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espn's chris mortensen chat about football

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; http://proxy.espn.go.com/chat/chatESPN?event_id=3264 Welcome to ESPN.com's moderated chat room. On Wednesday, March 19, ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen returned to take your football questions. Mortensen, an award-winning journalist, is a regular contributor to ESPN.com and maintains his own ESPN.com website. He also ...

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espn's chris mortensen chat about football


Welcome to ESPN.com's moderated chat room. On Wednesday, March 19, ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen returned to take your football questions.
Mortensen, an award-winning journalist, is a regular contributor to ESPN.com and maintains his own ESPN.com website. He also provides reports for ESPN's NFL GameDay, NFL Prime Monday, SportsCenter and ESPN Radio.

The following is a transcript from Mort's March 19 chat:

For a list of upcoming ESPN.com chat guests, visit SportsNation.

Chris Mortensen: Good afternoon! It's great to be back...and now talking some football...

Sean (Giant's Stadium, NJ): Mort, excellent work, and thanks for the chats during the offseason, they are so insightful. Where are my beloved Jets going to go now? I understand not signing Coles to that contract, but is Conway the answer? Do they go out and trade both picks and hope to get Andre Johnson? I know Freeman isn't the answer...a bit of help for the Gang Green faithful please

Chris Mortensen: Conway is probably going to be signed. He's still very capable, still runs pretty well. The biggest question about him is durability. He doesn't have a great track record of 16-game seasons. But he's worthy. The Jets get the Redskins' 13th pick overall by not matching on Coles. They could trade up for Johnson, or he could fall to them. Johnson is a specimen, had a great "measurables" workout at Miami, but he probably dropped more balls than the scouts liked. Taylor Jacobs (Fla.) is another possibility at 13. Coles is a tough loss, but it's probably the right move.

Pete New Ulm, MN: Some people in Minnesota think the Vikings should look at Andre Johnson in the draft, I don't see the need there when the Defense was so terrible, what do you think.

Chris Mortensen: If the Vikings don't draft defense, then somebody needs their head examined.

Andy (Wash DC): I know you don't like Snyder after he let your buddy Marty go but don't you think the Redskins are a much improved football team after all the aquisitions Mort? It all depends on Ramsey now. Keep up the great work! Thanks.

Chris Mortensen: I have no problems with Snyder on a personal or professional level. I talked to him recently, in fact. I think the Redskins are much improved on offense, but their defense has taken a hit. I have seen some other questions about Ramsey (one asked you can expect a Chad Pennington year). Remember, Pennington had two seasons on the sidelines, not one. Nevertheless, I believe Ramsey will show very well this season, especially with a much improved O-line and Coles added to the receiving corps.

bobby p (nj): hey mort. great work as always. what's the odd of parcells going after simms in the second round (if he's even still on the board)?

Chris Mortensen: I think there is no chance that Parcells will take Simms, even if he's still there in the second round. Parcells really believes he would be doing Simms a major disservice by picking him up....the hype and pressure would be enormous because of the obvious storyline - Phil's son, back in the state of Texas, etc. In other words, he wouldn't do that to Chris. Simms, by the way, had what Jim Fassel told me was a terrific workout yesterday. I'll be writing more about it on Friday.

Buffalo Terp: Mort, why did talks between Sam Adams and the Bills break down? It seemed like both parties were heading in the right direction, but now I read the deal is dead. What happened?

Chris Mortensen: Adams just wants a lot of money and this is almost a repeat from last year when he turned down a lot of offers and then waited until after training camp to sign. Things could heat up again later. GM Ton Donohoe obviously likes Adams, but Adams has been a part-time player and seems to pick his spots to dominate, so you can't break the bank for a guy like that.

Dan (Dallas): Hey Mort, How do you see the Junior Seau story unfolding? What teams are likely to look at him?

Chris Mortensen: My guess is Junior will be released June 1. I would consider all the other AFC West teams as potential suitors. Maybe there's no room on the Raiders, but Seau always wears a Raider helmet during the Pro Bowl practices. Besides Oakland & KC (I'm not sure about Denver), I'd say Green Bay is a team to watch. I wonder about Dallas, just because Seau's size would be attractive to Parcells.

Alvin (Manchester CT): Hey Mort, who do you think the giants are interested in doing in the draft and have you heard anything on who they are looking at for there first round pick?

Chris Mortensen: The Giants have reached a new era of realization that you draft for need if that player is available. They need D-linemen, I think; linebackers and O-linemen. Maybe another receiver somewhere. I don't have any names yet. Sorry.

