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Top 10 WR's

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 1. Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Pros: Scored the league's second-most touchdowns with a career-high 15 and had the NFL's ninth-most receptions (86) last year. Has six straight 1,000-yard seasons and has missed only one game in the past six seasons. Is ...

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Top 10 WR's

1. Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis
Pros: Scored the league's second-most touchdowns with a career-high 15 and had the NFL's ninth-most receptions (86) last year. Has six straight 1,000-yard seasons and has missed only one game in the past six seasons. Is the No. 1 receiver on the NFL's top passing attack with the top quarterback, Peyton Manning. Set the NFL with the most receptions (143) and led the league in receiving yards (1,722) in '02.
Cons: Had fewest receptions and yards in six seasons. Two teammates were 1,000-yard receivers and scored double-digit touchdowns, reducing his receptions (86) and yardage (1,113).
Draft Range: Picks 10-24
Injury History: Missed one game in '03 with a hamstring injury.
Key Stat: Scored in 11-of-16 games.
Two Words: Smooth Sailing
Conclusion: Harrison is the NFL's most consistent receiver and rarely misses a game. He doesn't grab off-the-field headlines with poor behavior and can be relied on every week. The emergence of Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokley has reduced his yardage totals, but they have allowed him to receive more single coverage and scoring opportunities. Harrison is the safest choice to score top five fantasy receiving stats.

2. Terrell Owens, Philadelphia
Pros: Had 10th most yards (1,200) and third-most touchdowns (14) despite missing two games last year. Was fantasy's top receiver through 14 weeks before missing the season's last two games. He plays with one of the league's top quarterbacks, Donovan McNabb. Stats projected to league's fifth-most yards (1,371) and most touchdowns (16) for receivers over 16 games. Has exceeded 1,100 yards in the past five seasons and scored at least 13 touchdowns in five of the last seven seasons. No other receiver on the roster has gained 1,000 yards.
Cons: Has missed five games in the past three seasons.
Draft Range: Picks 10-24
Injury History: Missed last two games in '02 with groin injury, missed last game in '03 with broken collarbone and missed last two games in '04 with broken fibula.
Key Stat: Had seven games with at least 100 yards and scored in nine of 14 games last year.
Two Words: Touchdown Maker
Conclusion: If Owens is playing on a strong team, he prospers on the fantasy field. The Eagles rely on the West Coast passing attack for their offense, and Owens is the league's best receiver after the catch with his size, speed and strength. The Eagles are creative in using him to exploit single coverage as well. Being featured in Philly's offense will ensure Owens is one of the top fantasy receivers again.

3. Randy Moss, Oakland
Pros: Scored 13 touchdowns in only 13 games last year. He has scored 90 touchdowns in the past seven seasons. He never missed a game in first six seasons and averaged 1,396 yards in first six seasons.
Cons: Gained career-low 767 yards last year. Playing in new system and never played with Oakland or Kerry Collins. He missed three games and parts of two others with hamstring last year.
Draft Range: Picks 10-24
Injury History: Missed three games and played in only two snaps in one game and one half in another because of hamstring injury in '04.
Key Stat: Scored in 10 of 13 games (two were hampered by hamstring injury).
Two Words: Raider Roulette
Conclusion: New quarterback Kerry Collins can throw deep well. However, he will need to establish a rapport with Moss. If Collins can throw the deep fade in the end zone better than Daunte Culpepper, he will improve Moss' scoring chances. Moss will be contending for catches with Jerry Porter and other receivers like Ronald Curry and Doug Gabriel. Moreover, his yardage total took a big dip last year. Even accounting for his hamstring injury in two more games for a total of five, Moss was projected for only 1,116 yards over a full season. Expect Moss' yards to decrease from his season's past, but his touchdown totals to be among the league's highest for receivers.

