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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Now that the draft has passed, NFL teams will be looking at their holes through mini-camp. Teams will then look to the list of top available veterans to help stabilize their roster for training camp before they attempt to address ...

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Now that the draft has passed, NFL teams will be looking at their holes through mini-camp. Teams will then look to the list of top available veterans to help stabilize their roster for training camp before they attempt to address those further needs in the 2006 NFL Draft. Here's a list of the top veterans available on the open market.

Player 2004 Team
Vinny Testaverde Cowboys
Jeff Blake Eagles
Kordell Stewart Ravens
Shaun King Cardinals
Jeff George Bears
Brock Huard Seahawks
Quincy Carter Jets
Chris Chandler Rams
Vinny Testaverde is a solid backup type who still has the competitive drive to lead a team. He was decent with Dallas last season, but his immobility and knack for giving up too many turnovers are strikes against him, especially at his age. If Testaverde can accept a backup role, he should be in camp somewhere. Jeff Blake has a lot of experience as a starter and has posted some solid numbers for stretches, but isn't always a good locker room guy. Shaun King is on the fringe right now. He couldn't solidify a backup role in Arizona last season. His accuracy was very erratic in 2004. Jeff George is a wildcard right now. His past talent is intriguing and he's become more humbled on the surface, but his track record scares a lot of teams. It's telling that the Bears haven't resigned him, as they were desperate for a veteran earlier this spring.

Running Backs
Player 2004 Team
Dorsey Levens Eagles
Eddie George Cowboys
Amos Zereoue Raiders
Tyrone Wheatley Raiders
J.R. Redmond Raiders
Garrison Hearst Broncos
Dorsey Levens looked sharp at times in a backup role behind Brian Westbrook last season. Levens still has value as a short-yardage and third down back in the ball-control passing offense like Philadelphia runs, but his age is working against him. Eddie George might head back to Tennessee as insurance behind Chris Brown. George never was much of a factor in Dallas last season. Tyrone Wheatley has some value as a power back, but he gets banged up a lot and might not fit into the makeup of most teams.

Player 2004 Team
Richie Anderson Cowboys
Marc Edwards Jaguars
Tom Lopienski Bucs
Chris Davis Seahawks
Greg Comella Bucs
Stephen Trejo Lions
There isn't much here. Richie Anderson is coming off a serious neck injury. If he can return to form, he's a solid veteran who offers his most value on third downs. Anderson has an outstanding feel for the passing game as a pass catcher and on blitz pickups. Marc Edwards has a lot of experience, but has been very inconsistent throughout his career. He's coming off a very subpar season in Jacksonville. He's faded in the past two seasons and is strictly a wall-off type as a lead blocker these days. Tom Lopienski has shown flashes as a tough lead blocker at times in his career, but has too many limitations. He's strictly a straight-ahead lead blocker. Chris Davis has potential as an all-around fullback, but has been unable to stay healthy.

Wide Receivers
Player 2004 Team
Koren Robinson Seahawks
Curtis Conway 49ers
Tai Streets Lions
Bobby Shaw Chargers
J.J. Moses Texans
Koren Robinson is a skillful athlete, but runs bad routes and drops a lot of passes. He also has had a lot of off-field issues and is very immature. Curtis Conway has been an adequate stopgap the past two seasons for teams that lost their best receiver. He still has value outside the hashmarks. Tai Streets can be very effective at times, but has durability problems. When healthy, Streets can stretch the field vertically as a complementary receiver. J.J. Moses has no value as a wide receiver. He's strictly a return specialist. In that role, Moses is very reliable, but lacks the speed to make himself a scoring threat.

Tight Ends
Player 2004 Team
Ken Dilger Bucs
Jay Riemersma Steelers
Chad Lewis Eagles
Rickey Dudley Bucs
Cam Cleeland Rams
Brian Kozlowski Redskins
Ken Dilger remains savvy in the passing game, but can't run anymore. Jay Riemersma will likely get an opportunity somewhere as a backup. He gives an effort as a positional blocker and catches the ball well, but has trouble getting open these days. Chad Lewis is coming off a serious foot injury. He could re-sign with the Eagles at some point later this summer. Cam Cleeland can be effective as a pass catcher and blocker, but lacks speed and strength to make a difference in both areas.

Player 2004 Team
Gennaro DiNapoli Cowboys
Billy Conaty Vikings
Jerry Fontenot Bengals
Jerry Fontenot had some value as a veteran the past few years, but has faded to the point where's he's no longer effective.

Player 2004 Team
Dan Neil Broncos
Frank Middleton Raiders
Kelvin Garmon Browns
David Dixon Vikings
Doug Brzezinski Panthers
Matt Joyce Lions
Dan Neil could return to Denver. His value isn't very high around the league due to his lack of size and knee problems. Frank Middleton has a lot of experience and can be effective as an in-line blocker, but has a lot of limitations. He lacks the makeup most teams are looking for at this point. He's one of those traditional Raiders. Kelvin Garmon has a lot of starting experience and can be effective as a run blocker at times, but isn't much of an athlete and has durability concerns. David Dixon is a phone-booth power blocker. He might be able to squeeze out another season if his snaps are monitored.

Offensive Tackles
Player 2004 Team
Ross Verba Browns
Chris Terry Seahawks
Kyle Turley Rams
Scott Gragg 49ers
Marcus Price Bills
Aaron Gibson Bears
Matt Willig Panthers
Ross Verba is a tweener between left guard and tackle, but is coming off a very strong season. Verba lacks ideal size and athleticism, but is very smart and plays with excellent technique. His history of injuries is troubling from the past. There is no question Chris Terry has a lot of talent and possesses the feet to play left tackle, but is reliable off the field. He's also coming off an injury and hasn't been committed towards his rehab. Kyle Turley is a very good athlete, but is coming off a herniated disc in his back and has lost a lot of weight. His future is uncertain. Scott Gragg is a natural right tackle with a lot of experience, but is nearing the end of his career. Marcus Price has some value as a reserve. Matt Willig is just a big body who has some experience. He has chronically bad knees and struggles in pass protection.

