a Sober Hakim, and Koren don't have great hands either!!!!!!!
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