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Fantasy Football 2015

this is a discussion within the Fantasy Football Community Forum; Anyone else got started yet? A few of my dynasty league have started drafting. Teams so far The Walter Camp League(12 teams) Lord Flashhearts Flying Aces(blackadder fans will get that on) Dynasty 2nd year. Year one was a disater,Injuries all ...

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Fantasy Football 2015

Anyone else got started yet?

A few of my dynasty league have started drafting.

Teams so far

The Walter Camp League(12 teams)
Lord Flashhearts Flying Aces(blackadder fans will get that on)
Dynasty 2nd year.

Year one was a disater,Injuries all over the board lead to a busy offseason with trades for players and picks from the last month of the season to the days before the real draft and during the fantasy draft.

I initially had two first(including3rd),a couple of seconds and 3rd.
The best trades in the end was done days before the real draft

i sent Tre Mason,Zac Stacy and Charles Clay to another team for Emmanuel Sanders and picks 1.12/2.12


Sending Year 2015 Draft Pick 1.03;Year 2015 Draft Pick 2.12; Year 2016 Round 3&5

2015 Draft Pick 1.09+2.09; Year
2016 Round 1(should be high he doesnt look great on paper.

In the end after my shuffle and a in draft trade i eneded up with 5 picks between 1.08-2.01. Im sort on picks next year but have what should be a high number 1 and a very young roster.

So on to the draft.
1.08 Dorial Greem-Beckham
1.09 T.J Yeldon
1.11 Jaelen Strong
1.12 Tevin Coleman
2.01 Jameis Winston

Thats should have been it until the end of the third round,then i saw Maxx Williams still on the board at 2.11. As i picked up Pitta in the offseason in case he made a comeback,why not trade back into the end of the second and grab the best TE in the draft.Traded 2016 R2 and Justin Hunter for the pick.
So ended up trading away Eric Decker and Ridley who would have been on the possible cut list due to roster limits and getting some value as they could easily disapear next season So got a late third and 4th rounder as i can Taxi Squad them and if somebody takes them get a third round pick in compensation.

I have added Clive Walford at the end of the third and my 4th wil be one of
Jesse James,Nick O'Leary,DeAndre Smeltzer or Darren Waller.

With the news that Brady will probably be suspended getting Winston is looking useful. Cuts come after the last preseason game and will need to be down to 22 and 2 spots for Taxi Squad and 2 IR


Tom Brady
Blake Bortles
Jameis Winston

Tevin Coleman
Mark Ingram
Doug Martin
LeSean McCoy
Knowshon Moreno
Ray Rice
Khiry Robinson
T.J Yeldon
Lorenzo Taliaferro

Dwayne Bowe
Marlon Brown
Brandon Coleman
Marques Colston
Dorial Green-Beckham
Jermaine Kearse
Joesph Morgan
Emmanuel Sanders
Jaelen Strong
Reggie Wayne
Seantavius Jones

Jordan Cameron
Josh Hill
Dennis Pitta
Clive Walford
Maxx Williams

Pretty happy with the off-season so far

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Re: Fantasy Football 2015

i sent Tre Mason,Zac Stacy and Charles Clay and a bottle of lube to another team for Emmanuel Sanders and picks 1.12/2.12
Fixed it for you.

Strong rookie draft.
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Re: Fantasy Football 2015

If there is a b&g league formed, I'm game
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Re: Fantasy Football 2015

Drafted last night in my main league. Had to do it early this year because one of the other guys has military training over the summer. I am reigning champion in this league and based off my draft I feel good about a possible repeat. Here's what I ended up with:

QB - Drew Brees, Joe Flacco
I snagged Drew in the 4th. Almost went RB, but he was the last true top tier QB left and I didn't want to have to fight to find a starting QB on the waiver wire every week or two like I did last year.

WR - Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, Jeremy Maclin
Last year I was able to snag AB in the 4th round, steal of the draft. This year I had to take him in the 1st, I still think he's worth it. The rest of them I feel like I got great value. Got Megatron in the 3rd freaking round! D Hop in the 7th and J Mac in the 9th.

RB - LeSean Mccoy, Justin Forsett, TJ Yeldon, Doug Martin
This is the area I'm a little concerned with. I got Mccoy in the 2nd, which I feel pretty good about. Forsett scares the hell out of me, but I took him in the 5th and as far as rankings go he was clearly the best remaining option. Took a flyer on Yeldon in the 11th, not really expecting much but I needed bodies at the position. I took Martin in the 13th just as a wait and see type of pick. If he bounces back and has a decent year then I got great value. If he flops, oh well.. it's the third to last pick.

TE - Julius Thomas, Jordan Cameron
I got Thomas in the 8th. I don't care that he isn't in Denver anymore, I still think it's good value. Bortles will get him the ball. Took Cameron in the 10th as insurance and it's another pick I felt good about the value.

DEF - Arizona, Carolina
I stayed disciplined and didn't reach for a defense too early. Despite an early run on them in the 8th round. I took AZ in the 12th and Carolina in the 14th.

K - Dan Bailey
Took him last. Hes a kicker, I needed one, that's about it.

What do you guys think? I know I'm thin at RB but I feel pretty stacked everywhere else.

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Re: Fantasy Football 2015

we need to get started.

i might set up optional leagues this year if no one else wants to invest the time. maybe another keepers?

our drafts are usually at the last minute just after final cuts.
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Re: Fantasy Football 2015

Sign me up for any B&G leagues as well. It will be a different experience when my opponents actually know football compared to the guys at work.
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