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A few questions

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Mayorj, I'm confused. It is possible that some players are able to play more than one position - and it is possible that Howard is better than any two DTs we have on the roster. In that case, ok. It ...

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RE: A few questions

Mayorj, I'm confused. It is possible that some players are able to play more than one position - and it is possible that Howard is better than any two DTs we have on the roster. In that case, ok. It is my opinion that it is more difficult to be as skilled as the next best guy at more than one position - thus, Howard on passing downs, ok, but Howard as an every down DT, I'm skeptical. Perhaps, I'm just misunderstanding you.

jbutts, I think we more or less agree. Here is the thing I had in mind: imagine you have 5 pro-bowlers on your team, but they all play CB (this would never happen, but it will serve to make my point). Now you wouldn't want to play nickle all the time (with no real safeties - only converted CBs) just so your best players will be on the field all the time. What I had in mind is this: "best player" is position relative - what you want is the best players at their position on the field. I think what you had in mind is what mayorj had in mind - some guys can play multiple positions (perhaps Howard, Watson, and Dwight Smith are examples). These guys can be considered for more than one kind of position - which increases the options you have for putting guys on the field.

I further agree that the left-right system allows for different people in different spaces. However, that isn't really more options on its own, it is merely some flexibility in adjustments. It is still a good thing. Again, I think we drafted Bullocks for exactly this purpose - and I think he'll replace Bellamy before the start of regular season if the hype is even close to correct.

Finally, I actually don't think that Howard is an impact DT. His sacks came mostly when he was on the end (or in a nickle package). Maybe he can be one, but as of now I remain skeptical on this as well.

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RE: A few questions

I'm kinda lost now. I didn't mean to state my question in a way to make a point. I was really asking your opinion on Howard's rank as far as his DT ability. You did answer that in your last post. I was just wondering how well he would be just at DT if Will Smith keeps improving. Would he be a legit starter there? You also answered that, I think.

As far as D. Smith is concerned, it seems a lot has been said about his CB ability leading me to assume his rank among CB's may be better than Howard's among DT's. In that case, I think having that option or even testing that option in preseason would be a good tactic given Bullocks' progress and the mild shakeups at the CB position right now (McKenzie hamstring, Brown pseudoholdout). I'm not jumping to conclusions saying Smith should start there; I would like to see him at SS leading the secondary.

Anyway, I think we are in agreement overall. I just wanted to know how good a DT Howard was. Hopefully, we'll send him to Phili for Simon before too long. Whoops, too logical.
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Re: RE: A few questions

Originally Posted by BlackandBlue
Don't let the camp hype get out of control.
1. No kidding.

2. Don't overanalyze formations too much. Last year there was talk of this "delta" formation that Venturi talked about implementing. Sounded like a nickel package, by it's description.

3. Does Watson have the size and strength to play the strong side? If Fincher bumps Watson from the middle, he'll compete with Colby (read quote at the top again) for the weak side.

4. Last year, I saw Howard and Grant play the DT. They'll rotate them around, that's too much talent in three players not to have them on the field.

Before implementing a 'delta' Rick needs to implement a Defensive Coordinator!!!!!!!
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