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2017 Draft Bowl Week Dec 30

this is a discussion within the College Community Forum; Liberty Bowl Memphis, Tenn. Noon (ESPN) Georgia (7-5) vs. TCU (6-6) Josh Carraway OLB/DE TCU 6026 250 4.68 #94 rSr 3-4 outside linebacker who contributes on special teams Aaron Curry DT TCU 6015 278 4.98 #95 rSr Small DT with ...

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2017 Draft Bowl Week Dec 30

Liberty Bowl
Memphis, Tenn. Noon (ESPN)
Georgia (7-5) vs. TCU (6-6)

Josh Carraway OLB/DE TCU 6026 250 4.68 #94 rSr
3-4 outside linebacker who contributes on special teams

Aaron Curry DT TCU 6015 278 4.98 #95 rSr
Small DT with some quick's.

Greg Pyke, OG/OT Georgia 6052 313 5.27 #73

road grader but "lacks the ideal agility" and may not fit in zone-blocking schemes or those that require a lot of pulling.

Dominick Sanders*, S, Georgia 5116 190 4.54 #24 Jr
evidence of consistent play. Go back to school!

skipping NFL Draft
Nick Chubb Sony Michel, Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy

El Paso, Texas 2 p.m.
Stanford (9-3) vs. North Carolina (8-4)

*Christian McCaffrey RB/WR/KR Stanford 5115 205 4.48 Jr.
He can run, he can catch, and he can return kicks and punts. In the right system it would be hard to keep him off the field. Sean Payton and Bill Belichick come to mind. Scouts will largely ignore McCaffrey's statistics and instead focus on his unique athletic traits - which are every bit as impressive and perfectly suited to today's up-tempo NFL.

Solomon Thomas SDE Stanford 6021 275 4.84 #90 rSo
consistent technically sound and does a great job of maintaining leverage. Build is perfect to be a rush end in 4-3 defense. Wreaking havoc generating pressure on the passer or stuffing rushing lanes. Outstanding first-step quickness and the upper-body strength

Johnny Caspers, ROG/OC Stanford 6031 296 5.29 # 57
heavy hands. good footwork leverage and balance. Pulling, from various positions, is the centerpiece of his game May lack ideal length and overall size particularly as a pass blocker, slid to center in short yardage and goal line situations.

Casey Tucker OT Stanford 6052 296 5.12 #77 Jr
Talented but this is a pick all about upside

Luke Kaumatule DE Stanford 6062 294 5.06 #99 rSr
Peter Kalambayi OLB Stanford 6021 245 4.78 #34 rJr
Michael Rector WR Stanford 6002 185 4.49 #3 rSr
Conrad Ukropina K Stanford 6002 192 4.92 #34 rSr
Francis Owusu WR Stanford 6021 223 4.52 #6 Sr
Noor Davis ILB Stanford 6032 244 4.86 #3 rSr
Zach Hoffpauir FS Stanford 6001 197 4.59 #10 rSr
Dallas Lloyd SS Stanford 6021 213 4.64 #29 rSr
Bryce Love RB Stanford 5091 181 4.42 #20 So

Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina 6025 220 4.74 #10 rJr
the mobility, and the pro-style skills everyone at the next level wants. tight-windowed throws while handling pressure. In such a weak draft class he would be foolish not to come out.

Naz Jones DT/DE North Carolina 6045 295 4.95 #90 rJr
consistent energy and motor. good job stuffing the run up the middle, led the team in tackles for loss.Naz did a good job pass rushing himself but also Take up multiple blockers freeing up others arms up and block passes 4 pass breakups.

Ryan Switzer WR North Carolina 5095 185 4.50 #3 Sr
Wes Welker comparisons ? The little engine that could and does frustrates and makes DBs look silly. speed and agility but also runs excellent routes. electric with the ball. He’s a polished, well-rounded prospect with very few holes in his game. The biggest reason for Trubisky success is Switzer

Jon Heck OT North Carolina 6056 300 5.21 #71 rSr
capable OT strong run blocker, lacks ideal technique pass blocking

Elijah Hood RB North Carolina 5111 220 4.59 #34 Jr.
will return to school for the 2017 season.

Caleb Peterson OG North Carolina 6045 300 5.23 #70 rSr
Out for the year back injury.

M.J. Stewart CB North Carolina 5111 200 4.54 #6 Jr
indefinite suspensions

WR Mack Hollins North Carolina 6032 210 4.55 #13 Sr
Out for the year collarbone injury.

