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Be Loud..Be Proud

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Hey All, I want to be a little sappy here so bear with me. Tonight is a big night. After growing up in New Orleans, tonight means a great deal to me and to many of you as well. The ...

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Be Loud..Be Proud

Hey All,

I want to be a little sappy here so bear with me. Tonight is a big night. After growing up in New Orleans, tonight means a great deal to me and to many of you as well. The other day I was talking with some friends of mine and they were astonished at how emotional and excited I was about this game. All I could say was that they would have to live through it to fully understand what tonight means.

My mother lost her home, my childhood home. She was displaced like so many others we know. Dreams were washed away in minutes. The government, city, state and federal was ill prepared and still has not done all that needs to be done to right the city and region and help get it to where it needs to be. Many residents are still living in trailers next to their residences. Family treasures have long since been covered by mud and water. Loved ones have perished, whether it be by the storm or by the after affects of it.

But tonight a symbol of strength returns. Maybe it is just that a big piece of the crescent city landscape is breathing again. Maybe it is because our Saints, the team we have suffered with, cherished, and loved for so many years is coming back to play a game that we as Americans love. Maybe it is because this event has focused once again on a great city and region, and it's resolve to return to the grandeur of old.

I know some of you have talked about the emotion that you have already experienced. Many of you I am sure are tough nuts and are not the type to shed a tear, or to at least show that you do. I know that we are all sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for tonights event. I know that when the game starts, and they show the images again, and start talking about the city, the people, the culture, I will cry. I will cry when they sing the national anthem. I will cry when U2 or Green Day play some emotionally attached song that evokes memories of the events from last year. I will cry when the game kicks off, and I will cry at the end no matter the outcome. I am not usually an emotional guy, but for whatever reason, tonight I know I will cry. And I am fine with that.

I was so hoping that I could be in the stands and cry and cheer along with some of you that I have conversed here with on a regular basis. But know this, we all as New Orleans fans, and Saints fans will be together tonight. We will be crying together whether we are in the stadium, in a bar, or in our homes. And we will be cheering when the Saints hit the turf again and start popping those pads. No matter where we are we will be united in the fact that we are witnessing a rebirth of our city. It cannot be explained to many who don't understand, or have never been thru such carnage.

Tonight is a big night...a great night for our region, our city, and our team. I will be emotional and I will cheer and cry. And I know that no matter where we all are, we will all be doing the same. God Bless all of you....................and most importantly...


Respect my authori-tie
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RE: Be Loud..Be Proud

Just don't yell during Brees' snap counts...
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WOW! That's all I can say Cajuntexcop. I write for this site on occasion but this says it all. Well put and well written.
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I told my wife yesterday that I'd probably cry tonight when the Saints take the field. Her response: "You take your sports too seriously". She isn't from Louisiana and she doesn't understand what tonight means, not only for those of you from New Orleans or those of us from other parts of Louisiana or even just Saints fans, but for the human spirit.

I'd be close to tears even if I wasn't from Louisiana and even if I didn't bleed Black and Gold, but I am and I do and that's what will push me over the edge. We were as close as I ever want to be to losing our team and our beautiful city. The SAINTS are back! NEW ORLEANS is BACK! There's a lot left to do, but tonight will be a glorified homage to those that have struggled and lost so much over the last year. It's a chance to regain something far more valuable than a football team -- something that a large part of the nation never thought we would. The SAINTS are our symbol! God willing we will win, but we already have won really. We win because we are there when nobody thought we would be. Not only are we there but we're sold out baby!

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My wife, who is a Cajun, laughed when I warned her there might be enough dust in the air to make me tear up.

But what the Saints have represented to me throughout my life, and how many moments of joy and pain they have given me. Coupled with the memories in the dome. And the fact that there will be more of each.

Man I think there is some dust in here right now.
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