Defensive Tackles
Player 2004 Team
Ed Jasper Falcons
Travis Hall Falcons
Ellis Johnson Broncos
John Parrella Raiders
Jermaine Haley Redskins
Norman Hand Giants
Ed Jasper complemented retirement following the season, but could surface somewhere for another season. Physically, he's near the end due to injuries, but he's like a coach on the field and is technically sound. Ellis Johnson is still effective as an interior penetrator who can get some pressure on the quarterback, but is more of a headache for the organization he plays for due to his constant talk about retiring. Jermaine Haley has some value as a run clogger in a backup role, but that's all.

Defensive Ends
Player 2004 Team
Kenny Mixon Vikings
Chidi Ahanotu Bucs
Brad Scioli Colts
Jay Williams Rams
Brandon Whiting 49ers
Keith Washington Giants
Lionel Barnes Jaguars
Lorenzo Bromell Giants
Kenny Mixon is instinctive against the run, but has always been plagued by off-field problems. Chidi Ahanotu always finds his way onto someone's roster every season. He's not very talented, but has a great motor and fills a stop-gap role effectively. Brad Scioli is versatile and has been effective in the past based upon effort. Unfortunately, he's fading physically and has been plagued by shoulder problems in the past. Jay Williams was cut by the Rams after only a couple months. Williams is an intense run defender at the point of attack, but is strictly a rotation player nearing the end of his career. Brandon Whiting has good versatility as a run defender outside and can move inside on passing downs, but has been ravaged by shoulder and knee injuries over the past year.

Player 2004 Team
Peter Boulware Ravens
Anthony Simmons Seahawks
Kevin Hardy Bengals
Orlando Ruff Saints
T.J. Slaughter Ravens
Roman Phifer Patriots
Eric Westmoreland Browns
Peter Boulware's main value is as a pass rusher, but he's lost a step and is coming off knee problems. He struggles at the point of attack against the run and is a liability in pass coverage, so he needs to find the right fit in someone's scheme. Anthony Simmons is a very good athlete, but has been extremely inconsistent over the past couple seasons. Simmons has durability issues and some attitude problems. Kevin Hardy is on the decline, but still has some value on the strong side as a stop-gap. Hardy can play over the tight end and help funnel run plays inside. He'll offer some veteran leadership. Orlando Ruff is an inside run stuffer, but is a limited athlete who is a liability in pass coverage. T.J. Slaughter doesn't provide value outside of being aggressive against the run. Roman Phifer doesn't have much value around the league, but is a savvy pass defender in a backup role.

Player 2004 Team
Ty Law Patriots
Bobby Taylor Seahawks
Aaron Beasley Falcons
Terrell Buckley Jets
Dewayne Washington Jaguars
Terrance Shaw Vikings
Earthwind Moreland Patriots
Ty Law is still recovering from his foot injury. He likely won't sign anywhere until given a medical clearance. Bobby Taylor has good size and does his best in press coverage, but injuries have limited him the few seasons. His experience is valuable, but he's on the downside of his career and lacks enough speed in pure man coverage. Aaron Beasley still has some value as insurance within a zone defense. He's physical and knows how to position himself. Terrell Buckley provides veteran experience and savvy, but that's about all these days.

Player 2004 Team
Lance Schulters Titans
Eric Brown Texans
Cory Hall Falcons
Omar Stoutmire Giants
Brock Marion Lions
Damien Robinson Jaguars
Ray Buchanan Raiders
Brian Walker Lions
Rogers Beckett Bengals
Lance Schulters has been nicked up with injuries in recent years, but has some value as a veteran. He's a physical run defender. He struggles in man coverage, but is instinctive to react to passes in front of him. Eric Brown is a solid run support safety, but is a liability against the pass. Cory Hall only strength is his experience as a starter. Hall plays aggressively on the field, but is too erratic and loses his focus often. He doesn't make enough plays on the ball against the pass. Hall signed with Washington in May, but left the team after one practice. He's debating the status of his career. Omar Stoutmire is a physical run defender and has some value in zone coverage, but his lack of speed is a liability at times. Brock Marion has very little range these days and doesn't even make enough plays against the run. Damien Robinson has some value in run support, but struggles against the pass. He also lacks ideal mental makeup. Ray Buchanan provided some stability at free safety for Oakland last season, but is near the end. He strictly relies on veteran instincts. Rogers Beckett might not play again due to suffering a few concussions.

Player 2004 Team
Morten Andersen Vikings
Steve Christie Giants
Gary Anderson Titans
Martin Gramatica Colts
Doug Brien is famous for his big miss in the playoffs. Although he's an upgradeable kicker, Brien possesses solid stop-gap value. He's generally accurate within 40 yards, but loses a lot of range as he approaches the deeper territories. Morten Andersen never seems to go away. His range is limited, but he's generally reliable within 40 yards. Steve Christie had a decent season with the Giants last season, but lacks range and consistency. Gary Anderson faded badly last season with Tennessee.

Player 2004 Team
Chris Mohr Falcons
Sean Landeta Rams
Ken Walter Seahawks
Bryan Barker Packers
Chris Mohr should have some value later in the summer. He's generally reliable and kicks within his coverage. Sean Landeta faded before the Rams cut him loose last season. He might have seen the end of the line, but still has some supporters. Ken Walter has some hang-time, but a weak leg. Bryan Barker is strictly a fringe player these days.

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