T.J. Logan RB North Carolina 5095 190 4.46 #8 Sr
Des Lawrence CB North Carolina 6002 185 4.50 #2 Sr
Johnathan 'Bug' Howard WR North Carolina 6035 210 4.62 #84 Sr

C Lucas Crowley, No. 68, 6'2" - 290 lbs., 5.14
FB Dan Mastromatteo, No. 47, 6'2" - 235 lbs., 4.79
DE Mikey Bart, No. 45, 6'3" - 270 lbs., 4.85
FS Dominique Green, No. 26, 5'11" - 190 lbs., 4.54

Music City Bowl
Nashville, Tenn. 3:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Tennessee (8-4) vs. Nebraska (9-3)

*Derek Barnett SDE Tennessee 6025 265 4.65 #9 Jr
Barnett is a shorter, thick, strong defensive end. equally effective against the run, holds a stronge edge, as he is as a pass rusher, not quite the quick-twitch athlete. Think Nick Perry.“He plays hard when it’s time to rush the passer,” not to sure about that

Cameron Sutton CB Tennessee 5112 186 4.50 #23 Sr
As solid as a college CB can be. But the draft media did not. They held his lack of production against him. Confident, fluid athlete at his best in man coverage and opponents did not challenge him. Outstanding punt returner to boot Now in run support being a bit on the thin side he does let his team mates do the dirty work, He is more of a finesse than force as a tackler

Jalen Reeves-Maybin OLB Tennessee 6001 230 4.72 #21 Sr
Mid round steal? "chase" weak side linebacker in a 4-3 +shoulder - play-making linebacker-safety hybrid experience at multiple positions. agility, terrific diagnosis, athleticism coverage skills, savvy blitzer and solid instincts. May Lack ideal stopping power due to his size but he is a reliable open-field tackler. And if he has any medical red flags at all, plus lack of size, that's a recipe for going undrafted. any of this sounding familiar?

Danny OBrien DT Tennessee 6015 301 5.18 #95 rSr
Corey Vereen DE Tennessee 6021 249 4.84 #50 Sr

Nate Gerry SS Nebraska 6015 220 4.58 #25 Sr
Day 3 steal? Intriguing size/speed NFL prospect smart, gritty player who could be short on the physical skills for the NFL.Special teams demon

Cethan Carter TE Nebraska 6032 240 4.83 #11 Sr
Poor man jack Butt? pass-catching tight end. athletic ability, perfect match up problem, relentless motor, one of the better blocking TE difference maker Day 1, whether it’s in goal-line situations or on special teams.

Tommy Armstrong Jr.QB Nebraska 6011 220 4.78 rSr
to sit out injured hamstring

Josh Banderas OLB Nebraska 6021 240 4.76 #52 Sr
long snapper to boot?

Jordan Westerkamp WR Nebraska 5112 200 4.54 #1 rSr
Alonzo Moore WR Nebraska 6011 195 4.56 #82 rSr
Terrell Newby RB Nebraska 5091 200 4.54 #34 Sr

Arizona Bowl
Tucson, Ariz. 5:30 p.m. (American SN)
South Alabama (6-6) vs. Air Force (9-3)

Gerald Everett TE South Alabama 6032 4.68 240 #12 rSr
2017 Small school Draft Wonder? A decent blocker with soft hands and a big-enough frame for the red zone,

Weston Steelhammer S Air Force 6005 200 4.59 #8 Sr
Intriguing size/speed NFL prospect ball-hawking hard-hitting safety plays a smart rare brand of responsibly aggressive football. Special teams demon?

Jalen Robinette WR Air Force 6026 215 4.56 #9 Sr
athleticism in a big frame stuck in a run based offense.

Orange Bowl
Miami, Fla. 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Michigan (10-2) vs. Florida State (9-3)

Jabrill Peppers SS/FS/OLB/KR Michigan 6002 205 4.42 #5 rSo
Might be the number 1 freak of the draft but unlike most he has never really had a position to play more than one year. RB/LB/CB/S/KR. So much like Jalen Ramsey he needs a home to grow. SS to start. Match him up on the TE in man coverage. "overrated" ? nahhhhh Besides if this coverage issue is over blown and he can handle FS you might have the best player of the draft down the road. Huge need for the saints.

Taco Charlton DE Michigan 6052 272 4.87 #33 Sr,
#1 Diamond in the rough? Has always been strong against the run game. Really coming along as a pass rusher this year, learning how to bend the edge and developing pass rush moves. Turning into a complete player. He is the most tempting SDE in this draft to fill a huge saints need.

Jake Butt TE Michigan 6051 250 4.74 #88 Sr
Day 2 steal? Nothing fancy just a solid all around TE and that is extremely rare to find and get less and less love with each passing year. Media and scouting need to look at Travis Kelce, Greg Olsen, Tyler Eifert. Another huge need for the saints.