4. Torry Holt, St. Louis
Pros: Had third-most receptions (94), fourth-most yards (1,372) and seventh-most touchdowns (10) among receivers. He's averaged 1,474 receiving yards in past five seasons. He had 1,696 yards and 12 TDs in '03. He has never missed a game in six seasons.
Cons: Averaged only 5.8 touchdowns in first four seasons. He doesn't score high number of touchdowns like the elite receivers.
Draft Range: Picks 16-24
Injury History: None.
Key Stat: Gained at least 90 yards in nine games last season.
Two Words: Big Yardage
Conclusion: Holt is the No. 1 receiver on one of the NFL's top passing offenses, thus gaining significant yardage in the Rams' offense. Isaac Bruce remains a formidable No. 2 receiver, reducing double teams on Holt. He has never been one of the top touchdown scorers among the elite receivers. The emergence of No. 3 receiver Kevin Curtis may reduce Holt's yardage, but could increase his scoring with more single coverage in the red zone. Quarterback Marc Bulger is entering his third full season, so Holt will benefit from the added experience. To his credit, Holt plays hurt, not missing a game with an injury in his six-year career.

5. Javon Walker, Green Bay
Pros: Had his breakout season last year with the league's third-most yards (1,382), sixth-most catches (89) and fifth-most TDs (12). He plays in the league's No. 3 offense headed by one of the league's best quarterbacks ever. Passing offense had the most attempts and completions last season. He played in all 16 games last year. He Is 26. He's one of the league's best athletes, having played minor-league baseball and reaching the AA level with the Marlins.
Cons: Inexperience. He's entering his fourth season with only 17 starts.
Draft Range: Picks 18-30
Injury History: Missed one game in '02.
Key Stat: Reached 100 yards or scored a TD in 12 games.
Two Words: Thanks Favre
Conclusion: Walker had the customary breakout season for a receiver in his third year, finishing among the top five fantasy receivers in many leagues. The return of Favre means Walker will again be one of the top fantasy receivers this season. Walker doesn't have a checkered injury history, so he's a safe bet to play in all 16 games. He has the speed to go deep routes and the size (6-3, 215 pounds) to catch passes among defenders across the middle. He is Favre's most talented receiver since Sterling Sharpe.

6. Chad Johnson, Cincinnati
Pros: Had the league's second-most receptions (94), sixth-most yards (1,274) and eighth-most touchdowns (9) last year. He is playing with one of the league's top young quarterbacks, Carson Palmer. Has three straight seasons of 1,000 yards in only four years of pro experience. He has scored 19 touchdowns over past two seasons. He's played in every game in the past three seasons.
Cons: Scoring. He has not been among the league leaders in touchdowns to be considered in the top tier.
Draft Range: Picks 18-30
Injury History: Never missed a game in the past three seasons.
Key Stat Had at least 99 receiving yards or scored a touchdown in eight games.
Two Words: Rising Fast
Conclusion: Johnson is a reliable pick to finish among the top 10 receivers. He's playing for an improving quarterback as the No. 1 receiver and has averaged 92.5 catches, 1,315 yards and 9.5 touchdowns over the past two seasons. His surrounding cast, youth, size (6-1 and 192 pounds), speed, route-running and catching ability will ensure he will be ranked in the top tier for fantasy receivers soon.

7. Joe Horn, New Orleans
Pros: Had the league's third-most catches (94), second-most yards (1,399) and sixth-most touchdowns (11) last year. Is the only 1,000-yard receiver on the roster in last year's No. 12 passing offense. He has at least 1,265 yards in four of the last five seasons. He has missed only one game in the past seven years.
Cons: Not a proficient touchdown scorer. Only has reached double-digit scores in nine-year career. He had only 973 yards two years ago. He battles nagging injuries, putting his game status in doubt at times.
Draft Range: Picks 24-36
Injury History: Missed finale in '03 with separated shoulder.
Key Stat: Had at least 80 yards or one score in 13 games.
Two Words: Rings True
Conclusion: Horn is the primary receiver for the Saints' offense, and Aaron Brooks looks to him frequently. He's caught at least 78 passes in five straight seasons with the Saints. He's only missed one game in the past seven years. Owner's will be hard-pressed to find receivers who have Horn's consistency, experience and production, is established in a potent offense and possess a strong rapport with the quarterback.

