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Crusader 02-03-2015 03:08 PM

Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won a 2015 Chevy Colorado for his Super Bowl XLIX MVP efforts, but he plans to give the truck to safety Malcolm Butler.

"I'd love to [give Malcolm the truck]," Brady said on Boston sports radio station WEEI. "We're going to figure out how to make that happen."

Butler, an undrafted rookie out of West Alabama, became the Patriots' unlikely hero when he made the Super Bowl-winning interception on a Russell Wilson pass intended for Ricardo Lockette at the 1-yard line with 20 seconds remaining in the Patriots' 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

"It's an incredible play, and not only that, that's the type of plays Malcolm makes for our team," Brady said. "A guy like Malcolm who makes that type of quick, instinctive plays, that's one of his strong suits. I don't think it surprised any of us players because that's what his skill set is."

Brady has won three Super Bowl MVP awards, tying Joe Montana's NFL record. So, Brady can spare to the truck that came with the Super Bowl XLIX honor.

"A lot of people didn't get to see [Butler's skills] throughout the course of the season," Brady said. "[Butler's interception] comes off as a great play, which it really was, at the biggest time of the year."

Butler said in an interview with ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" on Monday morning that his work in practice helped him to recognize the play.

"At practice, the scout team ran that same play and I got beat on it. [Coach] Bill [Belichick] told me, 'You've got to be on that.' At that time [of the play], memorization came through," he said. "I just jumped the route. I just made a play. Just do your job -- do it the best way you can. I just did my job."

Tom Brady of New England Patriots plans to give MVP truck to Malcolm Butler - ESPN Boston

SloMotion 02-03-2015 03:37 PM

Re: Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
That's kinda' cool ... maybe as an undrafted rookie, Butler's not driving that nice of a ride? 2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, them Colorado's are nice trucks.

jeanpierre 02-03-2015 03:40 PM

Re: Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
Even though I'm a Patriots Fan (1A to the Saints); never really liked Kraft, Belichick nor Brady-Giselle Drama...

But, I've gotta tip my hat to Brady as between his comments on the Victory dias and giving the truck to a kid making the min - that's a class act...

dizzle88 02-03-2015 04:09 PM

Re: Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
Classy move by Brady

Butler made a great play, whilst I wasnt rooting for either team, it was very sweet seeing Richard Sherman nearly crying on the sideline after his earlier hand gestures at the cameras

Beastmode 02-03-2015 04:16 PM

Re: Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
Poor marketing on Chevy. Guy wins the SB and he gets an entry level truck. To top it off, in days he wants to give it away. So now the Canyon will be remembered as the truck Brady didn't want.

QBREES9 02-03-2015 07:01 PM

Re: Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
Classy move by Tom Brady! I don't think Tom didn't want the truck. I think it was the right thing to do.

NOLA54 02-03-2015 07:27 PM

Re: Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
My first thought is why is a filthy rich player getting a free truck?

SmashMouth 02-03-2015 07:31 PM

Re: Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
The thought actually occurred to me that it may happen when the MVP winner was announced. It's cool that it actually happened.

Tobias-Reiper 02-03-2015 08:26 PM

Re: Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
Color me a cynic, but Tom Brady is a spokesman for Dodge. He wasn't about to accept a Chevy truck.

RailBoss 02-03-2015 11:14 PM

Re: Brady to give MVP truck to Butler
Tough tax bracket to be in I guess!
Another option was to sell it to Cam after he flipped his over.
"Hey Cam this is Tom boy do I have a deal for you"

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