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Posted 01-08-2012 at 03:53 AM by joker-saint

Visit this discussion panel. Niners fans are saying some pretty interesting stuff about the Saints at 3:00am central time 01/08/12

NFL Game Center: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints - 2011 Wild Card Weekend
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    Still waiting on a comment from the niners fans on this one

    Still waiting to hear from some niners fans: Any defense can be ranked first againt the rush when they play teams who are on average 20th and below in rushing. The niners played one team that was ranked 5th which was the Eagles. Outcome 416 yards passing and 2 TD's by Vick, 108 rushing with 75 of those coming from Vick. Vick isn't even a running back. Do you think you will stop 3 top notch running backs if you couldn't even stop Vick? The outcome told the story there. 1 point game. Now place Sproles, Thomas, and Ivory back there along with the number 1 ranked passing in the league. Good luck Niners. This is a great match up
    Posted 01-08-2012 at 04:02 AM by joker-saint joker-saint is offline

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    Answer to ddub19's question

    Answer to ddub19's question: "Why do the Saint say " who dat"? because there too stupid to know how to spell "whos that!" Maybe its time to leave the swamp and go back to school!!!!" Unfortunately that is a chant that has stuck with this team since the early 80's. As far as them being too stupid to spell "Whos that!" I believe it is who's....lol, but thats ok. You also said "Why do the Saint say" It's a good thing spelling touchdown isn't required to put 7 on the board, because thats all Brees is going to do next week too. I believe this will be a very good game though. The niners do have a great defense. Who have they played? Seattle, 22nd in passing and 21st in rushing. Dallas, 7th in passing and 18th in rushing, and they lost.(No worries....We lost to them too when we were 13 and 0) Cincinnati, 20th in passing and 19th in rushing, pretty close game there too. Philidelphia, 9th in passing and 5th in rushing, which was a 1 point game. Tampa, 16th and 30th, and worst team in the NFC South. Detroit, 4th and 29th and you only won by 6 ^^^^ TAKE A LOOK AT THAT SCORE ^^^^ thats was you first 6 games and none of them were elite teams. ClE, 24th and 28th-WAS, 14th and 25th-NYG 5th and 32nd-17th and 24th-BAL 17th and 25th and so on and so forth.....The SAINTS are 1st and 6th. Lets hope your lights dont cut out on you during this game. Brees will definitely enjoy that down time.
    Posted 01-08-2012 at 04:03 AM by joker-saint joker-saint is offline
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    I think you mean "who's that," joker-saint. (who is)

    Yea, you really hit on something, which is WEAK SCHEDULE at the 49ers. Actually, that might be a better tiebreak than the conference record, just add up all the wins of the opponents. Give me some time and I might just do that myself.
    Posted 01-09-2012 at 01:43 PM by mike27 mike27 is offline
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    OK, call me wrong on that one. Teams SF played won 115 games, teams GB played won 117 games, and teams our Saints' played won 113, so...pretty much statistically even.

    Interesting weirdness on same teams played. It plays to the Saints' doing poorly against teams with really bad records, for some reason, less practice perhaps, don't have to win? Whatever.

    Anyway, San Francisco beat Tampa 48-3, the Saints' lost 26-20, in their first meeting, playing as if drugged, and won 27-16 in their second.

    Saints lost to St. Louis 31-21, another hapless contest, while SF won twice, 26-0, and later 34-27--did SF get worse, or St. Louis get better? You decide.

    Games that mattered--Detroit, SF won 25-19, and the Saints' won with 31-17 first, then 45-28 which would've easily been 52-28 without the kindness of taking three knees, and ending the game mercifully. Plus, the late Detroit game shows much improvement, against a stronger, more healthy Detroit team.

    Finally, SF beat the Giants 27-20, and the Saints smoked them 49-24, and if I remember correctly, they could've probably run that score up a bit too.

    I tend to dismiss the teams that aren't doing well, as for whatever reason, perhaps they just rest a bit during weeks where they play teams they feel are inconsequential. But against the better teams, the Saints' did better, and they made a run at the end that looks better than SF did, who appears to be closer to where the Saints' were during their sag-period, losing to Tampa and the Rams.
    Posted 01-09-2012 at 02:19 PM by mike27 mike27 is offline
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