8. Hines Ward, Pittsburgh
Pros: Has four straight 1,000-yard seasons. He has not missed a game in seven seasons and is the Steelers' No. 1 wideout. Has caught at least 80 passes in the last four seasons. He had 112 catches, 1,329 yards and 12 touchdowns in '02.
Cons: Scored only four touchdowns last season after averaging 11 in the previous two. Is playing with an inexperienced quarterback.
Draft Range: Picks 24-36
Injury History: None.
Key Stat: Has averaged 92 catches and 1,115 yards in the past four seasons.
Two Words: Steady Yards
Conclusion: Ward had difficulty developing a rapport with rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, scoring only four touchdowns and catching his fewest passes in four years. However, Roethlisberger's favorite TD recipient, Plaxico Burress, has departed, and Ward is ready to be the target of more of the quarterback's passes. The eighth-year veteran is well-established in Pittsburgh's passing system and is ready to reclaim his status of a top fantasy receiver.

9. Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis
Pros: Had the NFL's eighth-most receiving yards (1,210), 13th-most catches (77) and fifth-most touchdowns (12) last season. Has played in every game for the past three seasons. Led the Colts in receiving yards last year. Cons: Proven track record. Wayne had his first 1,000-yard season last year.
Draft Range: Picks 30-40
Injury History: None in the last three seasons.
Key Stat:Scored in 10 games last year.
Two Words: Thank Manning
Conclusion: As Manning's confidence in Wayne grew, so did his number of throws to him. Wayne had career highs in catches, yards and touchdowns and was one of fantasy's top 10 receivers. Receivers Marvin Harrison and Brandon Stokley and the Colts' running game helped defenses from double teaming Wayne. As long as Manning is throwing to him, he's a solid third-to-fourth rounder to anchor fantasy receiving corps.

10. Drew Bennett, Tennessee
Pros: Had NFL's seventh-most yards (1,247), 11th-most yards (1,247), 11th most receptions (80) and sixth-most touchdowns (11) last year. He played in all 16 games last season. He Had one game of 233 yards and three touchdowns last season.
Cons: Track Record. Has only one season of 16 starts and at least 1,000 yards.
Draft Range: Picks 30-40
Injury History: Missed four games with a calf injury in '03.
Key Stat: Had seven games of 100 yards or one touchdown.
Two Words: Sole Veteran
Conclusion: The departure of No. 1 wideout Derrick Mason means Bennett is Steve McNair's new No. 1 receiver. Last season, Mason finished with the NFL's most catches (96). Bennett flourished last season as the No. 2 wideout and will continue to be the target of many passes. The fifth-year pro is entering his second full season of starting and has refined his route running after playing both quarterback and receiver at UCLA.

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RE: Top 10 WR

Cons: Not a proficient touchdown scorer.
Joe is the man.
He cannot throw the ball to himself in the Red Zone.
I have a hard time believing that he just stands around in the end zone rather than trying to make a score.
As far as RAC goes. He rarely gets hit in stride on a route. Stop to catch ball. Try to accelerate away from the D. = TDs aren't what they would be otherwise.
Subtract a few ints and a few fumbles in the Red Zone and maybe Joe's TD production is up.
I am not going to be the one who brings up........."That Guy".
Just my take.
Joe has more heart than most players I have ever seen.

p.s. Please don't bring up dropped passes anyone.
You try catching a bullet in your teeth like Superman.
"That Guy" isn't much for touch passes, even though he is a "superior athlete"
with a "rocket arm" and is one of the "top five" at his position.
p.p.s. "That Guy" is "Purely a Hypothetical player" of course.

I'm no one.
Who are you?
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