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2010 Season Recap!!!

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Posted 02-02-2011 at 02:39 PM by dunndb

Some of my concerns during the offseason for the New Orleans Saints are to secure a steady running attack and emphasize better coverage in the secondary. The Seattle game was a complete embarrassment to me. Iím still in shock that we let Matt Hasselbeck throw 4 touchdowns against us and in the end the nail in coffin was when Marshawn Lynch ran a 67 yard TD run. Lynch made Tracy Porter look like a fool. You can agree or disagree but thatís how I perceived it.

It has taken me about a month to write this blog because I still donít know what to say. We marched into Atlanta on Dec. 27th and made the so called ďDirty BirdsĒ look like a bunch of chumps on their own turf. We stuffed Michael Turner for a game total of 48 yards rushing. That is unheard of for Turner to not even reach 50 yards before halftime.
Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis have a lot of positions to fill this offseason. I personally hope to see Reggie Bush playing for another team next season. Its been a good stint for Reggie while in New Orleans but lets face it he is not the premiere NFL running back that we had all hoped he would be when he came out of USC. There are some websites reporting that a former Saints player could be resigned to help out in the backfield and that player is ďMr. Rickey Williams.Ē In all honesty to me this is of course just a rumor and Iím not even sure if this is even a credible source of information. In the near future that is known as the offseason and with the help of a lot of prayers and meetings with the NFLPA and the NFL I truly hope that there is a NFL season next year and not a strike. With that being said I see Chris Ivory working out and conditioning his body for the long haul of a full NFL season. Ivory is already working with strengthening and conditioning coaches in New Orleans rehabbing his broken foot. With a healthy Ivory and a healthy Pierre Thomas we will be unstoppable. It has come out in recent weeks that Brees was playing with a strained MCL for the majority of the season. That may have been some of the major reasons for his career high interceptions record.

In the secondary I am concerned that Tracy Porter the savoir of the XLIV Super Bowl has maybe lost a step or two. We need a lock down corner much like Darelle Revis or a Charles Woodson type corner that no quarterback in their right mind would challenge. Itís just so hard to find one of those players in the draft or pick one up off of free agency for a fair price and not some ridiculous salary....

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    Porter was hurt much of the season. Losing a step? He's only 25 yrs old.
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