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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Good points Tobius, but I'm still not convinced that this will be the team we see during the regular season....

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Good points Tobius, but I'm still not convinced that this will be the team we see during the regular season.
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Breaking down the game a little further -- the first string defense did not do a bad job. As for those that say depth is the problem I have this argument -- this isn't hockey where you replace the whole team. Depth is at position -- you may rotate one or 2 guys in at a time and they probably will not stink it up as badly. As for the offense -- the turnovers blew -- but in reality the offense usually is behind the defense in the beginning ==

I didn't like the game -- thought we looked sloppy which has always been my complaint about the Saints -- but I have not put on my panic mode yet.
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Originally Posted by Tobias-Reiper
... staying with the "laying an egg" concept:

... how many omelets can you make with the eggs the Patriots have laid the past 3 years? ...can't make an omelet... maybe 2 sunny-side up..
... now... how many omelets can you make with the eggs the Saints have laid in the past 3 years? You could feed Johnathan Sullivan for an entire week...

... that the final score in a preseason game between the Bengals and the Patriots was 31-3 doesn't mean that the Pats laid an egg, because you do not know how Bellichick, his staff, and the players themselves used that preseason game...good coaches use preseason games to evaluate a number of things: which plays work within the scheme, which players execute such plays within that same scheme, how players react to certain situations, etc... and not only the 3rd and 4th stringers either, but the entire team... good players use these games not only to get used to the hitting, but also to evaluate their physical conditioning, technique, approach to the game, etc...

... also, the Pats of the 2004 preseason were coming off their 2nd Superbowl win in 3 years, not their 4th dissapointing season on a row hovering around .500 and not making the playoffs...

... it's not that the Saints "laid an egg" in preseason, it is that this last preseason game seemed a carbon copy of every preseason game they have played the last 4 years: same mistakes, same not looking sharp, same Haslett already cursing out refs, same Venturi scratchig his head... yes there are some new faces and some bright spots here and there, as there are every preseason, but just like in the past 4 years, it is as if the Saints are not serious about winning...

... and just like in the past 4 years, there are people saying "it's preseason", "it's vanilla", and comparing the Saints losing a preseason game with a proven winner losing a preseason game...

... and we all know how it's been around here come January...
Great points all, TR. Sometimes when I read some of the stuff on this board, I cannot imagine how people come to their conclusions. Is it simply the desire to see us win, blinds them to all else?

I've been watching the Saints for more years than I care to remember. I can see trends in play style. I am certain that other people can see them as well. Why is it that our team displaying precisely the same trends this year as last year(s) - but this year it's all different? This year the outcome will be a success?!?

Sticking with the theme, If I drop an "egg" off of a roof, it's going to fall and hit whatever is below. That egg fell that way last year, and the year before. If I drop another "egg", it's not going to suddenly sail off into the sunny horizon. Why is that some here believe that it will?
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