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2018 New Orleans Saints: Roster Outlook

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Posted 01-25-2019 at 08:08 AM by jeanpierre

More To Come...

SAINTS DEPTH CHART - 2018 New Orleans Saints Analysis


QB (3) 9 Drew Brees (FA 2018), 5 - Teddy Bridgewater (2018 via Trade), 7 - Taysom Hill

JP Analysis: Vintage Brees, at least one more year left for sure. Bridgewater's fragile health always a concern and was outplayed by a rookie with less weapons in his only appearance. Here I give points to Payton for validating a way to keep a talented developmental quarterback on the roster.

RB (4) 22 - Mark Ingram, 41 - Alvin Kamara, 27 - Dwayne Washington (FA - 2018), 42 - Zach Line (FA 2018), 36 - Daniel Lasco (PUP)

JP Analysis: Why wasn't Mark used more? Contract negotiations? Would give his contract an uptick for inflation of the salary cap, but I wouldn't break the bank. Team needs to make more of an issue of the head shots that Kamara's taking are he won't make it to a veteran contract. Zach Line has developed into a very complementary Full Back. We have no depth after this...

WR-X (3) 13 - Michael Thomas, 10 - Tra'Quan Smith (R3, #91), 18 - Keith Kirkwood (NO UDFA - 2018), 15 - Simmie Cobbs, Jr. (WAS UDFA - 2018)

JP Analysis: There's no X-wide out I won't more than Thomas; perfect student of the game who leads by example - pay him now with team-friendly flexible contract. Tra'quan may just be one of those guys who fails to show up. Kirkwood has phenomenal hands and is just now getting real WR coaching. Despite Tra'quan's disappearing act, I love this group...

LT (2) 72 - Terron Armstead, 74 - Jermon Bushrod (FA - 2018)

JP Analysis: I was right about Armstead, again, and no I'm not happy about it. He's the most expensive player we have on a $/GP basis. We should've traded him last year. Move Ramcyzk here and get a right tackle...

LG (1) 75 - Andrus Peat

JP Analysis: Really started to sour on Peat after his abysmal performance in the playoffs till I learned he had rods put into his hands two weeks prior and was playing injured. We're gonna have to see how he recovers. But these are the guys I want on an offensive line; he's playing out of position and should be a Left Tackle and it shows...

C (2) 60 - Max Unger, 63 - Cameron Tom

JP Analysis: Despite my love for Jimmy Graham, I loved the trade that much more. But Unger's age looks like it's showing and I'm unimpressed with Tom being able to take over as a full-time starter - Draft Need...

RG (2) 67 - Larry Warford, 64 - Will Clapp (R7, #245)

JP Analysis: Felt Warford was awful, inconsistent, and waned down the stretch. We should have paid extra for Zeitler who blew holes open for the Browns. Need a journalist with a pair to pin Payton down on why he doesn't like LSU players because Clapp showed flashes as a rookie...

RT (2) 71 - Ryan Ramcyzk, 79 - Nate Wozniak (NO UDFA - 2018)

JP Analysis: Ramczyk was the real deal Pro Bowl Tackle, not the part-time guy on the other side. Make him the Left Tackle now and find a right tackle which should be easier to find. And get some depth here and not a UDFA in the fourth round; Wozniak is a dark horse to watch here if he can add the weight and learn the position...

TE (4) 89 - Josh Hill, 85 - Dan Arnold, 45 - Garrett Griffin (NO UDFA - 2016)

JP Analysis: We spent too much time on Graham in FA and missed out on the market and it cost us. Josh Hill was a very solid No.2 and was wisely extended in December. Really like Dan Arnold and once he fills out, he'll be a terrific weapon. Don't think this as big a draft need as others feel, but if a guy falls, grab him. I'd like to see us start carrying four (4) Tight Ends for more two TE sets...

WR-Z (3) WR 19 - Ted Ginn, 11 - Tommylee Lewis, 80 - Austin Carr, 88 - Dez Bryant (IR)

JP Analysis: Ginn is a veteran still running lazy routes and missed half the season. It wasn't Lewis fault, but his tenure here hasn't worked out - let him geaux, Sean. Carr seems like a solid reserve, was Drew just frustrated he wasn't stepping up? Does Dez fit this team's offense as speedy wideout? Don't think so...