Hector (Irving, TX): Do you think the cowboys should draft Terence Newman or Byron Leftwich

Chris Mortensen: Wow, what a choice that would be...I think Parcells would be hard-pressed to pass on Newman under this scenario. But he knows how important it is to get the quarterback thing right.

John (Baltimore, MD): Beware, the Ravens defense is back and the New & Improved Ray Lewis is about to be unleashed, but what are the Ravens going to do about a QB? Redman is not the answer!

Chris Mortensen: I think Redman will open the season as the starter...as the Ravens get Kyle Boller or Byron Leftwich ready for the job.

Dusty Goldie: Blanchester Ohio: Will the 49ers ever start thinking about the future at QB. Jeff Garcia isn't a young player and his play sometimes makes you wonder if he really is a Pro Bowler.

Chris Mortensen: I have a gut feeling (maybe more than that) the 49ers are going to draft a QB.

Oz (Mesa, AZ): I keep hearing rumors of Orlando Pace being traded to the Texans for the #3 pick, and the Rams picking up Kyle Turley for a second round pick. Is there anything behind any of this or is it just a bunch of smoke?

Chris Mortensen: I haven't heard that specific rumor, but it sounds good. I do think the Pace deal is very problematic for the Rams. Turley is an outstanding tackle and the Saints are shopping him for a first, they might be willing to do it for a second. There is a lot of talk about the Broncos and Saints getting together on Turley, too.

Michael (Erwin, NC): What is the situation with Carolina's QB? I know they have Rodney Peete and Jake Delhomme, and would suspect they'll keep Randy Fasani. With the additions on offense of Kevin Dyson, Stephen Davis and Ricky Proehl, it would appear they may not need a star at QB with a more ball-control offense?

Chris Mortensen: I think Delhomme will be very good with Henning, and all those guys they have added (especially Davis) will be fairly productive. But I still expect the Panthers to draft at QB - at the very least in the second round.

mark (newark,de): Mort, I just read where KGB is visiting the Eagles today!! What are the chances of salary cap guru Joe Banner coming up with a deal impossible for GB to match?

Chris Mortensen: Yes, KGB (Biamala) is in Philly as we speak. I would expect an offer sheet.

Rich(Ft. Lauderdale Fl): Chris You never say anything positive about the Bengals. What is your thoughts on how Marvin Lewis is dealing in free agency??

Chris Mortensen: I like what the Bengals have done. And even though Takeo Spikes was a major loss, I like that Lewis did not want any player who doesn't want to be on his team.

Jon (Des Moines, IA): Chris, if the Bengals do pass on Palmer at #1, how would that sake up the rest of the draft asssuming then that they'd take Rogers at #1

Chris Mortensen: It would be a shake-up, but I would be prepared for one because I'm hearing the Bengals are reluctant at this point to use the No. 1 pick on Palmer. I think they'd love to trade down. Obviously, the Lions at No. 2 have their eyes on Rogers. The Bengals could always go defense - that's why I think they would embrace a trade-down if they can find a dance partner.

Chris (Lincoln, NE): Hey Mort, I love your work. I am a huge Lions fan. I was wondering what your take is on who they will draft at #2. Please tell me it will be Rogers from MSU.

Chris Mortensen: I think it will be Rogers. The one thing Matt Millen felt the Lions lacked when he took over the team was speed. Rogers ran in the high 4.2's/low 4.3's the other day. Then again, K-State's Terence Newman has great speed and he is truly a Pro Bowl player waiting to happen.

Alex: Lanham MD: Chris, what positions do you see the Colts addressing in the first 3 rounds? Who do you think they should draft with their first pick?

Chris Mortensen: I would think it will be O-line and more defense.

Jeff (Tampa): Mort, great to hear from you again. Love your insights. As far as my Steelers go, are they looking to the draft for their new DB's, or are they waiting for the market to dry up on players like Sammy Knight, etc. before they make their move? Also, with an 'older' QB stable, will they be looking to add a QB through the draft? Thanks.

Chris Mortensen: You have touched on something nobody has been talking about - I think the Steelers will very much consider a QB in the first round. Obviously, they are interested in the safety spot, so your Knight speculation makes sense, too.

Johnny:NYC NY: Mort obviously everyone is thinking the jets should pick a wr in the draft but wouldnt boss bailey be better to add some speed back into an aging LB corp?