Jehu Chesson WR Michigan 6021 203 4.50 #86 rSr
Intriguing size/speed NFL prospect Trapped in MU offense only makes one wonder what he could have done in an offense a little more pass happy. Yet another solid #2 WR candidate for Drew and he too is over 6' tall.

Chris Wormley DT Michigan 6045 302 4.92 #43 rSr
A bit of an enigma. He does what he is suppose to and does it very well. But I keep waiting for him to take his game to the next level. I worry about his ceiling.

Jourdan Lewis CB Michigan 5095 176 4.43 #26 Sr
The might mouse king of the 2016 draft. He has it all. Except one thing height. Need to see the arm length.

Amara Darboh WR Michigan 6012 215 4.46 #82 rSr
electric size and speed to be effective on short, intermediate, and deep throws, making him a potential WR2. history the drops?

Ryan Glasgow DT Michigan 6031 299 5.02 #96 rSr
Steady Eddie Now he has taken his game to the next level and there appears to more talent to tap. Glasgow may turn into a better pro than Wormley.

De'Veon Smith RB Michigan 5111 228 4.57 #4 Sr
Impact talent is all there but can stay healthy? a rotational power back with solid blocking skills

Channing Stribling CB/FS Michigan 6011 176 4.52 #8 Sr
Intriguing size/speed NFL prospect Day 3 steal? RAW He looks to have it all. not the athlete Lewis is but he is good and ceiling maybe higher than Lewis. He has a high floor to start work with.

Kyle Kalis OG Michigan 6041 305 5.24 #67 rSr
effective as both a pass protector and run blocker, inside is his spot in NFL.

Erik Magnuson OT Michigan 6054 305 5.17 #78 rSR
Ranked a bit high as an OT IMO. move back to OG is in order. Slow heavy feet says it all.

Ben Braden OT/OG Michigan 6045 335 5.29 #71 rSr
Late round steal? Intriguing size/speed NFL prospect RAW Keep an eye on this mammoth man. If he puts up some solid pro day numbers he should hear his name call on draft day. Started at RT and LG. Has improved every year so the ceiling might be higher than most think. I think this guy is an answer for a swing OG that can kick out to RT if needed.

Dymote Thomas SS Michigan 6006 199 4.56 #4 Sr
Yet another player lost in the media scouting and listed as an UDFA by many. Special teams is his ticket but the skill set is there to stick around for years to come.

Delano Hill FS Michigan 5115 215 4.59 #44 Sr
Yet another player lost in the media scouting. turnover maker, special team

Mason Cole C/OG/OT Michigan 6045 305 5.06 #52 rJr

returning to school - Old school interior lineman.strength, athleticism and just a solid clean across the board player. Versatility is what this kid is all about. Can play all 5 position on the OL

Jeremy Clark CB Michigan 6032 206 4.59 #34 rSr tore his ACL
*Maurice Hurst Jr DT Michigan 6015 282 4.93 #73 rJr
Ben Gedeon ILB Michigan 6015 247 4.86 #42 Sr
Kenny Allen P Michigan 6031 222 4.98 #91 P

*Dalvin Cook RB FSU 5111 206 4.46 #4 Jr
Cook is a complete back, who has power and speed, as well as the ability to make plays in the passing game out of the backfield. There aren't any obvious flaws in Cook's game.If I am to have a concern it would be list of games missed because of nagging injury.

DeMarcus Walker DE Florida State 6021 273 4.86 #44 Sr
Has a bit of a tweener body type. bit short on length to be a 4-3 and isn't a great fit to be a 3-4 outside linebacker or defensive end.Strong. Bulk from head to toe. old-school football player

*Rod Johnson ROT Florida State 6061 308 5.37 #77 Jr
major strength but he’s too inconsistent. Pass blocking is troublesome as seen in his posture in pass protection . Constantly over-extended and off-balance. Vastly over rated and reflects the weakness of the OT class this year

*Travis Rudolph WR FSU 6012 189 4.52? #15 Jr

Raw Despite solid production and going on scoring streaks he remains kind of under the radar.

Marquez White CB FSU 5111 181 4.49 #27 Sr
Sleeper ? - White is flying under the radar a bit, but he has all the skill sets needed to be a good coverage corner

Freddie Stevenson FB Florida State 6002 243 4.82 #23 Sr
He ain't pretty he is a FB. He paved the way for Dalvin Cook and helped him to make millions. Solid runner in his own right but his greatest attributes is picking his way through the trash and getting blocks at the second level. Not bad as receiver either.

Derrick Nnadi DT Florida State 6011 303 5.09 #91 Jr
Kermit Whitfield WR Florida State 5088 180 4.40 #8 Sr
Kareem Are OG Florida State 6052 334 5.38 #72 rSr
Sean Maguire QB Florida State 6021 223 5.28 #10 rSr

Dam should have started these earlier

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