RDE (2) 57 - Alex Okafor (FA 2018), 92 - Marcus Davenport (R1, #14)

JP Analysis: Okafor should be resigned at his current contract, solid vet. While I'll continue to hate the trade to acquire Davenport as one of the worst Saints trades EVER - Davenport still needs to do more to justify a first round pick as Bengals Sam Hubbard had more production, and games played (availability) as a third round pick, no less...

NT (2) 95 - Tyeler Davison, 76 - Taylor Stallworth (UDFA 2018)

JP Analysis: We had a great rotation here that led the lead in run defense; how much will Davison ask may affect this position...

DT3 (2) 93 - David Onyemata, DT 98 - Sheldon Rankins (IR), 96 - Henry Mondeaux (UDFA 2018)

JP Analysis: Rankins had a great year, but was still outplayed by his counterpart Onyemata; but for the third year, Rankins has been seriously injured and will likely miss the first half of his fourth year. Extend Onyemata and go with him as your starter and start looking for another DT3...

LDE (2) 94 - Cameron Jordan, 91 - Trey Hendrickson, 99 - Tomasi Laulile (IND UDFA - 2018)

JP Analysis: Cam Jordan hits the dreaded 30yo mark this summer but is playing at a terrific level. Hendrickson needs more reps, maybe he gets moved behind Davenport and we acquire a better suited strong-side DE to rotate with Jordan?

WLB (2) 56 - DeMario Davis (FA 2018), 52 - Craig Robertson

JP Analysis: Once Nolan's coaching took hold, Davis really flourished this year and has a terrific reserve in Robertson. Still don't know why D.A. moved Davis from MIKE to WILL, but it finally started working...

MLB (2) 47 - Alex Anzalone, 51 - Manti Te'o

JP Analysis: Anzalone made several game changing plays as the MIKE for us this year and more importantly showed that with proper medical treatment, was able to play a full season, healthy. Te'o seems done...

SLB (2) 53 - A.J. Klein, 59 - Vince Biegel (FA - 2018)

JP Analysis: Moving Klein to SAM was definitely the right call, but we may want to get him an extension with more guaranteed money, and get his per year number more commensurate as a two-down linebacker. Biegel was a nice sneaky play...

RCB (2) 23 - Marshon Lattimore, 34 - Justin Hardee

JP Analysis: Where was this Lattimore the first half of the season?!? He can be the best - stay away from the news clippings; Hardee is a solid reserve, special teamer...

NCB (2) 21 - Patrick Robinson (IR), 26 - P.J. Williams, 32 - Josh Robinson (FA - 2018), 28 - Chris Campbell (ARZ R6, #201)

JP Analysis: Could you imagine where this defense could've been with a healthy P-Rob at the Nickel who was our highest rated DB when he went down??? P.J. is likely done in a Saints uniform - flashed at times, but has some off-field issues. I'd draft multiple CB with our third day picks to develop behind P-Rob...

FS (2) 43 - Marcus A. Williams, 31 - Chris Banjo

JP Analysis: WTH happen to Mr. Marcus the rookie phenom?!? We sure could've used that guy not the one who may still have the Diggs play on his mind. We need to find a better reserve than Banjo...

SS (2) 24 - Vonn Bell, 29 - Kurt Coleman (FA 2018), 48 - J.T. Gray (UDFA 2018)

JP Analysis: Another two draft picks guy that leaves me wanting better for this postion; we really need to find a smarter SS than can create turnovers; Coleman should be the reserve Free Safety as he was swallowed up as a SS...

LCB (2) 25 - Eli Apple, 20 - Ken Crawley, 37 - Arthur Maulet (NO UDFA - 2017)

JP Analysis: Really like that Apple seems to be turning his career around with us and was nearly playing like a first rounder (maybe not yet a Top 10 pick, but defintely a late first rounder - Steal. What do we do with Crawley? Package with a late pick to get a third round pick?


K (1) 3 - Wil Lutz

JP Analysis: Get this man extended.

P (1) 6 - Thomas Morstead

JP Analysis: Don't like spending that much on a Punter, but he does everything right as a player and a person, keep rolling...

LS (1) 49 - Zach Wood (FA 2018)

JP Analysis: Don't screw up and you've got a job - WTH else am I gonna say?

Active Roster Count - Total: 53; Offense: 26; Defense: 24; Kicking: 3


Projected Starter

Free Agent Signed (FA 2018)


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