Chris Mortensen: I think Boss Bailey will be very tempting to the Jets. That defense could use more speed and Boss has got it. That's something no Jets fans should ignore going into this draft.

Ken (Miami): Where will Ken Dorsey go in the draft?

Chris Mortensen: I'm starting to find a couple of teams that could use a 7th rounder on him. I have seen where somebody thought fifth round. I'm not sure, yet.

Adam, TX: How will the addition of Morningweg affect the Eagles' O?

Chris Mortensen: Well, he's an outstanding offensive mind, so be brings something to the table for the scheme and game-planning. He might also be insurance of the Eagles lose O-coordinator Brad Childress to a head job next year.

Clint (Columbus): Hi Mort, I was wondering what your feelings were on the QB situation in Cleveland? I really enjoy your insight and would like to hear your thoughts on who's job it'll be come September. Couch or Holcombe?

Chris Mortensen: I think that if Butch Davis allows open competition, then Holcombe will win the job. But Couch is a good competitor and it's possible that Davis goes back to him to start camp.

Kenny from Reno: If the Packers lose KGB and get the Eagles # 1, can you see the Pack using that pick with their own, (29 & 30) and trading up to a top 5 pick and address the defensive line problem?

Chris Mortensen: I don't think the Pack could go that high with those two picks. Now if the right QB slipped - and I don't know who that is, yet - slipped to No. 20 or so, maybe they would make a move there.

Frank (Tempe, AZ): Will Emmitt end up a Cardinal? I pictured him going to another team with tradition (49ers, Redskins, Steelers)

Chris Mortensen: I have thought that Emmitt would seek out a true Super Bowl contender, like the Bucs. But somebody close to him told me that Emmitt is no different than any other player or person - he will respond to anybody who loves him.

Michael (Erwin, NC): Mike Martz stated that Kurt Warner is his QB this year, despite the play of Marc Bulger. I thought Bulger looked great and should've at least had a shot at the job. Will he land somewhere else or does he have a shot at the job later in the season?

Chris Mortensen: The Rams believe Bulger has real promise but they think he needs some real physical development to be durable enough as a starter. Warener will start, but Bulger will stay with the Rams.

Justin Newport Beach: Why didn't the Eagles tag any of their players? They of easily got a first round pick for Barber and Dougles! And how do you see them upgrading with their WR's??

Chris Mortensen: You're dreaming about the first-round pick (but it's OK to dream). I would hope the Eagles try nailing abother WR in the draft, but the Freddie Mitchell thing might make them gun-shy. He hasn't panned out.

Robert (Petersburg,Va.): Hey Mort, what do you think of the addition of Peerless Price to Atlanta? Are the Falcons ready to explode now that Vick has a legitimate deep threat for that cannon arm (can you tell I went to Virginia Tech)?

Chris Mortensen: All right, Mr. Hokie. I think the Falcons did a good thing when they traded for Price. And they will be a legit playoff team. Vick only gets better, right? But everyone should remember that the last three Super Bowl champions are the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Moral of the story: You better have a great defense if the Super Bowl trophy is in your sights. I think the Falcons still need serious upgrades on defense, especially in the secondary, although they are making progress.

Derek (Fort Wayne,IN): I was wondering your thoughts on how you think Kordell Stewart is going to perform in Chicago. Anything is an upgrade but he showed he couldnt do it in Pittsburg with the same type caliber team.. whats you opinion mort?

Chris Mortensen: There's two ways to look at it (maybe more, actually). As Kordell said, the last two times he played a full season for the Steelers at QB, he took 'em to the AFC championship game. However, I wonder how the fans will treat him if he struggles and especially if the Bears wind up with a QB in the draft. Plus, the Bears still have to deal with 16 "away" games for another season. Then again, Kordell has been through a lot of adversity and should be well-conditioned to it. Bottom line: I don't know.

Chris Mortensen: Wow, this hour flew and I think I failed to answer about 1,850 questions. But it is great to be back and I am looking forward to chatting with you on a weekly basis up until the draft. Hope all is well with everybody. God Bless!
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espn's chris mortensen chat about football

everyone should remember that the last three Super Bowl champions are the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Moral of the story: You better have a great defense if the Super Bowl trophy is in your sights.
THAT does not bode well for the New Orleans Aints... Come on Gator, scream it out with me: \"MORE F-As, MORE F-As, MORE F-As!!!\"
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espn's chris mortensen chat about football

Not that it means anything, but Denver hasn\'t made a trade for an offensive lineman since 1993 (Gary Zimmerman)
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